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  1. Nody Released

    Awesome, thank you @mwl4
  2. Selamun aleyküm kanka

  3. happy birthday, sire. Live long, have a good one and party hard <3 

  4. It's upto you really, some people think it's nothing great if you let them pass whilist some do. As a member of community and as per courtesy we should at least thank someone if they are allowing us to pass, irrespective whether they reply back or not. Remember it's not a real life it's a game , we all want to have fun by staying in our limits, respect other drivers and by following rules, that's what is expected from any individual or gamer or drivers' in server. In real life you wouldn't be banned ,truth is you won't even get chance to /fix , I got your point of that comparison but better we take it as a game and do things which makes our self and others happy, in real life we don't get chance to even say sorry ,it's matter of someone's life. So yes just be good with everyone, irrespective what they think of us. Just saying do what you feel is best, I always honk when I see people passing by other lane and they honk back, In real life no one have Enough time to even wave at someone. Let's enjoy this, since real life trucking is more tough and otherwise than this
  5. Happy birthday BoSsik2 <3

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      Thank you :love:

  6. Happy birthday <3

  7. thank you for follow :D

  8. Good Morning guys, have a nice day ahead, eat well , drive safe , happy trucking ! :D

  9. Nody

    The Last Post Wins!

    So where is my reward, I know I have won now
  10. Nody - my Official steam bestie - and all round sick Boi - AKA " the legend"   

  11. Woah, you are the only administrator from India, lol.

    Hello, I am Chinese. I live near Tibet.

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      heya there, nice to meet you

  12. Good Morning guys, have a good start of your day with a cup of tea or coffee , eat well and drive safe.
    Happy Trucking! :D

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      I think I cant say mrng now.. but I think I can say good evening...;)


    3. [RG] London
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      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Have a great day :) Bit late to say morning now :ph34r:

  13. Good morning guys, have a great Sunday , eat well , think well and in end,last but not the least, drive safe, happy trucking amigos!

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      Good morning, its 2AM for me, but ok. :troll:

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Good Morning :) thx you 2 :)

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    You can either use Plays.tv or you can upload it on YouTube as Unlisted video or you can use Dropbox for upload, though I'd suggest using either of those rather than Dropbox, hope it helped.
  15. Good Morning Truckers! Finally weekend here and now its time to chillax at home. Stay calm, have a good breakfast and make it a good start , drive safe and happy trucking!