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  1. Joyeux anniversaire MarteauKhaos :kappa:

  2. Happy Birthday! 🎂

  3. Happy birthday,dear KhaosHammer!❤️

  4. bonjour je vous est demander en ami sur steam c est vrais on se connait pas mais j aimerais bien rouler avec vous 


    est je voudrais vous demander pourquoi quand t il y a du monde j entend plus le sons du gps ainsi les klaxonne 


    sur steam c est petitefleur60 et dans le jeux pareille merci 

  5. was it banned according to my report or what? not understood. https://youtu.be/3xGK86xVOoo Then you need to delete the reprt? is it a violation? or what to do? Was he whipped according to my report?

  6. TMP's dancing cat! 🥳 :dance_cat:

  7. Hope you have a good time 😍

    1. KhaosHammer


      Eheh, thank you! 🙃

  8. :)   Hope you have a good time

    1. KhaosHammer


      We'll see. ;D

  9. This is why I always have a minimum of 4 alarms on my phone with an interval of 5 min between each of them.
  10. Adding AI on such a large map, synchronized between more than 4'000 players at the same time while being accurate between them all (without lags/freezes) is far from being easy. It's something that, I believe, is still being worked on, as we released this trailer a while ago. But due to the complexity of the task, I think we're still far from seeing it being added. Only time will tell us.
  11. // Topic moved to International Community > Other Languages > German Discussion > Hilfe
  12. For me, it's always been and will always be the orange/black combo.
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