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  1. Banned @Hurricane. for saying "Why" in binary.
  2. Banned @[VLC Transport]Sbinotto07 because they use the second picture of Mattia Binotto in Google Image Search. lol https://imgur.com/a/cgiQ5nE
  3. Banned @Granite because your name is a form of rock.
  4. Hello there. Quick new Update on this forum Game! To make it more challenging and to achieve a score, we'll now start counting from one. Rules are still the same with one added: 1. No words that have already been used! 2. Only words that have 3-4 letters! 3. Only English words! 4. Don't forget counting! When one of the rules gets broken, we start with the number one and Rule 1. will be reset again. E.g. Oven 1 - Now 2 - When 3 - ... Let's see how high the number gets. There will be a scoreboard o
  5. Eat @MaxiZockt13 Only words that have 3-4 letters.
  6. Hey there, I'm going to share my point of view and it's opinion in this topic. If I'm wrong with something or else, just quote me and tell me more about it. So, let's carry on: Yes, that may be true, but it does not contribute to the simulation factor. As TMP started to go on more simulation than anything else, even if it doesn't seem like it, they made changes done some time ago. As the speed cap wasn't really intended to be a purpose of stopping rule breakers, to play the modification or to behave in the game.
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