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  1. TruckersMP - Présentez vous !

    Bienvenue à toi sur les forums, @Ony.D [FR]... même si tu es présent sur TMP depuis fin 2015. De mon côté, EU#2 uniquement. Car c'est là qu'on a le plus besoin de nous.

    Pour ma part, le Winter Mod est installé depuis qu'il a été mis en ligne. Je compte le garder jusqu'à-ce qu'il soit retiré. Ce n'a pas été une "horreur" pour le télécharger, TMP a fait un petit "partenariat" avec 10gbps.io pour avoir des serveurs "boostés" durant la période du Winter Mod. Juste pour imager tout cela, les serveurs ont été à 10 Gbps durant des heures, ce qui fait beaucoup, beaucoup de traffic: Sans ce boost des serveurs, oui, tout le monde aurait mis des heures à le télécharger.
  3. I think that the game hates me to throw away my truck like that after being rammed. :wacko:



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    2. chipmunk197


      now you know how to handle the bucking bull ride :P 

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Oh wow :o LOL XD :lol: Poor truck gg

    4. Noxii


      Well some show affection by being rude or that, maybe its just the games way of showing you affection and secretly telling you that it loves you. ;)

  4. Just a normal day on the Calais-Duisburg road. :troll:



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    2. Carrera18


      wow. then a successful outcome. B)

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. DylanPatrol


      That was Ramming that a 100Days for that XD.

  5. Radar Mode, hidden in the shadows [ON]-OFF :80::troll:





    Nice view from here. :ph34r:





  6. You cannot do WoT jobs if you use /fix as your damage data is stored on WoT servers. If you use the command, you are almost instantly teleported back to the location of your last quicksave. Which is 90% of the time... on the middle of the road. I still haven't tested it yet, but now as your trailer is no longer repaired by the command, you might be able to do WoT jobs.
  7. We're sorry - And we ask your opinion on /fix

    I don't think that it's something that is possible, even if it's a good idea. It would be too hard to make the server "detect" who's at fault in an accident.
  8. Meh. D':sadparrot.gif


    Thank you for everything you've done for TMP!




  9. Well....

    It doesn't only happen to others.

    RIP me. D':



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    2. [TUG] Harley

      [TUG] Harley

      well RIP :P i am sure the guys was laughing xD

    3. KhaosHammer


      The one who sent me underground is not laughing at this moment... :troll:

      But those coming behind me... well... yes they laughed at me. D':

    4. LordBenji


      Hmm I've had my share of bad luck, most were on videos, but I have a few screenshots here:








  10. What sport or sports do you do?

    Without a scope, yep. It's not allowed to use any scope ( Holo, red dot or x3,5 etc... ) in licensed shooting sport here in Switzerland.
  11. Thunderstorm + Nürburgring at night in a Nissan GT-R Nismo. :wub:


    (My first screenshot on Project Cars 2. ^-^')


  12. What sport or sports do you do?

    Shooting sport. 10m, 25m and 300m. 10m & 25m with a SIG P225. 300m with a SIG-550.
  13. Randomly found Mr @Mikkell [PL/SE] in the middle of nowhere, in Italia. :P



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    2. KhaosHammer


      Krav? GM?


      Hell no :donotwant: :troll:

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. [TUG] Harley

      [TUG] Harley

      Mm.. there was someone Stalking @Mikkell [PL/SE]... *cought* nah.. joking :D

      see you soon ingame again ;)

  14. The new Christmas Tier 2 backround is beautiful. :wub:

    You even have sometimes random shooting stars. :P






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    2. [TUG] Harley

      [TUG] Harley

      Mm.. why the hell is the Truck so dark...?? Joking... Looks great :P

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. LordBenji


      I tried the paint job... in mp... guess what happened x)