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  1. Yay! About time, I mean not that I use it that often lol
  2. Got through older clips, featuring "special" drivers, some hackers, almost running out of diesel, and a little glimpse of when I first tried ProMods.

    Enjoy! :thisisfine:


    1. Mert 	​​

      Mert  ​​

      1:20 thats some skill you got there. TEACH ME! :wow:

  3. What I'm trying to understand is why people still expect so much quality for an ALPHA product. I've seen numerous game breaking bugs in the past right after a big version change. But in the end, I knew they would work on it to fix it afterwards. We, the players, are also testers and have a responsibility to report the bugs to the team. In fact, I'm sure most known issues have been brought to the attention to TruckersMP team. I even know some issues that is still present from the time I first got on MP (and these issues probably was never fixed ever since the project has started.) Talking about *cough* freight market jobs/several "in-game years" late jobs. I know there's a workaround, but it's just to mention that it's still an issue ongoing for several years... Alright I'm going to add my grain of salt here. Was the kick about high average ping or for unreliable connection Turtle Brigade? -High ping: Abnormal delay of communication between server and client, usually caused by applications taking a large chunk of the home network bandwidth. -Unreliable connection: Actual data lost between server and client (packet loss), can be caused by PC struggling, router issues or interference, internet service provider, bad data routing, or even the actual server network encountering issues in some cases (uncommon). Alright so here's the thing, the only time I've ever had Unreliable Connection, was when the ProMods 1 server had issues with the network. Other than that, never, ever, had any other Unreliable connection kick. I've played with a few computers, with various CPU, GPU and hard drive configurations (HDD with different speed, SSD), and always been on the same DSL connection (about 6 mbps down and less than 1 mbps up I believe.) Plus I live in a somewhat "remote" location, but I guess some places/ISP could probably be "worse". -Current PC: i7 8700k with gtx 1080ti, -Old laptop: i7 6700hq with gtx 960m, -Older laptop: i5 3230m with gt 730m Now here's the thing, most of the case of unreliable connections that I've seen has not been solved, or at least that's what I'm noticing in the help forum threads, and can't remember any case that has been fixed on the TruckersMP public server on Discord. It's rather... Difficult to trace down the exact root causing the data to be lost. Too many times I've seen people saying "my internet is very good and fast", then proceeds to send a screenshot of their speed test... Yeah mate that means absolutely nothing at all I'm afraid. It can be fast, but is it really reliable? It looks like a super car that can accelerate very fast, but... The parts inside are cheap, or has other problems inside it. That's how I can describe it. Sometimes that problem can be hard to find by your own. Also in some cases, people complained about unreliable connections when they were loading in very low population areas. Some also claimed that it mostly happened on Simulation 1 server, and after the 1.36 update. So... What exactly is causing that? I'd really like to know, but it always seems to be caused by various reasons that I can't always pin point. Have you tested it on a different PC on the same home connection? I know a lot of people cannot afford to have another computer sadly. Are you using Wi-Fi or straight Ethernet cable connection? Sounds a bit odd because I remember someone who had a bad Wi-Fi and was lagging a lot, but didn't get kicked for unreliable, but I guess it depends... Have you tried using a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? There's many out there, but some are limited, and all have their pros and cons... And usually have to pay for the quality ones. But I'm not the best person to recommend which one unfortunately. Even restarting the PC and the home router (Internet box) could potentially help in some scenarios. I'll tell you right away, that's your issue. It's been like that for people using DX11 Experimental on 1.35, and it's still causing issues on 1.36 unfortunately. I think even with single monitors, I've seen issues with people using odd screen resolutions that isn't 16:9 aspect ratio. I don't think there's any known fixes for that, other than using any supported "regular" resolutions (eg: 3840x2160, 2560x1440, 1920x1080, 1366×768, unsure about 4:3 resolutions as I never tested them.)
  4. It appears that Discord is having issues... Dang it Google!





  5. Awesome guide! For anyone who are new to save editing, don't forget to check out the basic save editing tutorials. Also another note is that if you move a double trailer in a garage outside the designated countries for that double, it can be finicky to customize the trailer. I remember being able to do it in X game version, then not being able to do it in Y game version.
  6. I've finally decided to pay a visit to that new infamous death road on MP (Kirkenes), but it was when there was low population on the server though. This is the outcome :




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    2. LordBenji


      @K0rnholio Yeah voices sound like chipmunks on speed lol, and I kinda wished there wasn't such a long traffic jam, but what can you do. /shrug

      @Thor98 I've called it a "bridge" because it's easier to understand for people who are not speaking perfect English, but I know it's a "dam", a sort of barrage for water. Everyone with low bed trailer get stuck going up, I don't have problem if I go fast enough.

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. LordBenji


      Best road when you're not stuck behind someone :D 

  7. Joyeux anniversaire! Oh wait you don't speak French :troll:

  8. Gah... feeling really upset and betrayed... DM me on Discord if you want (it's on my TMP profile)



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    2. [VIVA] SilentSquads

      [VIVA] SilentSquads

      I’ll head there but I hope you’re okay I’m always here to talk if you need it.

    3. ScaniaFan89


      You can pm me on here, i only have discord for my vtc & i really hate it! 

    4. LordBenji


      Thank you everyone

  9. Been a while, still need to clear a bunch more 😐




  10. @Siminator TruckersMP Veteran here Here's some perhaps interesting stats that I quickly made. Didn't bother counting other things since I can't really sort by any other orders than ascending or descending report ID. First report date : 8th July 2016 (It was accepted 3 days later) Lifetime reports : 881 (there's 25 reports per page... did the math) Reports in 2019: 372 Reports last month : 64 (yeah had to check actual report date, not updated date) Total accepted reports % : 81.27% (counting declined reports does help) This year's accepted reports % : 95.43%
  11. @barre gaanders Are you using Steam cloud? It may cause problems when trying to save edit.
  12. Meow 🏳️‍🌈 (pride and gynephilia)




    Totally not flexing with my parking skills




    Had to stop to take a small photo break



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    2. LordBenji



      That is through save editing. I cannot do it for the truck/trailer license plates because of the limitation of characters. It is possible on driver/co-driver plates but it will not appear to other players unfortunately.


      The image I use is a 1x1 white square, but I resize and recolor it. I also use offset attributes to arrange the images in the way I want to. It might be possible to do much more complex designs, but that requires patience, since you have to adjust each image with an offset.

    3. ZakYeen


      Loving the pride flag Benji! I made a window pride flag there recently and I've always wished it was something we could have in TMP, I had made a whole bunch of different flags, simple and easy to make :D



    4. LordBenji


      That's cool :3 but yeah some stuff sadly won't work or appear to other players on TMP. There's a couple things in my wish list but I can keep on dreaming :3

  13. This was made on the 15th of September... And uploaded on the 10th of October, whoops!


    But anyways, hope you enjoy!




  14. I've done some experimentation, so I decided to show some pride ;) 

    But I was really bummed when a friend claimed to only see blank plates (window).



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