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  1. I don't think WinterMod is accepted as a mod by the servers yet, hence why it may not be working yet. You'll have to wait until the mod is enabled on the actual servers before it will work. This is the same with ProMods 2.42. Hope this answeres your question! -ZakYeen
  2. How is everyone's evening going? I hope you are all having a great day trucking! :)

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Was good :) hope you had a good evening too :)

  3. For SP, yes, as 2.42 doesn't change anything, for MP, no, as ProMods is only being supported by TruckersMP
  4. TruckersMP will work with DX11. You can change a line in the config files to force it to run in DX11, and it works perfectly!
  5. https://blog.promods.net/2019/10/promods-goes-multiplayer/ Promods 2.42 has finally released. TMP has not implemented a server for it yet, but it is now available to download. An update is expected in the next few months to further tweak the MP experience, as well as to accommodate the upcoming 1.36 update. The ball is now in TMPs court as to when a server is released. Hopefully this'll all be worth the wait!
  6. Good morning everyone! Hope you have a great day! :D

  7. What does Train Sim or TSW do? They're simulators, they try to simulate what it would be like to work in these areas. ETS2 does the same. It tries its best to simulate what it would be like to be an international truck driver in Europe. Also, I'm well aware that it's not just truck fans that play the game. I myself am a huge AvGeek, I love planes and I play a lot of XPlane here and there, but why should that make a difference? It's in the server for a reason. They want to keep some realism in the MP experience, whilst keeping the threat to carnage down low. In MP platforms like VATSim, if you break the speed limits in Ascent/Descent zones (eg: the general speed for under 5,000ft is an IAS of 200kts), you can be kicked and banned. It's to keep the realism of what pilots would have to do. This is similar to what TruckersMP are trying to do. Keep the realism, but also keep the fun.
  8. To keep this short an simple, ETS2 is based in Europe, mainly, EU countries. Under EU regulations, all new trucks, above 1995 (possibly lower) are required to be fitted with a speed limiter that limits the trucks speed to a maximum engine speed of 90km/h. TMP is generous with allowing you travel 20km/h faster than this, which, in real life, would be highly illegal. This game is a simulator, not an arcade racer, as some people choose to treat it that way. The limiter is there to make the experience realistic. That's my tow cents on the topic
  9. A few shots from the convoy last night with @Krewlex! Thanks for another great convoy! ^^










  10. When I first read that, I though you meant this!
  11. @Gorm1967 Try logging out of your TMP account, and your TMP forum account. Then log back in. This should fix any issues you may be having! Hope this helps, ZakYeen
  12. Yeah, there is, but the southern parts of Ireland, such as Cork, Waterford and Kilkenny aren't, hence why I located in Wexford :3
  13. ZakYeen

    Use of HCT

    I'm pretty sure HCT's are allowed all round the map now, as I've seen plenty of HCT's around the CD road. What's cool about the HCT's is people have been save editing them to have different rear loads, making their trailers more unique, so, to answer your question, yes, HCT's are allowed outside Finland ;D
  14. Made this thread for people to tell where they will be basing their HQs out of, so we can see which city/town is more popular than others! For me, I'll be basing my company, Tiernan Logistics LTD, out of Wexford in Ireland, that is until there's an update to bring more towns to Ireland and I'll hopefully be able to headquarter my company in my home town!
  15. This won't be added as I doubt they're is even a mod available to do this. It's a great idea for photos and stuff, but in practice it doesn't really add much to the game itself.
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