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  1. TMP's dancing cat! 🥳 :dance_cat:

  2. Hope you have a good time 😍

    1. KhaosHammer


      Eheh, thank you! 🙃

  3. :)   Hope you have a good time

    1. KhaosHammer


      We'll see. ;D

  4. This is why I always have a minimum of 4 alarms on my phone with an interval of 5 min between each of them.
  5. Adding AI on such a large map, synchronized between more than 4'000 players at the same time while being accurate between them all (without lags/freezes) is far from being easy. It's something that, I believe, is still being worked on, as we released this trailer a while ago. But due to the complexity of the task, I think we're still far from seeing it being added. Only time will tell us.
  6. // Topic moved to International Community > Other Languages > German Discussion > Hilfe
  7. For me, it's always been and will always be the orange/black combo.
  8. Bienvenue sur TruckersMP! Pour te familiariser avec notre mod et le jeu, n'hésites pas à faire un tour dans notre section Guides, tu devrais pouvoir y trouver la plupart des informations importantes relatives à notre mod. ^-^ A bientôt sur les routes!
  9. Khaos :meow:

    1. KhaosHammer





  10. Please photo admeeeeen :mlg_doge:

    1. KhaosHammer


      5$ and okay :troll:

  11. I used to listen to TFM on a daily basis, but I ended with many issues with YouTube because I was listening to TFM while doing GM stuff, and we all know that YouTube doesn't like licensed music, even if it's behind horns, people yelling at the CB and trucks sounds. Since a year now I always listen to my personal playlist on Spotify filled with trance and electronic music and on every Thursday evening, like ~40 millions people, I listen to the weekly episode of the State of Trance radio show. For example, here's last weeks episode:
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