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  1. Changing my name

    If you go to the website homepage, then go My Account > Settings > Account Settings. You can then change your username there. Once you have changed your name on the website, you will need to log out, then log back in on the forums for it to update here.
  2. Server Name Suggestion

    Please update your post to include the following format - Thank you in advance.
  3. company

    Moved to General Discussion. You don't need to ask to make a company, everyone is free to make whatever company they want, they don't need permission to do so. If you need some help with creating a company for yourself, there are a few guides around the forum that should be able to help you out.
  4. Looking for a Trucking Company

    Moved to General Discussion. I suggest you take a look at the Companies section of the forum, there is some helpful information there that will help you find a company that you want to join.
  5. Lag problems

    Moved to help-section.

    Moved to Turkish Discussion.
  7. 1.28 update?

    Yes, an update to TruckersMP is planned to support the newly released 1.28 version. It will be released when its ready, there is no ETA for release. You just need to be patient, and when its released, you'll know about it. Just keep an eye on the forums or social media for updates when its released. I can tell you with full confidence that the Developers are more than aware of the 1.28 version release, and will be working to make it compatible for multiplayer as soon as they can, if they haven't already. If you want to play multiplayer, I suggest you downgrade to the 1.27 version, help for this can be found here.
  8. auto driving

    Moved to help-section. This sounds like something to do with the configuration of your pedals for your Logitech Driving Force GT. I imagine I'm correct in saying you have selected the accelerator, brake etc.. in the profiler as well as the game?
  9. Problem connection MP

    Moved to help-section.
  10. Report Sistem

    Moved to Turkish Discussion.
  11. DAF XF EURO 6 or 105?

    Moved to ETS2 Discussion.
  12. ошибка привходе в игру

    Moved to Russian Discussion.
  13. Colour On User Link

    @Dylann /!\ stop posting useless 'bump' messages on this topic please; this is the third time your post has been hidden for useless content, a fourth time will result in possible warnings for useless posting and spamming. This is just a friendly reminder, but carrying on posting useless content will result in warnings, so please stop, thank you.
  14. Anmeldung

    Moved to German help-section.
  15. Inncorrect email & password

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