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  1. yes I do love to use the truck in dangerous or challenging routes it's fun to drive them but at the same time, I make sure that my cargo is not that heavy so things goes smooth, mostly Scandinavia is my fav map
  2. The Last Post Wins!

    So I won now? let's just say it already I won
  3. Good luck, yeh I will try to join and stream hope no net issues that day
  4. Ayee, Finally Falcon Trucking Approved, Danke Prime and yea Let's go trucking boiiiiz
  5. Only 1 Reports I reported so far.
  6. Sounds cool, will try to be there, in case of me not be able to attend, I'd like to wish Good luck to one who is going to attend it, make sure you guys stream so non-players who can't join for whatsoever reason they have can enjoy the stream
  7. New to Discord?

    Thank you for your time and your efforts for making such a good guide,
  8. New Mexico DLC Giveaway Winner

    Congrats man
  9. A new member in the Upper-Staff

  10. The Last Post Wins!

    ya I won
  11. The Last Post Wins!

    Huh , guess I won now
  12. Mr. Green Trucking

    Good luck man with your VTC :). -Regards, Nody
  13. New Truck coming to ETS 2

    Damn it took so long to give us finally a news which we all wanted to hear. Even though am not a big fan of MAN, I'm indeed too hype for it ,though would be great if they release Volvo or Scania new trucks too xD
  14. Nice question, Mostly twice or thrice a day, I am as well a defensive driver so I always take care of mah truck and yep thanks to /fix as well