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  1. Bit late but hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and New Year! Best wishes for 2021. ❤️

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Thx, you too, best wishes for 2021 🎉❤️

  2. Good grief - its been a while since I was around here!


    Hope everyone is doing well. ❤️

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    2. Mirko9


      hi hello 

    3. Aestrial


      Hey @Pillow, missing you too buddy! Hope things are well with you mate. 


      @Killua // Ireland ^_^ Hey mate, long time no see! Hope you're well my friend.


      @Mirko9 @Alon_TMP hope you're well!

    4. Alon_TMP


      @Aestrial  Thank you buddy, take care of yourself, I hope you are happy every day, we have time to drive together, and hope to see you  ❤️  🤗



    We are aware of concerns and questions relating to the support of the winter mod this year. We hear you, and want to update you as to the situation and address questions.


    In order to support the winter modification, we need SCS Software to release the 1.36 version of ETS2. After that, the winter mod creator and TruckersMP developers both need to get their modifications compatible with version 1.36 of ETS2.


    Once this all happened, we can look into supporting the winter mod in TruckersMP. We are only too aware of the attraction and appeal that the winter mod brings, and like you, we are also wanting this. Further updates will follow, and we thank you for your patience.


    Thank you for your patience,

    The TruckersMP Team

    1. MarkON


      Thanks for the info/status.

    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Or, you know... we could just blame it all on global warming and say we are simulating that, as well. :kappa:



      But seriously... if we do get the mod this year, I hope to see it on ATS, as well.

    3. dragonslayingmaster1000


      If it does get released then the physics part of the mod should be disabled for obvious reasons, it was complete chaos last year. Maybe allow it on arcade server so people can mess around with it there but on the normal servers it should be disabled.

  4. Thank you to all who joined us in our Real Operations v8 event yesterday. Was the biggest and best Real Ops event yet, and we hope you enjoyed it.


    Stay tuned for information on the next official event! ;) 

    1. Supreme_TMP


      Thanks to the TMP Team for the amazing event!🤠

    2. MousemanLV


      Definitely enjoyed it, had a lot of fun! Thank you, the team, for dedicating your free time to set this event up. Cheers!

  5. Dear truckers, It has been quite a journey. On 21st January 2018 we announced that TruckersMP had hit 2 million users. It is unbelievable to even think, but today we have passed another milestone of 3 million registered users. That is 3 million people who have signed up and created accounts here, 3 million people who have experienced our modification and 3 million people who have contributed to our amazing community in some way. So on behalf of the entire TruckersMP Team we thank you for joining us on this journey and thank you for playing your part in our history. As we continue our work to
  6. The senior staff team of TruckersMP is made up of all development staff, resource staff and management of the respective aspects of the project - Developers, Project Manager, Community Manager, Game Manager, Community Moderation Manager, Support Manager, Translation Manager, Event Manager, Human Resources Staff and Add-On Developers. All of these ranks make up the senior staff team responsible for the day-to-day running of the project. Developers _JM Hey everyone, As you may know my name is Jean-Mathieu and I've been a developer for TruckersMP for the past 5 years.
  7. Dear truckers, It's that time again! We are opening our Q&A section for another round of your questions. Always wanted to know something relating to TruckersMP? Ask away! Questions are directed to members of the TruckersMP senior staff (all management). Questions can be asked within this Q&A section, providing they abide by the posting rules outlined below: All official global rules will apply to this section. Found here. If a question is directed at a specific member of our senior staff, please ensure to put that name in the title. For exam
  8. Due to recent updates of the forum and the link with the website now in place, this is no longer possible and therefore a guide for it is not needed. Archived.
  9. Well, it is finally official.. TruckersMP supports ProMods v2.42 fully!


    It has been a long and hard process involving a special team at the very highest of TruckersMP working on some complex developments. Finally though, we have released support fully allowing our community to enjoy the amazing ProMods map over large capacity servers.


    Special thanks goes to the amazing representatives and developers here at TruckersMP and the team over at ProMods. You are credit to your projects truly and hopefully you work will pay off with the community enjoying trucking alongside each other across ProMods.

  10. Aestrial


    Moved to the Help section.
  11. Firstly, let me thank you for your time and effort in creating this guide. It is great to see fellow community members wanting to help others. However, we already have a knowledgebase guide on this, which can be found here. As such, it would make little sense to have another guide on the same subject. As such, I'll be rejecting this guide. Once again, thank you for your efforts here. I wish you all the best.
  12. Dear truckers, Today, we are announcing the next step in supporting, engaging and championing the community projects that contribute so much to TruckersMP and our community. A little over a year ago, we presented our Community Contributors project, where we recognize significant contributors to our community, be it via streaming, helping others or running events. We are today launching our Official Partnerships program. What is meant by Official Partnerships? The Official Partnerships program is a way of connecting with various instances of the community that are seen to be providing a genui
  13. Approved. Moved to the correct Guides section. Thank you for your effort in creating this guide. I am confident it will be useful to our community.
  14. Such a huge and positive community response to this announcement...so great to see the community so hyped. Records broken, milestones smashed and another big moment in the history of TruckersMP. Cannot wait to bring you ProMods v2.42 in a few weeks time! 😁



  15. Thank you for your efforts in creating this guide. However, on looking into this issue, it is likely that this error will not happen again due to the recent updates with forum integration and linked accounts. As such, there is little benefit in having a guide for it so on this occasional I'll be rejecting it.
  16. Approved as provides information that isn't given in other console guides. Thank you for your efforts creating this guide.
  17. A belated congratulations to the winners of our Autumn Racing Championship and a huge thank you to everyone that participated. We had great fun and we hope you did too!


    Stay tuned. We've got big plans to warm up those cold trucks later in the year... 😜

  18. Moved to the correct section. Approved on the advice of Event Management.
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