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  1. LIPtoH

    TS SaveEditor Tool | 0.1.5 (alpha)

    @The Rock I try to swap truck and i don't experience game crashes. @[NT-CRC] jorensanbar i don't experience crashes after delivering heavy cargo. I think error has the same root (from heavy\double trailers) So i think you need to skip time in order to recover saves because i think autosaves was already overwritten. But i will wait for problematic saves from you.
  2. LIPtoH

    TS SaveEditor Tool | 0.1.5 (alpha)

    Update | 0.1.5 Change log Fixed GPS related errors resulting in not loading save file Fixed GPS route sharing (now you don't need existing path in save file) Fixed distances mesuring units not loading on startup Added prompt on game type changing Added basic Trailer edit Added ability to search for QJ and FM Trucks and Trailers Download Google drive - https://drive.google.com/open?id=17Y4wcJUIm_EtMsar1cljad4mtxmbI-mb
  3. LIPtoH

    TS SaveEditor Tool | 0.1.5 (alpha)

    Thanks for the report. And you are right it must be a bug and i forgot somewhere to change vehicles.
  4. LIPtoH

    TS SaveEditor Tool | 0.1.5 (alpha)

    Yes, it looks strange but u can't do this - program still save previous gamesave file. Only one solution i think would be OK - prompt user about loaded file and ask him is he wanted to discard save files and proceed or cancel game switching if it was unintentional. Do you infact receive that amount of money? If it is - so i can't do anything about it (it is calculated based on distance and will be wrong until program learn this route(i can make it better but still u will be waiting for program to learn routes) ). If it's not - just don't bother.
  5. LIPtoH

    TS SaveEditor Tool | 0.1.5 (alpha)

    I cann't fix program unless people start properly report about bugs because saying that "program don't work please fix it" doesn't help at all.
  6. LIPtoH

    TS SaveEditor Tool | 0.1.5 (alpha)

    Update | Change log Fixed game change button bug Small UI fixes Download Google drive - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gZ6xoR9_h72boDfL-j0E8f9IQMW_Oms1
  7. LIPtoH

    TS SaveEditor Tool | 0.1.5 (alpha)

    Update | 0.1.4 Change log Fixed long database operations on save file load (auto fix) Added ability to translate rest of UI (Cities, Countries) Added game files cache (Cargo) Download Google drive - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ECVqXKeDSYswxyf37xsrQxq_l8qV07GO
  8. LIPtoH

    TS SaveEditor Tool | 0.1.5 (alpha)

    of course i accept sugestions. About what you ask: - Freight market is big by itself (for whole map i think it is more than 1500 entries) and each entry is pretty big and don't forget about mods\dlcs. - Cargo market generates cargo from numbers(seeds) and in first place needs to be decoded (not posible wright now) and also depends on dlcs, mods, ingame time, etc., but more dramatically. So none of it possible.
  9. LIPtoH

    TS SaveEditor Tool | 0.1.5 (alpha)

    Then you click Copy button data was copied to clipboard, like then you do Ctrl + C, so if you Paste data using Ctrl + V, for example in chat you will see somthing like this 1F8B08002635395C00FF9DD04D0AC2400C05E07DA17798A5420BC9647E1A2FE0B6E001CA682B9DCD8CD462E9ED8DBA1341719745F2F15EF6EDA16BC33C96854CC7618CA92F8B25AC971CD35C162A855B97723F74977C8D73CC69A736351920D24DA5506B0F95AA110D3BA0AD1CF4711A4EAFC5739E9630F54F3A8C43F841368EBD2581BD6657298DC446376F6E48EB57C93A6604946CDE4950E3D979FB87D320494571983C8B660009E00F88D081257CFC0CD18A44681DF88FD41D5970286F95010000 So your friend need to copy this text and Press Paste GPS data in the program. I fix a bug that lead to this error
  10. LIPtoH

    TS SaveEditor Tool | 0.1.5 (alpha)

    Yes, because it isn't a priority right now and minor features like translation is a byproduct. And as you can see not all of the cargo have Initial string, but only Translated. For now it is a bit of a waste of time to translate it. For example right now i'm working on two major features - trailer "editing" and cargo market and if i will be bored of it i will try to add cargo\city translation.
  11. LIPtoH

    TS SaveEditor Tool | 0.1.5 (alpha)

    Translation guide Folder structure In root folder you have a folder called "lang" containing all translation including base ones. To make a custom language you need to create a folder with name of Culture Info "xx-YY" where xx is a two-letters language code (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ISO_639-1_codes) and YY is two-letter Country code (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1_alpha-2) In that folder you need to create a file with UTF-8 codepage or copy existing file from another translation or base_lngfile.txt from "lang" folder. If you want you can include a flag icon with a 16x16 size and in png format. You can find a source one here - http://flagpedia.net/ File structure First line is a same Culture Info "xx-YY" but in square brackets like so "[xx-YY]". Next is a lines for translationin structure like that: xxx=yyy where xxx - you don't need to translate, and yyy - you need to translate.
  12. LIPtoH

    TS SaveEditor Tool | 0.1.5 (alpha)

    Update | Change log Fixed error with getting data for sharing GPS Enabled ability to Buy and\or Upgrade Garages Download Google drive - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FKKT9t0Zm2i65LhlR15O3TUZKE1owxNA
  13. I want to publish a small tool that started as a code practice base back in 2016. In this summer of 2018 I returned to multiplayer and playing ETS and start rewriting this tool from scratch. Slowly it grew up from little tool to this state. Important Right now, this tool is in alpha state and can broke save file so be caution. If you encounter problem please make a screenshot, leave a message and send me a save file (if it required). Supported save file version 39 (Tested on 1.33.x) Description This program created for editing game save files. You can: edit player level and skill. edit and share saved user colors for truck and trailer. edit company HQ and amount of money on account. visit cities and be able to grab cargo from discovered cities. buy and\or upgrade garages. repair and\or refuel your truck. share truck paint job. repair trailer. create custom jobs for Freight market. make basic edits to Cargo market. share GPS coordinates and paths that can be useful for Convoys. Short term goals: finish sharing functions for truck parts. add editing and share functions for trailers. add the ability to edit files from custom path. Long term goals: add the ability to creat jobs for Cargo market (have couple ideas) This tool depends on: .NET Framework 4.6.1 Tested on: Windows 10 x64 Download Google Drive - https://drive.google.com/open?id=17Y4wcJUIm_EtMsar1cljad4mtxmbI-mb (0.1.5) Archive contains folders: img - folder with images from game (provided only for simplicity and can be acquired with Game Archive extractor) lang - folder with files for translation libs - folder with files needed for program to work gameref - folder with cache of standart game files Localization Spanish - tHernandez (UI) Changelog Source code https://github.com/LIPtoH/TS-SE-Tool Special thanks for support to llh Chillpadde UniNub Support If you like this programm and want to support me then you can do this via PayPal Me