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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings! I have noticed many of the players in TMP are not familiar with right of ways when it comes to driving. Here is a little guide that should help clear up this issue . WHAT IS A RIGHT OF WAY? A right of way is who goes first at an intersection. WHERE DO WE FIND RIGHT OF WAYS? Right of ways are at intersections, parking lots, merging lanes and many other places. ---AT AN INTERSECTION--- 4 WAY STOP: At a 4 way stop vehicles from all directions MUST come to a full stop. When approaching these intersections make sure to notice the order vehicles from other directions arrive at the intersection. A saying to help you remember the rules of a 4 way intersection is "First come first serve". If 4 vehicles are all coming to an intersection all from different directions, the vehicle to first make there full stop will be the one to go first thru the intersection. The order you arrive at the intersection is the order you go thru the intersection. If you and another driver at the intersection are going opposite ways meaning you will go right by each other, you can both cross the intersection at the same time. Hence why it is important to always signal at these intersections. WHAT IS A 4 WAY STOP? A 4 way stop is an intersection where all 4 directions have a stop sign at the intersection. All drivers must come to a full stop here. T-INTERSECTIONS (3 WAY INTERSECTIONS): At 3 way intersections 2 directions will have the right of way. 1 direction will have a stop sign or a yield sign. If you are coming from the Stop/Yield direction make sure to make room for other vehicles coming from other directions. If you are turning left at a 3 way intersection and you are coming from a direction with right of way, people coming from the opposite direction have priority meaning you must wait till you are safe to make your left turn. However it can still be nice to let someone go first by flashing your headlights even if they do not have the right of way. TRANSPORT MAKING WIDE TURN: Semi trucks often need to park in 2 lanes when arriving at intersections if they are turning right. If you do notice this, you should give room for it to make his/her turn. POLICE BEHIND WITH SIRENS ON (GAME MODERATOR): Like in real life, when a police car with lights and sirens comes behind you, you are to get OUT of the way by pulling over, pulling into a parking lot or anything to get out of the way. Here, police have the right of way. If you get to an intersection and you have a green light but a police is coming from another way with sirens and lights, the police can run the red light. You must wait for them to go thru the intersection. On the motorway do not stop if there is a police behind you unless he is trying to pull you over. On the motorway simply clear a lane and keep driving. If the police is staying behind you and not passing you, then pull over. Hope this clears up a few things! Stay safe out there! Regards, TFM DJ ccowie,
  2. So You want to take a trip down the CD Road? Before You hit the CD Road: Quick Save! Find a suitable spot to stop... such as a repair station, gas station, or the yard that you pick up your trailer from and quick save there. That way if you do get Rammed, Trolled, etc on the CD road... you have a safe spot to roll the game back to. The game does autosave but it often does it while on the road. If you restore your game to an autosave then it's very likely you'll be in the middle of the road. I'm aware that there is ghost mode, but (as far as I know) there isn't a way to tell if someone is currently in ghost mode. Fill it up! Get your truck fueled before you hit the CD Road, this keeps you from stopping at the gas/petrol stations on the road and have to deal with all that traffic in those small stations... For the traffic traveling west on the CD Road, there isn't a gas station on your side of the road until just before Calais. For the eastbound traffic, there isn't a gas station until after you pass into Germany (could be wrong but it's somewhere around there). Can Your Computer Handle it?! Remember where you're going.... the CD road is known for being an area of high traffic, and not everyone has a computer that can handle it... so simply ask yourself... "Can my computer handle it?" If you don't think so, find an alternate route. A way to find this out would be to teleport to a city that has a moderate amount of traffic (such as Dortmund). If your framerate is below 45 FPS with only 20-30 people nearby, don't get onto the CD Road. If you do take the CD road and your computer is struggling (you're only getting 15 FPS), you'll appear extremely laggy to everyone else, which can cause serious problems. While On the CD Road: Remain Alert! Those trolls can come out of nowhere, after many trips down the CD road I've learned that the hard way... Remember the Inappropriate Overtaking Rule! Game Moderators have said that in areas of high traffic (anywhere where there are 20 or more people on your tab menu), overtaking is forbidden. However, on the CD Road, it is forbidden to overtake... period. You probably saw those broadcasts reminding everyone that overtaking is forbidden on the CD Road. That's simply because of the high traffic volume during peak times. People do overtake when they really shouldn't (they may think they're more important), but you should try to help them get back on the right side of the road. If there's a truck coming and you see they speed up, you slow down. If they slow down, you speed up, the goal is to get them back on the right side of the road as quickly as possible. If they hit you while trying to move back onto the right side of the road, then that's either considered Ramming or Dangerous Driving depending on how much damage you take. Never turn left into a gas station! Chances are you'll be blocking opposing traffic with your trailer. Also, gas station traffic moves with the closest lane, so in order to go in properly, you're basically making a U-turn to go in, and then a U-turn to go out. I cannot count the number of times I got blocked from someone turning left into a gas station right in front of me forcing me to stop... Someone is laggy in front of me! Keep your distance (150m or more) and be prepared to stop. Make sure you're recording! There's always a chance you'll run into someone breaking the rules on the CD road, have your camera running. Now, I've seen people say things like "2018 rec" or "1206 ban". There really isn't a point to saying that. You don't need to tell them that you're going to report them, that just causes drama in the chat, in my opinion. They'll get what's coming to them... However, there are some offenses that are only kickable, and others are bannable. Carefully review the footage and ask yourself the question before you report someone... "If I was a Game Moderator, would I ban this person?" Last but not least... Drive Safe!
  3. Hi there, I'm still new to the game, new to the multiplayer mod and kinda new to any modding in general for that matter. I've had read through this forum and other searches but still don't quite understand. The main question I have on my mind is: What exactly is an in game company for multiplayer and what purpose do they serve? From the information I've gathered it sounds like it's a form of serious roleplay that adds a lot more work through the use of third party sites and mods. Also some seem to add some form of benefit like I noticed unique skins being a common thing, are all benefits purely cosmetic? I've never really been much of a roleplayer and interaction is definitely not my forte but I'm curious about this sort of thing after seeing a groups convoy in game which actually looked kinda impressive and fun. Am I also correct in guessing that the wording above a players truck goes something along the lines of: Country Flag, Company or Group name, Their Username and then Their unique numerical ID to the server? Cheers for your time.
  4. Question Name : How to use CB radio? Question Description : Taking part in many convoys i heard about CB radio, i don't know how to use it and configuration.
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