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  1. Thanks for the follow :wub:

    1. Aestrial


      No problem, Yop. :D 

  2. Can you remove reports?

    Hi there, Unfortunately, no, you cannot remove reports. However, if you write a comment on your outstanding reports to let the Game Moderators know of your mistake, that would be great. If you wish, you can attach the correct video and ID to the outstanding reports as well, and we'll see what we can do as soon as they come to be reviewed. Thank you for your understanding, Aestrial
  3. In game reports, what's the point?

    Hi there, You're not the only one that raises such questions, so I'll try and answer in as much detail as possible. We have an in-game report system, that is properly functioning and working fine. However, due to the volume of reports we receive through the system each day (thousands each day), we're simply unable to deal with a large majority of them. It's not working 100% effectively, and this is known. Most of them end up timing out as they cannot be dealt with in time. Game Moderators do work very hard to deal with in-game reports, but the volume is just too high at the moment and it's simply impossible to deal with them all. As such, we always recommend that users record their gameplay and report via the website reporting system, which guarantees your report being dealt with, regardless of how long it takes. We will hopefully see some improvements to the in-game system in the future which will enable it to work much more effectively, but we'll have to wait and see. Once again, the in-game report system works fine, it's just down to the volume of reports the system receives that is causing a lot to go undealt with. The issues with it's effectiveness are fully realized, and hopefully some improvements will be made in the near future. Thank you for your understanding, Aestrial
  4. Sorry to see you go! You'll be missed, best of luck in the future. ^_^ 

    1. Noxii


      I'll miss you lot too, but as said hopefully this won't mean that we all will lose contact with eachother. Especially not since you owe me a 737 flight! ;) 

  5. Question for the Development team

    @[ATL] VLAD (UA), Unfortunately, the Q&A section is no longer active and users cannot post topics there. Asking here is the best option until the section is reopened again in a few months time.
  6. The Feedback is Working ?

    Hey there, Feedback can get quite busy at times, and a wait is to be expected and is totally normal. However, your ticket will get dealt with regardless of how long it takes, I can assure you of that. A little bit of patient is needed though. The upper staff team will deal with your ticket as soon as possible, don't worry about that. In the meantime, please check that you've included all the relevant information to speed up the process once a upper staff member receives your ticket. Thank you for your understanding, Aestrial
  7. Connecting after AFK kick

    Hi there, Unfortunately not. If you're kicked from the server for being AFK, you will have to restart to connect back to the server.
  8. Account deletion

    Hi there, If you delete your account, and then make a new one, your punishment history will remain, yes. As stated in the following: your bans are linked to your Steam ID which is public information displayed on Steam. If you sign up again, your bans will be reactivated. More information here: Hope this helped.
  9. Released

    @okeycool, It's a common issue, so don't worry. Please take a read of the following topic, it should help you out: Refer to the bottom spoiler for System.UnauthorizedAccessException errors, the solution is there. Hope you get your issue sorted.
  10. Report

    Hi there, I can't say a specific time as to how long it'll take for your reports to be reviewed, but what I can say confidently is that however long it takes, your reports will be reviewed and dealt with accordingly. There is a small backlog at the moment, so it may take a few days, but we''ll deal with it as soon as possible. Bare in mind that all the Game Moderators are volunteers and deal with reports in their free time. Just be patient for now. Thanks for your understanding, Aestrial

    Moved to Compañías.
  12. TruckersMP Equipo [ES]

    19/06/2018: Actualizado. Se ha actualizado la lista de miembros.
  13. Skoda Gears Completely Messed Up

    A fix is pending, but there is no ETA as to when it'll be released. In regards to other players, they would be using either sequential or h-shifter transmission.
  14. Skoda Gears Completely Messed Up

    Hi mate, This is a known bug in-game. The Developers are aware and a fix is pending. For now, just use sequential transmission. Confirmation here: Thank you.
  15. Can we get banned off the forums?

    Hi there, In theory, yes, you can get banned off the forums but it's slightly different compared to an in-game ban. Although, we don't tend to ban for breaking forum rules. There are various warnings, content restrictions and such to go through before getting escalating to any bans.