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  1. Hello so based on what I’ve read there yes you should be able to reach your own save still if it doesn’t pop up check steam apps to see if your save got re located and in terms of steam mods I don’t personally advise using them with the save edit and haven’t tried but if it says itll work well with it just presave your load out to make sure it doesn’t affect it.
  2. Apologies I noticed, I've reformed it without them as I would need more time, when I get more time I'll redo the screenshots. For now the explanations should be helpful.
  3. Hey, no problem I am glad to know al is well, enjoy your game and if you wouldn’t mind giving me a reputation I would strongly appreciate it, just react to one of my posts in order to do it. Thanks! Happy trucking.
  4. Yeah it doesn’t matter as to the name of the game save, the only reason people advise different ones to is make it more convenient for you, you could name it 123 for any reason if you wished.
  5. Hey, I’ve never tried but it’ll certainly be worth a try if it helps.
  6. Unfortunately so, as I am not responsible for any mistakes to your saves. Which is why I am trying to help you find the best solution.
  7. Hey Thanks for the information. I have overlooked your image and all I can advise is that you reinstall your Euro Truck Simulator 2, then go ahead and try to redo the process.
  8. Hey so this won’t affect your profile in terms of when it was updated, it only relates to if you have changed your save. Please rely ok your comments in relation to this, anymore issues please don’t hesitate to reply.
  9. I’m feeling like you didn’t follow instructions. Other people have looked and have seen the guide and also have said it works, please ensure you’ve followed all the steps correctly this theory was tested.
  10. Anytime let me know if you have any more questions I’m happy to help! Ignore the spoilers above haha I can’t remove them on mobile
  11. Yeah I have the struggle of getting it to the garages and getting it back out with a HCT. Quite a tricky task indeed. Never the less, it is possible! I would reccomend making sure the repair area is big enough for your truck though
  12. GUIDE ON USING MULTIPLE TRAILERS IN ANY CITY OR COUNTRY OF ETS 2: So I was recently taught a trick in order to get double trailers in every area of the ETS 2 map. So, as you currently know the area limitation has been lifted but the default game won't let you change the area you want your trailer. This is why I have created this guide to help beginners and advanced players test their luck in other areas of the map not just Finland. It's fairly simple but you need to decrypt your game.sii folder and in order to do this you need a file such as the one attached https://cdn.disc
  13. This is definitely going to change the way updates come around and will help truckers and drivers be much better informed of updates.
  14. Not a bad suggestion but it’ll have its flaws as listed by some of the members above.
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