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  1. After one month without making my usual compilations, I decided to merge my two series. That means that my videos that usually go in Worst Drivers will now be in Random Moments instead.




  2. LordBenji

    Restriction of Local save editing

    I've used the very old sound plugin for ages and it never caused any problems as far as I know. As for the save edited home sound mods, I've never tried those, but you have to understand that it's local and the other players will not hear any sounds. In fact, I've had my settings to only hear the horn of other players for a long time, and it never altered my game experience. As for the crash issues, I have absolutely no idea if it does really cause it. It's the same with metallic paints on trailers but that's another story. Although, I've seen a few times where people's save editing has gone wrong. And in some rare occasions, I strongly suspected that it was the cause of the game crash.
  3. Some of you may already know about it, but I've had a very special friend who was like my sister to me.


    We've first met on the 29th of June 2017, but we thought it was on the 1st of July. Screenshots doesn't lie, just wish I still had the logs back then. She was always there for me, and I've always enjoyed driving along with her. I sure wish I would have recorded more videos with her. But now she's been gone since the 2nd of July 2018, and it was a very hard and emotional time for us. She had to sell everything, and focus on her real life. I just hope one day she'll come back... ❤️


    I've compiled everything I've got with her in one video:


    1. stilldre1976


      that's a nice video mate maybe she will came back one day my friend keep the faith brother !!

  4. I was messing around and showing something to my gf then...


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    2. CroTruckTMP


      Truck is sooo tired :troll: 

    3. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      let say good night :D:lol:

    4. LordBenji


      Okay so apparently I forgot to record video of that moment, darn it! It would have been funny to see how I rolled over...

      So basically I was showing her how my trailer was wiggling with the new update (plus my trailer stability is at minimum), and then there was this turn. Then the rest was history. :D 

  5. It seems like people still drive doubles (and even triples!) on C-D road...
  6. Now I've got a fundamental question: Doubles on CD road, kick or ban? And on a side note I've even seen someone using a triple, gosh.

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    2. LordBenji


      I've met this guy earlier, which  he didn't seem to have liked that I told him his trailer isn't legal x)



    3. Encrypted™


      Maybe PM a GM on the Forum? So you can find out 

    4. LordBenji


      Upon more recent (unexpected) testing, I was in Calais with my truck and decided to spawn my B-Double trailer at Bergen. Despite the trailer being all the way there, it still kicked me because I was in Calais and had an "illegal" trailer. That was... An interesting experience.

  7. I love this already!


  8. You know what time it is do you? :D 

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    2. [VIVA] Kehox

      [VIVA] Kehox

      let pray that in 8 hours ( when the server peak time begin ) it not going to be a mess at day 1 XD

    3. LordBenji
    4. [LKW Tr.] Arctic Wolf
  9. So quiet tonight...


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    2. LordBenji


      Well the developers has a good amount of work to do if they want to support 1.32, and I figure there might be NCZ stuff for companies (Germany) to do, and the trailers to redo, plus krone dlc.

    3. ScaniaFan89


      1.32 probably next month 

    4. [VIVA] Kehox

      [VIVA] Kehox

      only 200 players online .. yes it real quiet

  10. Happy birthday mate! Hope you enjoy it! ;) 

    1. Mirko9


      thanks brudda

  11. So I was messing around a bit on The Crew 2.


    Purple beast <3



    Dispatch, we have a problem



    And the rest of the album:


  12. I've posted this a while ago, completely forgot it was unlisted o.o yeah there was some really old clips in there