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    Canada, Toronto / Germany, Munich
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    Going through Wikipedia, Staring at a PC monitor, I really love my bed, occasionally playing on TruckersMP.
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    California: Redding
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    Germany: Köln
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  1. Happy Birthday maann

  2. Happy birthday! Wish you all the best!

  3. Hello there, I was driving on the highway with 80KPH and cc, tickled my brake a bit and got send flying by just turning a bit to the left. It basically started spinning and catapulted me in the air. Uh ye.
  4. Still had this one Screenshot from a while ago, with @SMURFY. on it. I'm in the background, I don't know why. 


    https://imgur.com/a/Nt3ewRP for High Resolution. 

  5. Hello @_HidEx! Welcome to the forum! Have you tried validating the files or to download them again? Have you downloaded the base of the Winter Mod? https://truckersmp.com/kb/84 Kind regards, Kodi
  6. ? Happy Birthday Flaming! ??

  7. Chris Kodiak


    Hey there, The rain isn't synchronized on the server, it rains only client side. There's a rain probability you can set in the settings, but it only affects you. If this answered your question, let us know. Kind regards, Chris Kodiak
  8. Hallo @papajens1966! Dies ist ein bug. Dieser bug trat mit der neuen Sound Engine "FMOD" auf, die in der 1.37 eingeführt wurde. FMOD hat Einschränkungen bei der Wiedergabe von Sounds. Wenn du in Gebieten bist, wo viele Spieler sind, werden einige Sounds nicht geladen. Wenn du dich in nicht verkehrsreiche Gebiete begibst, sollte es sich selbst lösen und die Sounds normal weiter abspielen. Ich hoffe das beantworted deine Frage. Freundliche grüße, Chris Kodiak
  9. Hello @captainorigami01, Welcome to the forum! Give the feedback ticket some time. Sometimes it can take some minutes up to a few days. I'm pretty confident there will be someone, that replies on your comment soon. Under investigation means, that the staff team is taking a closer look to the issue or whatever it is. I hope this will help you. Have a nice day! Kind regards, Chris Kodiak
  10. If you think about this, the only one who will ever win, is a staff member that closes this discussion. Hah.
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