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  1. Update | -> Added Export & Import settings form Updated translation mechanism Updated Profile & Save selection Updated Update search mechanism Updated crash messages Added Dev mail Updated About form Fixed Database (truncate error) Fixed hex to string decode error Fixed version check
  2. Hello everyone. Sorry but i had a lack of interest in game in general and in developing this tool as well. So what is THE PLAN. Fix known (small) bugs. Clarify controversial points in dialog boxes and descriptions. Finish features in Truck and Trailer tabs. Finish features in Profile editor. Fix "strange" bugs. (i as a user is only one person and can't experience all possible scenarios) Will need ur help (save files). Tweak existing features \ Add new ones (but please don't ask for complicated ones ).
  3. @Skatz12890In game. Open profile setting and disable Cloud saves.
  4. Work on utility has been suspended. Due to the lack of interest
  5. Update | Added logging for OS detection and Profiles discovery errors [1] Added license plate rendering Updated UI on Truck and Trailer tabs Updated UI in Profile editor (Rename and Cloning) Fixed Profile editor errors Download GitHub - https://github.com/LIPtoH/TS-SE-Tool/releases/download/v0.2.5.0/TS.SE.Tool. 1 - Now, if program doesn't show or you don't see Profiles, you can check the log file which error occurred during profiles discovery process. (Every sequence Starts with detected .NET version and ends up with - Opening form... Done.)
  6. Update | Added startup logging [1] Updated User colors handling [2] Updated translation system Fixed bugs Download GitHub - https://github.com/LIPtoH/TS-SE-Tool/releases/download/v0.2.4.0/TS.SE.Tool. 1 - Now, if program doesn't show but you can see it in Task manager, in the log file you can check startup sequence. (Starts with detected .NET version and ends up with - Opening form... Done.) 2 - In 1.38 you can have up to 40 color sets instead of 8 single colors. You can use mouse wheel to scroll throug color sets (Main form, Color sharing). Button [+ slot] is used to add extra set slot. You need to add colors into a set from first or it will be removed uppon saving as well as trailing empty extra set slots. (if you have empty set slots in the middle in will be kept and sets will not be shifted)
  7. @Mineiro Uai @2Core Sadly on both questions i can answer: In order to do this posible, program needs to go deep inside data of running game to do this reliably and for all cases like available DLCs or installed mods. It needs significantly more time and effort (It will remotely be like mp)
  8. Update | Added option to load and edit unverified versions Updated Truck & Trailer tabs UI Cleanup & optimization Download GitHub - https://github.com/LIPtoH/TS-SE-Tool/releases/download/v0.2.3.2/TS.SE.Tool.
  9. Update | Added Profile manager (Rename & Clone) Updated UI Cleanup & optimization Download GitHub - https://github.com/LIPtoH/TS-SE-Tool/releases/download/v0.2.3.0/TS.SE.Tool.
  10. Update | Curency setting now separated (ETS2/ATS) Updated SII_Decrypt.dll for 1.37 Updated visuals Cleanup & optimization Download GitHub - https://github.com/LIPtoH/TS-SE-Tool/releases/download/v0.2.2.10/TS.SE.Tool.
  11. Update | Fixed bugs General cleanup Download GitHub - https://github.com/LIPtoH/TS-SE-Tool/releases/download/v0.2.2.9/TS.SE.Tool.
  12. Update | Updated UI Validated for 45 version Fixed bugs Download GitHub - https://github.com/LIPtoH/TS-SE-Tool/releases/download/v0.2.2.8/TS.SE.Tool.
  13. Update | Updated UI Updated translation Fixed bugs Download GitHub - https://github.com/LIPtoH/TS-SE-Tool/releases/download/v0.2.2.7/TS.SE.Tool.
  14. Update | Known bug - when you check updates and you have same version it will say that it Cannot check update. Added Program settings Added Version checker Added Updater Added Error handler Updated Color picker Updated translation Fixed bugs in FM and CM tab Download GitHub - https://github.com/LIPtoH/TS-SE-Tool/releases/download/v0.2.2.6/TS.SE.Tool.
  15. Do u download zip file from Release section ( https://github.com/LIPtoH/TS-SE-Tool/releases ) ?
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