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  1. I have had made a YouTube video back then , quality of the mic isn't very good but it should help in general in understanding the steps, your feedback is appreciated. Apologise in advance as I was new in making videos and sorry for spelling Birmingham in an in correct manner Here's the link :- https://youtu.be/6-G63bmxa5U
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  5. Greetings, Let me help you with this, Let's say you got banned for the first time aka your first ban, your ban period will be up to Admin discretion, similarly, it goes for your next 2 bans, aka your first 3 bans will be up to admin if they occur within 1 year , they can choose the duration of your ban length, now if you get your 4th ban in the same year, that will warrant a 1 month banned , similarly, 5th goes for 3 months and 6th one i.e last one is permanent. Active bans are usually in green colours. Inactive bans or ban which is no longer in effect or are not taken into consideration while deciding your ban lengths will be marked in yellow dots in your ban history. Hope that helps. Regards, Nody.
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    Happy New Year 2k19 my TruckerMP family <3
  7. Please stop checking my reports beacuse you are doing it wrong. Feedback already informed.

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    2. WooQash


      But I'm not complaining. I just asked him to not check my reports. Everything. I'm not asking for a conversation, rechecking or anything. I have reported the matter to Feedback and I'm waiting for a reply on Feedback. But I would like to not check my reports by this person.

    3. [23]ThunderSky
    4. [ATL] VLAD (UA)

      [ATL] VLAD (UA)

      Dear WooQash,

      If you do not agree with the moderator’s action, please contact feedback,  the forum is no better place for this, when there is a feedback and an appeal. I hope for your understanding.

      //status lock

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  10. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a nice day with your family.

  11. Happy Birthday :) I Am Saying This A Bit Too Late.


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