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  1. I'm really enjoying driving around Utah, for me it's the road layouts that make me want to go there more and more.
  2. Don't forget when we had the mudslide event in California for ATS... we had players packing onto the Europe server (over 1,000 at times). That was an exception though.
  3. I never said that... I'm well aware that slots change. "/mute 1752" mutes the player who is occupying slot 1752, the player who is occupying that slot gets unmuted if you restart the game and he's still occupying that slot, or if they restart and get a different slot. Let me clarify when I say perm mute, when you "/pmute 1752", whoever is in that slot you get the TruckersMP ID of that player who is in the slot and you won't hear that player again, if someone else occupies 1752 you'd hear them. When a Game Moderator bans the player who is in slot 1752, it doesn't mean that nobody can use slot 1752 again would it?
  4. Instead of opting out of all of them, you can try the "temporary 1_35 - 1.35x for incompatible mods". It's not a beta really, it's a working version of 1.35 for multiplayer. Try switching between the two, usually the 1.35 you find in there will usually have the latest version. You can also try verifying your game's integrity.
  5. Dang it, reading that made me want some chocolate cake.
  6. Manual gears for me, even though I use a keyboard... far left finger is on both the left shift key and the left control key. Left shift is up, Left Control is down.
  7. Currently I shut off the CB or switch channels if I get someone over the CB who "ate their mic". However, that makes it impossible for me to catch those players who abuse the CB by playing their music over it. A /mute command would help. Also it would help if all it took was a number as an argument to mute someone (/mute 45, /mute 1752... etc). Something to add on to this is that the mutes are only good during the session, the players will get unmuted after you restart your game, but I'd also like to see a "Perm Mute" so if someone cussed you out on the CB for example , you can perm mute them so you don't hear from them anymore (I'd report them too).
  8. Haven't tried 1.36 myself but from all the pictures I've been seeing it looks really nice for what they're changing. For me I like the sign revamps that they're doing.
  9. I currently own all the map expansions (plus Utah when it's released) and some paint jobs, can't remember which ones specifically off the top of my head.
  10. My steering wheel is on the left because we drive on the Right side of the road over here in the United States, and I drive with the keyboard, and I've had people behind me before and sometimes they'll tell me something along the lines that I drive waaaay too good to be using a keyboard.
  11. I do agree that /fix should work for trailers. Having gone down the CD road many times (being a 5 year veteran), I've been in a few accidents that clearly were not my fault (and I would inevitably report the player who caused the accident and they'd get banned). I don't like having the feeling of pulling a damaged trailer to my drop off when it wasn't me who damaged it. This would be beneficial for those new players who all the sudden find themselves in the path of those trolls on the road, currently if a troll strikes their trailer and the trailer gets so severely damaged... tough luck, they'd hardly make any money from their job. If we have a /fix command for trailers they can fix their trailer in those situations. That's why we'd have a cooldown just like the /fix command has right now. Plus if a player has a near perfect journey the difference in payment between your trailer having 5% damage and no damage is not very substantial to the point where it'd be abuse.
  12. Mine is a EVGA GTX 1060 6 GB - If I do get the funds I do plan to upgrade to an RTX 2060 (or a 2060 Super or Higher)
  13. While I was playing ATS in the public beta, I love that SCS is going back to its existing work and repainting. Repainting as in updating signs, road markings, etc. SCS does great work and I look forward to more, it makes me wonder what the next state will be for ATS. I'm equally as thrilled to play ETS2 1.35 when TruckersMP updates the mod to support both games.
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