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  1. Application as mod or sup

    @KiinqKyudo Before applying, check if you meet all the requirements for the team that you want to join. For example, the Support Team needs the following points, those highlighted are the points that you need to work (from what I can see) on because you don't reach them at this moment: Same goes for the Game Moderation Team recruitment, highlighted points are those where you need to work and improve before applying: In Short, help people here on the forums and on Discord, have a good behavior on our services, wait for your active ban to expire and apply when you have a sufficient amount of posts and when you think that you've deserved to join the team by working hard.
  2. freezing error causing perma ban

    Before judging him that fast, you should inform yourself regarding this known issue where some players see everyone frozen in place while in fact their trucks are still visible for others. That's a desync bug. And it indeed looks like a NCZ Hack but it doesn't. The distances in the TAB stop between 900 and 1'000m on ETS2.
  3. If you see this random and completely innocent Pilot car with a white name above it, don't run away, I don't bite. (at least not always) :troll:


    #Undercover :ph34r:


  4. New radio station opening Saturday

    Hello there, I just wanted to wish you a good luck and success with your radio station. There are already a few really good stations around like EuroTruck Radio or TruckersFM but they're sometimes a bit repetitive, new stations are always a good thing, I'm looking forward for what you guys can provide us. PS: I'm triggered by your CAPS LOCK title.
  5. hey dancing cat , thx for following me :love:

  6. Hi Admeen, thank you for the follow. :kappa::wow:

  7. Which server do you prefer? and why?

    I'm most of the time on EU#2 due to the high population that is playing on this server. So I don't see empty roads for hours and I can punish people that ruin other's game experience. However I also like to sometimes go on EU#3 for some peaceful drives. The whole Game Moderator team is doing its best everyday to make sure that the mod is a place where players enjoy to play on everyday.
  8. Profile of the site truckerMP

    Hello mortezahashemi80, I'm not sure that I fully understand your question. If you are looking to change your profile on the website or here on the forums, you can find the different places where you can change your settings or edit your profile below. Website profile settings: Forums account settings: Forums profile settings are located on the top right corner of your profile's banner:
  9. Même si je ne sais pas ce qu'il s'est passé, je tiens tout de même à te remercier pour le boulot colossal que tu as accompli pour nous, pour la communauté.

    Tu fais parti des rares Francophones a avoir rejoint la team, tu as fais tout ton possible pour pousser la communauté francophone vers le haut. Triste de te voir partir.


    J'espère te revoir au sein de la team à nouveau. Je te souhaite une toute bonne continuation et que tout se passe bien pour tes projets!


    A bientôt peut-être, Caernage!

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    2. Caernage


      Bonjour/Bonsoir @KhaosHammer


      Je tiens à te remercier pour ce message. Malheureusement, tout ce que j'ai accompli n'aura qu'été une page blanche. J'ai fais mon possible mais malheureusement j'ai échoué suite a des raisons que je ne pourrais pas décrire pour des raisons de confidentialité.


      Et malheureusement, mon envie, mes ambitions pour TruckersMP ont été dégradé par les situations qui m'ont poussé à prendre mon départ donc un envie de retour dans l'équipe n'est en aucun cas envisageable pour 2018 voir 2019.


      Je te souhaite également une bonne continuation Khaos.




    3. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      @Caermsoneidon I have had some dealing with you in the past. You have always presented yourself professional and polite and respectful when dealing with something I had an issue with. You have always been fair and equal and polite. You take your time to study the facts before making a conclusion. You have always allowed the person to make their statement before adding anything in. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for standing up when you know something was wrong and most of all thank you for being a friend.

    4. Caernage


      Dear @Texas Transports LLC,


      This message is so kind that I've no words to say exept thank you! Seriously




  10. Ban the person above you (game) V3

    ^ Banned for having way too much chrome on your Scania.
  11. Ban the person above you (game) V3

    Banned because you have only 21 posts while being a Veteran II. ... and because I can.
  12. I've found this old gif, when a hacker drove through my truck, sending the back of the trailer underground.

    Then the game threw away my truck like it was a toy.


    RIP. :thisisfine:



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    2. Mike Dragon
    3. MrBrandman


      Round and round she goes, where he stops NOBODY KNOWS

    4. VampireOfSnake


      Maybe he thought that u lose something there :troll:

  13. Stacked Lighting - Save Editing Reminder

    For the simple fact that people were abusing it, which resulted in massive frame drops for low specs PCs and almost pitch black headlights when stacked more than 50 times. Rules are updates because of players abusing what is allowed. Green lights and duplicated leds were fine until too many people caused performances issues by duplicating all lights on their trucks with an insane amount of code lines in their truck's files.
  14. Do you follow real traffic rules?

    Players around me or not, I always follow traffic rules and speed limits. Sometimes I run a redlight when I'm alone in a city, but only when I'm in a hurry to turn off my PC. If I want to drive fast and ignore traffic rules, I have Need For Speed, The Crew or Burnout Paradise for that.