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  1. Thank you for the follow. ❤️

  2. Beep beeeeeppppp



  3. Brazilian Trailer cargo 


    1. Agricultor [PT]

      Agricultor [PT]

      Show! (Awesome)

  4. ets2_20240501_185030_00.png?ex=664b276d&

    1. Melocotón


      Nice photos ❤️ 

    2. Tarial


      Great photo :HaulieLove:

  5. Volvo



    1. Tarial


      Great photo :HaulieLove:

  6. Why server NO COLLISION have COLLISION? Now the trolls are there messing

    Very good! 













  8. According to @Rider.: "We know that previous Community Management has neglected the suggestion area, We are trying to get through the suggestions we have logged by previous CMs to bring up to our management team. It will take us a while before we get all suggestions down to 0. We hope to improve significantly within the next few months." I hope as soon as they revalidate this option F11 and F9 again because I'm a Stream and I don't want to post the names of the players and leave the chat available and thus see the funny comments.
  9. Hey Trucker! What do you think about Easter event on the Calais <-> Duisburg road? Honestly, I think it's incredible, it's very creative and with different characters! Congratulations to the creators, I'm loving it!
  10. Comeback F11 - This use to only hide name tags F9 - This use to only hide chat Why? I would like to see it comeback because I do Stream on twitch and currently when hide the namestags I can't to see what is happen in chat
  11. Happy Birthday!  


    Thank you for being one of the creators of all this success. I'm just a humble member of it all.

  12. I hope AI comes in quiet regions, like in DLCs where trolls don't travel and in low numbers as a first experiment.
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