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    Photography! Advertising, Furry Fandom, Music, Agh.. so many things! Cant tell them all in just a box!
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    France: Lyon
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    Spanish, English, Learning some French and plan to start Swedish next year

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  1. Happy late birthday!


    Nice to see a fellow fluff ?

    1. Latin-Foxy [Furry-ARG]

      Latin-Foxy [Furry-ARG]

      Ty Void! And I'm glad too, fluffies ftw!!! ❤️

  2. Bday working instead of trucking.. UGH! Cant wait to get back home and make some deliveries!?

  3. Can I add you on steam? :3

    1. tfmpillow


      Sure, go ahead. Not sure if I have any room left for you though.

    2. Latin-Foxy [Furry-ARG]
  4. Why suggestions take so much time to get moved to "open for discussion"? D:

    1. [MCG] Kien Giang

      [MCG] Kien Giang

      be patient mate :) 

  5. Woah...easy there boy... I understand your frustration, but read again and check the reasons for doing this changes. When you decide to play in a Multiplayer non offical server, that also is in Alpha stage, you MUST prepare for changes and for many unwanted ones. So take a deep breath, understand that this is not something made to just f**k players and deal with it, or go back to Singleplayer. Limit and damage changes was for many players something good too, please, just go to youtube and look any blooper/crash video of ETS2, players with cars were trolling other players AF, and ramming everyone. It sucks for decent players? Yes..it does, but as a decent player we also know how this game and community works, and we know that some changes, even unliked ones, are made thinking in the general enjoy of the community. Are you sure it would kick you?
  6. Suggestion Name: In-game reputation system Suggestion Description: So... take a look at this... Would you drive safe behind that car? would you trust that "it was an accident" and that the driver of this car is not a reckless driver? In ETS we cant see that, and a little crash even being a lag accidents always has the same first comment " XXXX REC, REPORT, BAN YOUR ACCOUNT". So... I was thinking what we could add to the game..first... to make people a little more open to dialogue and dont spam with reports to admins, to help people to drive next to other players, and, to help admins know the kind of player they're dealing with, a colour system that once you get a kick/ban because a report your reputation goes down and you get a color (yellow 0-5 ; orange 5-10 ; red 10-15 . Or with time since the last ban yellow +2months, orange last month, red last 2 weeks). People can make a mistake, thats why I thought about this to get back to normal grey with the time. Any example images: I'll make another post with another example Why should it be added?: To avoid report spam, to give a chance to players to talk about an accident and accept that sometimes accidents happen, and to have some extra info about what kind of driver you're approaching, or is approaching to your position.
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