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  1. Happy B-Day Mate :rolleyes:

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      Thanks buddy! :P

  2. Game Moderator Public Recruitment

    Good luck guys
  3. Happy New Year Guys :tmp:

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      Thank you and you too :) 

  4. Ban Mistake

    Ban Mistake 2

    @[Интегра] ResTed


    I hope this ban thing is removed from my profile . 


    1. ThatCrazyPillow


      Hi there,


      If you have a complaint about a ban, or you want it to be removed, please either appeal your ban or create a feedback ticket.





  5. Merry Christmas everyone I am very happy to be in such a community :tmp:

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      Merry christmas! ^_^

  6. Doğum günün kutlu olsun nice mutlu huzurlu senelere B)

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  7. Tebrik ederim ve başarıların devamını dilerim

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  8. Congrulations My man You deserve it 


  9. Congratulations my man You deserve it 


  10. Ban List 1 Ban List 2 Ban List 3


    I broke a record today I sent 31 reports yesterday They are almost banned Thanks for related being with reports @KhaosHammer @Noxii @immortal766 @oolala11 @Mike Dragon and other admins. I am fascinated by the effort you have made to improve the game. I will continue to support TruckersMP until the end

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    2. 0zgur


      go get some sleep. :P

    3. Mike Dragon
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      i got like 40 videos i haven't uploaded yet and other 180 GB of unprocessed Videos that i need to edit :( the submit reports 

  11. twitch.tv/onurozgunay 

    TruckersMP Reporting Live

  12. twitch.tv/onurozgunay Reporting Live

    1. * Kizamak *

      * Kizamak *

      Lol, good luck with rec/rep efforts! :D