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  1. Happy Birthday! :wub:

    1. LordBenji


      Thank you :3

  2. LordBenji

    Save Editing Tutorial (In-Depth) + Video

    I think it would be just as tedious as it already is in game, since you have to make trucks, have different addresses for each truck and its accessories, assign them to garages... unless you'd have a tool that would do all of that in a few clicks @curly57_
  3. Does anyone know how to move these trash bins? :troll:




    But seriously, good job SCS xD

    1. ScaniaFan89


      I would ignore ncz hacking in that area, someones getting fired for that F UP!!!

    2. LordBenji


      Yeah plus it was pitch black when I was reversing there .-.

    3. ScaniaFan89


      @LordBenji I would love it if scs added rear illumination lights ( basically reverse lights but they light everything up behind you )

  4. LordBenji

    Save Editing Tutorial (In-Depth) + Video

    Ahh lovely floating cargo. As far as I'm aware, I don't think it's possible with save editing...
  5. I had such a busy week I didn't even have time to check on the forum. That's what I get for working long shifts of 12-15 hours a day. I'm glad to have some free time during the weekend.



  6. LordBenji

    Save Editing Tutorial (In-Depth) + Video

    @super37s You can modify the front trailer, but only a few has the rear hitch point for the dolly. These sort of trailers are the ones for the "regular" double or the HCT double. If the trailer doesn't have a hitch point, then you're up for some (funny) troubles. TruckersMP will detect how many trailers you have, regardless of trailer definition. For example, you can have the front trailer of a b-double (without the rear trailer) and it will not kick you in the restricted zone.
  7. LordBenji

    Double trailers in France?

    You can do so with save editing. What you may do is buy a double trailer in Scandinavia, use it, save the game, then do the modification with save editing. You'll be looking for "my_trailer", then "trailer_definition" of said trailer. Fun fact: when you have custom save edited trailers in your garage, you can buy the same configuration in the trailer dealer, and they will also keep the same trailer definition.
  8. LordBenji

    Save Editing Tutorial (In-Depth) + Video

    @super37s nice job, that is cool looking!
  9. LordBenji

    Road to the Black Sea - New Map DLC

    I was a little bit upset when they didn't include the western part of Balkan, but I'm still happy they included down to the European side of Turkey. That's going to be interesting to explore.
  10. LordBenji

    problem with world of truck (Euro Truck Simulator 2)

    Have you checked on the website for any owned DLC? https://truckersmp.com/profile/settings#dlc Make sure the Steam profile and game details are set to Public at the moment of verification.
  11. LordBenji

    error of photo

    You could try some of these: Make sure you have access to Imgur website Use a different browser (For example, using Firefox instead of Chrome browser) Restart your router Use a VPN (maybe your Internet is blocking Imgur?) In my case, I don't have problem to see Imgur images.
  12. LordBenji

    Duplicated grills

    I'm going to get a headache if I don't get this weird rule clarified. So it says you can have up to 3 grills (4 on Scania). It can be bottom, front, and roof grill of course. Or you can have 3 roof grill, like the rule mentions. Another line says you're not allowed to duplicate accessories (including addon hookups like small lights and horns for example.) That's still pretty clear, but here's the thing... When they say you can have 3 roof bars, but other 2 bar slots must remain empty, is it referring to the truck grills (like front and bottom must not have bars), or is it to the addon hookup slots on the other 2 roof bars? I just want to get this debunked once and for all, since in my opinion, it wouldn't make sense to forbid small and big lights on a single bar, but to allow to have one bar with small lights and the other with the big lights... I'm just curious as to why it's not stating like "You can have 3 roof grills, but you cannot have any other type of grills", or "You can have 3 roof grills, but only one can have accessories".
  13. LordBenji


    Due that a few people wanted to know how to get those sort of trailers, I decided to make a "quick" video showing how I've done it. You may need to refer to my save editing tutorial like ASIR mentioned above.
  14. LordBenji

    Clips from Multiplayer

  15. LordBenji

    Save Editing Tutorial (In-Depth) + Video

    @GER-Zesa, I'm not sure what's the deal with that issue. Did you change the save game format to 2 in your config file? Optionally, you can use the regular sii_decrypt (which still works fine for me), then modify your skills yourself with notepad++.