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  1. Judha I don't have any mapdlc. But still didn't work (I putted on none beta) but thx
  2. I have a problem with 2.42PROMODS on TruckersMP.I reinstalled it 2 times and it gives me the same problem.My vesion is 1.35 and i did all the steps from:https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/614.(I downloaded all the file(002-007)I extracted the promods-v242.7z(001file)into the Documents/ets2/mod folder and then i pasted the -def- file too in there).When i start singleplayer and i want to activate the promods it shows me that is incompatible: When i start the Truckersmp it shows me an fatal error while loading the game: If you want to compare the size of my promods file with yours to see if anything is wrong, a picture is down:(promods-def-v242.scs,promods-map-v242.scs,promods-assets-v242.,cspromods-media-v242.scs,promods-model3-v242.scs,promods-model2-v242.scs,promods-model1-v242.scs): PLEASE I NEED HELP!!
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