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  1. We can't change the position of the cargo, as the position nodes are hard coded in the game for each parts. Something I haven't tested, but worth trying would be to use the job/company variant of the flatbed, not the owned one you buy at the trailer dealer. EDIT: Actually I forgot there was this comment...
  2. That's fine, I also think it's a addon hookup local mod due that it's on a roof bar. I love using the 2 axles container trailers, as they are shorter and doesn't cause as much troubles as a full length b-triple. If you're interested to have more technical information about ETS2, about weight and performance, etc., keep on reading. Did you know that the shortest owned two axles container (gooseneck) single trailer, weighing 2800 kg, is the lightest trailer ever in ETS2? No we're not going to count the dollies. But yeah that container trailer is lighter than the single axle curtain side trailer that is 4160 kg. As for the "job" trailers (non owned by default), the lightest trailer is the Schwarmüller slide post (logs) at 5400 kg, while the SCS flatbed, gooseneck (container) and log trailers are at 5800 kg. I'm not going to include the dollies and center axles trailers though. The open top (yellow tipper) trailer is at 6500 kg, and the Schmitz kipper solid (tipper or s_ki_solid) trailer is at 6600 kg. All those numbers are when these trailers are empty. Also, the Mercedes Actros 2009, in a 4x2 configuration, is the lightest chassis weighing only 6754 kg (combined kerb weight), without taking into consideration the 600 liters fuel tank, which would still make it the lightest chassis if we assume that one liter of fuel is 1 kg. Combine that with a 6 speed transmission, and your favorite engine (730 vs 750), and you will have a beast! I'm not saying that the other trucks aren't good though, the Iveco Stralis 4x2 is 6775 empty tank and 8075 full tank. The Daf XF105 Euro 5 is 6917 empty, and 7917 or 8417 full tank, depending if you have extra tank capacity or not. I've also read that someone mentioned that the Renault T is "good" and "faster" than some other trucks... Actually, it's among the heaviest trucks in a 4x2 configuration, at 7612 empty, and 8657 or 9087 full, depending if you have extra tank capacity or not. The Renault Premium is at 7657 empty, and 8657 full. I've also been seeing people using 8x4 trucks with their small trailer (often 1 axle single trailer). Just a reminder that these trucks are among the heaviest, starting at 11900 kg (empty tank), and their turning radius is much higher. They are designed to haul heavy/oversize cargo. Also, if you want to know the truth about which engine is the best between the Volvo and Scania, yes the Volvo has more torque than the Scania, by a whopping 50 NM!!! If you do care about that 0.14s difference with a 10 tons load (and 4.1 tons trailer), sure go ahead. I still prefer the Scania engine for the extra RPM, since the Volvo FH16 2009 is capped to 2300 RPM and the FH16 2012 is capped at 2000 RPM. Although, the difference between 2300 and 2500 RPM can be insignificant depending on the scenario. The speed difference can be as much as 16 km/h for one of the highest top speed transmissions, which is already pretty hard to reach within the game... Performance wise, there's not much to gain to go as high as 2500 RPM, I rarely shift over 2000 RPM, but sometimes I like the feel of going as high as possible. But in the end, it's still a matter of personal preferences, and yeah I might still be biased to lean towards Scania over Volvo. Are you still hungry for even more technical information? Alright just keep on going. Did you know that among all the trucks in a 4x2, 12 speed (direct drive) configuration, with their respective maxed out engines, no save editing implied, the fastest accelerating truck is... The Scania R 2016? It's actually 0.3 seconds faster than its S series brother without a trailer and 0.6 seconds faster with a 10 tons load (4.1 tons trailer). Why is that? It all comes to the speed at which the gearbox changes gear. The weight of the Volvo and Scania trucks in a 4x2 configuration are very similar, with a full fuel tank, except the Scania S, because it's 300 kg heavier... As for the transmission, well the Scania 2009 has a 0.9 shift speed (1.0 is default) for any of the 12 speeds or higher transmissions, and 0.7 for the Scania 2016. How much does it impact performances? We're speaking about roughly 1.5 seconds difference with that 10 ton loaded trailer. Also, is there a big difference in performance between automatic without adaptive transmission, and with high power mode? The answer is simply no, the difference is insignificant. We're talking about 0.02 seconds faster with adaptive off, and 10 tons loaded trailer of course. You may not want to think about fuel economy at this point though... Also it might be better to shift at higher RPM with a 6 speed (up to 2000 RPM), due that some gears have a larger gap in gear ratios. The fastest reverse speed can be achieved with a ZF 12TX2420TD or ZF 12TX2421TD R from a Daf XF Euro 6. But since its engine is limited to 2200 RPM, it'll limit you to about 66 km/h, vs 75 km/h with a 2500 RPM engine. The top 3 trailer types with the most cargo choices are Curtain side (131) which includes ADR explosives loads Dry van (127) Flatbed container (60) which includes both flatbed and container loads And top 3 with the least choices... Log (4) yep, that's right, it's cool looking, but really not that good Flatbed brick (6) yeah shame there's not much choice either Flatbed (21) The heaviest gross weight possible in the game would be achieved with a full tank in the Mercedes Actros 2014 8x4, hauling a condensator (oversize), for a total of about 95.3 tons! That's if I didn't fail my math... Don't worry, I did them all in high school. Heaviest weight for largest HCT of each type are Curtain: 49.9T (bottled water) Reefer: 47.0T (beverages) Log: 45.6T (large tubes) Flatbed: 51.1T (metal beams/reinforced bars) Container (non-ADR): 43.4T (beverages container) Container (ADR): 40.0T (heavy metal) Lightest weight for smallest single trailer of each type are Curtain: 1.7T (harvest bins) Reefer: 1.0T (cut flowers) Log: 18.7T (iron pipes) Flatbed: 4.8T (vent tube) Container (non-ADR): 2.6T (brake fluid) Container (ADR): 3.6T (nitrogen) And I hope that info can prove helpful, for making certain choices, whether it's during save editing or just playing. Also do note that some of these values come from the game files, some where calculated, and some were tested in-game.
  3. Hope you're enjoying your day



    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Very interesting video!:kappa::LUL:

  4. I just updated my tutorial for save editing. I added a few missing videos, and a new video I just uploaded today. Hope you enjoy!




    1. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Thank you very much for your guide, this is very helpful!❤️

  5. In order to use the company paint job, you need a company trailer. The trailer you buy does not work well with company paint jobs unfortunately. You will need to modify your owned trailer so that it only have the wheel accessories (original), the chassis, and the paint job. The chassis will need to have the data path of the job trailer. The paint job will need to be like in the picture you provided, with the Scania skin.
  6. I was really not expecting the rules about save editing to take such a sharp turn, in favor for the save editing community. I can see some good, and some bad about it. But I respect that choice, and appreciate the leniency. Already having some experience maneuvering double trailers and a little bit for HCT trailers (in terms of reversing them), I've already took a few cargo jobs with my b-triple (short container) setup, despite that it can be a bit challenging to reverse it. I haven't tried a "full" size b-triple, but I wouldn't take it during busy times. Now the question is, how far will people push it, and how will it affect TruckersMP in long term?
  7. I don't see this being allowed any time soon, not on Simulation servers at least. Arcade might feel "boring" if you still want the collision aspect of other players, but I think that's one of the very few options I could see that might be viable. After all, it's called "special transport" for a reason.
  8. Been a while since I've shared screenshots here









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      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Fantastic photos 🥰:wub:

  9. According to game files specifications, the top 3 lightest chassis are: Mercedes Actros 4x2 (old gen) at 6754 kg Iveco Stralis 4x2 at 6775 kg Daf XF (old gen) 4x2 (with or without extra fuel tank) at 6931 kg The Renault T 4x2 is at 7612 kg. Like the engine, transmission, sounds, and anything else that is not "visual", yes it is 100% allowed. But you cannot use truck accessories onto cars and vice versa. Daf XF 105 (old gen) is lighter as I explained above in this comment. Even the newer gen Daf XF is lighter than the Renault T.
  10. Last time I used a "sequential" transmission, I could skip gears if I was fast enough. I currently use a H Shifter, and I can select any gears that I want to.
  11. @[LKW Tr.] Ace!... <3 :) You should follow what this guy said. If you change the config file in notepad, you need to close the game first, or else the game will overwrite the old config data over what you changed.
  12. There's a Daf transmission (ZF 12TX2610TO) from the Daf Euro 6 that can reverse up to 75.9 km/h (47.1 mph) in theory, and I've tried it and it can go at 75 km/h indeed full reverse in R4 gear. @McLaren2876 For RPM, that depends. There's a thing called "optimal torque band", some trucks have it generally between 1000-1400 RPM. When you're driving on hills, I strongly recommend to keep it at a higher RPM. Same applies for a 6 speed transmission, due that there's less gears and higher difference between ratios. As long as you don't go over 2000 RPM, you should be fine. I only have done a few tests between "disabled adaptive transmission" and "high power mode", and the high power mode was just slower at about 0.04-0.06 seconds, which is insignificant.
  13. @McLaren2876 It depends on how heavy the load it, and if the road has lots of hills. The 6 speed will still beat the 12 speed on a flat road, but as soon as you reach a hill, that's when you will realize that the 12 or 14 speed would have been best with such heavy load. Someone has done some testing with a 6 speed vs 14 speed: I hope that helps you understand better.
  14. I've done some testing before and a 12 speed will reach 90 km/h in about 12 seconds, while the 6 speed will reach the same speed in about 8 seconds. That's all with the same truck and engine. I've also done some testing with 10 tons cargo (1 axle trailer) and 26 tons too. The 10 tons do 19 seconds for 6 speed vs 25 seconds for 12 speed. For 26 tons, it's 34 seconds for 6 speed and 38-39 seconds for the 12 speed. But do note that those tests were done on a relatively flat road with no incline. The 6 speed will struggle with heavier loads on a steeper incline. I think the difference comes from the starting gear ratio, and how many times the truck will shift.
  15. I've had a moment a few months ago where my truck oversteered and the back hit the oncoming truck. The guy said "rec", but I was lucky that nothing happened afterward. But yeah I admit the conditions wasn't ideal, especially that I didn't have a trailer, and was driving on a dirt road with winter physics and weather on. But in your case, yeah I can understand how frustrating it is when you're not able to stop in time. Generally I don't report for a fender bender from behind, but if I see the guy keeps hitting other trucks, then yeah I will consider it. If you can't stop to the limit of where you can see, you're probably going too fast.
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