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  1. Are you looking for bad drivers? :troll:



  2. LordBenji

    Clips from Multiplayer

    And I'm back at it, enjoy!
  3. LordBenji

    How to record triple monitors, with nvidia shadowplay?

    Hello @Happy Trucking ETS2, I would be curious to know if it would work to run the game in windowed full screen at the resolution you want to. I'm not an expert in triple monitor setup but it might be worth giving it a try.
  4. LordBenji

    probleme de mise a jour de trucker MP et solo

    Bonjour @Aberlen67270, il semblerait que vous ayez peut être la mauvaise version de Euro Truck Simulator 2. Vérifiez les propriétés du jeu et assurez vous de vous retirer de tout programme bêta. Voici la version que j'ai pour aller en multi:
  5. LordBenji

    Connection error-retry?

    @Bonkersmad1238 According to your screenshot, it does show that you're logged in an Administrator account. In order to run the command prompt in administrator mode, you need to right click the command prompt and run as administrator. Then you'll be able to run the commands that requires elevation.
  6. LordBenji

    events Worlds of TRUCKS

    Salut @thierry974, comme vous le savez, l'événement a deux objectifs: Compléter les dix livraisons de remorque de course provenant des dix villes Compléter une livraison pour cinq villes différentes La ville à livrer change à tout les trois jour, mais l'endroit où se trouve les remorques ne change pas pour toute la durée de l'événement. N'oublie pas également de faire sûr que le niveau de longue distance dans tes compétence est au moins à 5 ou 6, car j'ai déjà vue des livraisons à plus de 1000 km.
  7. LordBenji

    Bug connection trucker mp

    @ninolasquale Est ce que tu arrive à te connecter sur le siteweb sans toutefois pouvoir se connecter sur le multi? Si c'est le cas, fait sûr d'être connecté sur le bon compte de Steam utilisé durant l'inscription du compte TMP. Sinon, tu peux toujours ouvrir un billet (ticket) de support sur le siteweb et de choisir français: https://truckersmp.com/support/ticket/create
  8. LordBenji

    Save Editing Tutorial (In-Depth)

    @_Aapjuh_ I'm not sure what you mean, there's no such TGA steering wheel. Do you have a screenshot to show me what it looks like? And here's the options in game:
  9. LordBenji


    If you have unchecked that option, then you should be able to get over 90 km/h (outside cities). @Alfreds_Vietejais Can you confirm that you are able to do that regardless of the menu settings?
  10. LordBenji


    @Alfreds_Vietejais This is a bug in TruckersMP. It does occur to me too but I simply ignore it and it doesn't affect your speed limiter in multiplayer for some reason. You should check the settings on TruckersMP. When you drive, open tab (player list), right click, and click the yellow cog icon to open settings.
  11. LordBenji

    Problem with the WoT-Event

    I think I meant for the event contracts, sorry. Nonetheless, you should opt out of all beta programs, because someone else had the same problem with the bar above not appearing, and doing that fixed the issue.
  12. LordBenji

    Show more consideration

    I can understand your frustration, but it is clear some players shows no consideration about other road users and bad things can escalate very quickly. Everyone can make mistakes, but if you happen to be blocking more than one lane, that's where you may get into problems. The best way to avoid that is to F7 or load somewhere else safely (not in middle of the road).
  13. LordBenji

    The new trailer modding rule

    @MartyTheTrucker I think HCT style triple aren't allowed, but B-triple are. Also in the rules there is:
  14. LordBenji

    Problem with Pedal G29

    @Skalkery (FR) Hello, I have experienced the same problem with the G29 a few times. Sometimes the problem is the gas that activate a little bit and "flicker", and sometimes it is the hard braking, which is very annoying (especially in convoy). You don't have to change any settings or configurations, but you do need to open your pedals and clean it as best as you can. The thing you have to be careful is the small cables between the pedal sensors to the main cable. You have to look for any small junk, hair, etc, that could interfere with the sensor mechanism. Also be careful when you put your pedals back together, especially the cogs, they must be in the correct position (I did the mistake the first time.)
  15. LordBenji

    Problem with the WoT-Event

    @Cuba Are you in open beta or did you opt out of all beta program? The WoT contract only work in the current version of the game (not open beta)