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Found 15 results

  1. EDIT: There is now a video tutorial at the bottom of the thread. (2019-05-02) Do you want to get started with save editing? If your answer is yes, then you came to the right place. Before you remind me, I am fully aware there's already a topic on this: I wanted to create an in-depth tutorial for those who wants to learn save editing. It contains pretty advanced technical information. And It's easy to make mistakes, I do it quite often too. Please note I will only support Windows OS (64 bit) users. Step 0: Obtaining game def (definition) files Before we start, you can create a folder where you'll copy and extract the def files from ETS2 (and ATS, depending which game you play). It's not mandatory, but it's highly recommended in order to see the path and where each def files are located. You can use this tool provided by SCS Software, and place it in the folder you created. Then you'll have to copy the def file (def.scs) in that folder too. The file is located in the game installation directory: "C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/MY TRUCK GAME/" (Please note that when you're in the file explorer, it uses the back slash '\'). If it's a non-steam version, it would be in the Program Files. When you have both files in the folder, just drag the scs file into the extractor. Then wait until the black window disappears. You should be able to see some files and folders. You can explore the files in that def folder to get familiar with it. For example, if I want the chassis from the cement mixer trailer, it would go like: "def/vehicle/trailer/cement_mixer/chassis.sii" Step 1: Downloading required files -Text editor You can try the vanilla Notepad from Windows, but I personally recommend using Notepad++. Any other text editors should do. Another reason I love Notepad++ is because I can search for all occurance of a certain value and replace it with another value. Notepad++ Website -Sii file decrypter for ATS & ETS2 You'll need it to decrypt the save files. You can try to find or compile a different one if you want. Download Non Java based decrypter (404 not found) Backup Download Link There's a new version with a GUI. Thanks to @Ali365Dash for mentioning it. Step 2: Applying necessary changes You'll need to make sure your save games will save in the appropriate format. Open your File Explorer and go to your Documents. For ATS and ETS2, the folders should be respectively American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. Once you found the folder, open config.cfg with your text editor. Then search (Ctrl+F keys on keyboard) for g_save_format, and change the number value to '2'. Then save the file (Ctrl+S keys on keyboard). If you want to do it on both games, you need to change it for each one. You'll also need to start the game in single-player, load the save game you want to modify later, save it, and quit the game. This will update your profile in the new save format. You only need to do it once for each profile you want to edit. Step 3: Save editing (now the fun part begins!) Very important! Always create a backup before each modifications! I simply make a copy before editing each time. I do not take responsibility for broken save files, game crashes or unexpected game behaviors. In the truck game folder (Documents->Your Truck Game), go in profiles folder (don't touch the ones that has ".bak"). At this point, I would recommend to sort the folders by modified date if you have a lot of them. Go in the folder that has been modified the most recently. Then go in save->autosave, and you should see a file called game.sii where all the magic is going to happen. Why autosave folder? Because that's the last modified folder when you quit the game. Another personal recommendation: copy the decryptor here for quick use. Make sure you are not running the game while doing this. Drag the game.sii (hold left click) into SII_Decrypt.exe. When you release your mouse button, a black screen should popup with some text in it. When the black screen disappears, open game.sii with your text editor. Bad result: Good result: Those _nameless.xxx.xxxx.xxxx are just addresses to differentiate each block. From here, I'll separate the different sections of save editing you can mess with. I also recommend to copy the address of each block you plan to modify, so you can refer to it quickly. You'll have to do it each time you save the game and decrypt the profile. -Bank -Player -Vehicle (truck) -Player Job -Trailer -License Plate -Paintjob/Skin -Color -Accessories Video I might add more to this tutorial, or share knowledge from users with expertise in save editing.
  2. I want to publish a small tool that started as a code practice base back in 2016. In this summer of 2018 I returned to multiplayer and playing ETS and start rewriting this tool from scratch. Slowly it grew up from little tool to this state. Important Right now, this tool is in alpha state and can broke save file so be caution. If you encounter problem please make a screenshot, leave a message and send me a save file (if it required). Supported game version 1.33.xx - 1.36.xx Description This program created for editing game save files. You can: add Custom paths for save files. edit Local and Steam save files. edit Player Level and Skill. edit and share saved User Colors for truck and trailer. edit amount of Money on account. visit cities and be able to grab cargo from discovered cities. buy and\or upgrade Garages. repair and\or refuel your truck. share truck paint job. repair trailer. create custom jobs for Freight market. make basic edits to Cargo market. share Truck position. share GPS paths. share Multiple Truck positions as one Convoy Control pack. Short term goals: finish sharing functions for truck parts. add editing and share functions for trailers. Long term goals: add the ability to creat jobs for Cargo market (have couple ideas) get map data from game\game generated files. scan mods for data (trucks, cargo...) This tool depends on: .NET Framework 4.7.2 Tested on: Windows 10 x64 Download Latest stable version - https://rebrand.ly/TS-SET-Download Archive contains folders: img - folder with images from game (provided only for simplicity and can be acquired with Game Archive extractor) lang - folder with translations and files for translation libs - folder with files needed for program to work gameref - folder with cache of standart game files Localization de-DE - German - Translated by RattleSnK (UI) en-US - English - Translated by LIPtoH (All) es-ES - Spanish - Translated by tHernandez (UI) ja-JP - Japanese - Translated by k-es (UI, Countries, Cities and Cargo) pt-BR - Portuguese (Brazilian) - Translated by 3L0N (All) pt-PT - Portuguese (Portugal)- Translated by The Rock (UI) ru-RU - Русский - Translated by LIPtoH (All) zh-CN - Chinese (Simplified) - Translated by All Man Are Bros (UI, Cities and Countries) Source code https://github.com/LIPtoH/TS-SE-Tool Special thanks for support to llh Chillpadde UniNub Support If you like this programm and want to support me then you can do this via PayPal Me
  3. Hi, recently i started searching for save editing and I like it, and I have an perfect combination on my head that, is legal on truckers Mp servers, its basically a scania small trailer in fornt and the low bed for 2 scanias as shown on this video I really liked this combination and I would like to know if it is possible, I aprecciate al the help
  4. Is bank save editing allowed? Thanks in advance.
  5. I was wondering if there is a simple trailer editor where I can edit trailers to be like this one ? I've looked for one on steam and so far no luck !! Because when I am not recording I would like to explore more of the baltic dlc expansion !!
  6. Suggestion Name: visible additions for yourself Suggestion Description: would like to do that some mods for example sticker fo window is visible only to each other not for other players would not be synchronization of these cup cube interior add-ons and additional lights, for example from weeds that will be visible only to themselves Any example images: screenshot before real operations https://imgur.com/4HTjBsp Why should it be added?: some players is using addons before real operations update who block addons and tmp community want to return the add-ons to tmp what i think to do delete synchronization unauthorized addons
  7. Dear beloved players, Since we are facing some users being banned due to excessive save editing, most of whom are not aware as to whether they are following the rules or breaking them, or are confused about the rules, I decided to create this topic. I have met some of you in-game, some of you ask me whether your truck is obeying the rule sets we provide, I gentle tell you to remove or keep any item. In this topic, I want each of you that have any doubts, to take a screenshot of your truck or trailer and upload it here. Please don’t be afraid, none of the pictures sent here will be used against you. If you have doubts about your truck or trailer you can send it here, you will have the help you are in need of. Please use one of the following websites: https://imgur.com/ or https://prnt.sc/ or you can upload it directly into the message box below. This is important for all of you, so please don't hesitate to ask if you have any doubt, be it a simple question or not. It is better to clear your doubts than getting banned for something you were not sure of. If you have doubts if a mod is allowed or not in our multiplayer, please read this topic below, it will be a big help for you! MOST COMMON DOUBTS : Mods are now allowed only when the editing is not made by /home/access, other than that, it is allowed. What I mean... Customized addon parts such as steering wheels, light bars and similar are still permitted. But, following the allowed steps of course. And edited stuff with the default things of game, for example, you can use a Scania's sound in a Volvo. The editions that do not follow the rules, will end up being kicked from the game. If you have any doubt, don't hesitate to ask! Sincerely, Nataliia TruckersMP - Community Moderation Manager ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thanks to @ChrisPatrol , @marco6158 & @Forerunner for helping me sort this out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Translations of the main statement: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65201-save-editing-estou-seguindo-as-regras/ - Portuguese https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65216-save-editing-kurallara-uyuyor-muyum-tırım-kurallara-uygun-mu/ - Turkish https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65221-редактирования-сохранений-соблюдаю-ли-я-правила/ - Russian https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65203-save-editing-da-li-pratim-pravila/ - Balkan https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65238-save-editing-befolge-ich-die-regeln/ - German https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65233-úpravy-vozidel-dodržuji-pravidla/ - Czech https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/64988-save-editing-est-ce-que-je-suis-en-règle/ - French https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65637-edycja-zapisu-gry-przestrzegam-zasad/ - Polish https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/67957-editarea-salvării-urmăresc-regurile/ - Romanian *EDIT* Since Nataliia has unfortunately left the team, @Dziada will be taking over this thread, now with the help of @PsychicznyMajster.
  8. I've recently got back into Save Editing my trucks with @Forerunner's AC Mod and I wanted to see what you can do with or without the mod! Here is my favourite design:
  9. CUSTOM DOUBLE TRAILER ON ATS From what I read in the rules it seems like having a double trailer made from 2 45ft trailers it's forbidden. I would like to know the reason of that, because I really like this combination and it can't cause any more problem than the triple 28ft does because they are the same lenght. The double trailer made from 2 45ft long flatbeds and one single axle dolly. Comparing the lenght with a triple trailer made from 28ft long trailers and 2 single axle dollies. If there is any specific reason I would like to suggest to give a small adjustment to the rules and allow this very interesting setup. It is obvious that save editing knowledge is needed in order to achieve such a trailer and therefore there will be a very limited amount of players driving this setup but if it gets approved I'm happy to create a tutorial for everybody to learn from.
  10. I have save edited the paint job of the skoda to a truck paintjob and it looks super nice. The rules at §3.3 say that i am allowed to edit the paintjob. But when i do, i get kicked from the server. I only changed the paint job. Why does it do this?
  11. Hello guys, I have a problem After the ets2 update, i loaded my savegame and there i got a message (look below) My "save-edited" trailer which i used to teleport to garages(called jobless trailer) was away.. I saved after that my game and looked into my savegame file. There i got this: player : _nameless.29c.9165.1ac0 { hq_city: rostock trailers: 1 trailers[0]: _nameless.29c.935c.6690 assigned_truck: _nameless.29c.9169.2aa0 my_truck: _nameless.29c.9169.2aa0 my_truck_placement: (0, 0, 0) (1; 0, 0, 0) my_truck_placement_valid: false assigned_trailer: _nameless.29c.9204.5910 assigned_trailer_connected: true truck_placement: (&460d39e6, &4232de67, &c62acb90) (&bddb2b6b; &b3b47ab1, &3f7e87a5, &33deba01) trailer_placement: (&460d3394, &4232ea5f, &c62aea47) (&bdca5c75; &38e315f6, &3f7ebf41, &3a8ecf78) slave_trailer_placements: 0 schedule_transfer_to_hq: false show_weigh: false need_to_weigh: false flags: 16381 gas_pump_money_debt: 0 current_job: _nameless.29c.935c.5c80 current_bus_job: null selected_job: null driving_time: 436 sleeping_count: 0 free_roam_distance: 29 discovary_distance: &453c14c7 dismissed_drivers: 0 trucks: 5 trucks[0]: _nameless.29c.9169.2aa0 trucks[1]: _nameless.29c.9168.ed60 trucks[2]: _nameless.29c.9168.f9e0 trucks[3]: _nameless.29c.9168.fc60 trucks[4]: _nameless.29c.9169.0a20 truck_profit_logs: 5 truck_profit_logs[0]: _nameless.29c.9179.3df0 truck_profit_logs[1]: _nameless.29c.9179.4950 truck_profit_logs[2]: _nameless.29c.9179.4aa0 truck_profit_logs[3]: _nameless.29c.9179.4100 truck_profit_logs[4]: _nameless.29c.9179.4170 drivers: 1 drivers[0]: driver.0 driver_readiness_timer: 1 driver_readiness_timer[0]: 0 driver_quit_warned: 1 driver_quit_warned[0]: false } Before the update a savegame file where is a normal trailer should be like this: player : _nameless.217.246e.ffe0 { hq_city: aalborg trailers: 1 ... current_job: _nameless.217.8355.b9c0 ... For someone who dont know how to make a jobless trailer, i made a instruction some months ago: 1. ctr+f, type "current_job"; cut the code...(4.) ; type behind "current_job:": null 2. trailers:0---> trailers: 1 3. make a line under "trailer: 1" and write "trailer[0]:" 4. paste the code from (1.) behind "trailers[0]:" if someone had the same problem and know a solution please comment to this post. If someone have another idea for me please also comment. Comment in German, English or Russian please
  12. I was recently in ETS2 driving then Calais to Duisburg road and saw something that I had never seen, it was a car with not a truck trailer but a caravan, I was wondering if this is against the rules to save edit a caravan onto a car.
  13. Hello everyone. Yesterday I checked the rules about save editing and saw the modified skoda.(This) I thought the picture was an example for illegal save editing but it was actually an example for legal save edited skodas. So I checked for save editing tutorials for the skoda, but couldn't find any. I saw this tutorial but it's only for changing paint and it has broken image links with outdated ssi decoder and stuff, so it wasn't helpful. I was wondering if anyone has a save file with modified wheels or any tutorial on how to change the wheels for skoda. I really like the tire on the example skoda but there are no tutorials or save files. Any help would be appreciated
  14. Hello. I found this config on the Steam Workshop. I would like to replicate this. It works fine in sp. The light beam is normal and the projectors do have a nice green tint. Link of the config: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1274111236&searchtext=scania+mp 1) Is it allowed? There are no rules about colored lights on trucks. 2) Can i do this modification to my Streamline(maybe other colors too) ? How? What i need to save edit?
  15. JeKnYan

    Save editing

    I think I went a little too overboard...
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