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  1. Hello @Angelforgamers! You can go to this website and see the official statistics of the TruckersMP Network. https://stats.truckersmp.com/ This can give more information about the activity of the servers Kind Regards, Chris Kodiak
  2. Hello @FBTC - DarkWillz, Welcome to the Forum To fix this issue you might want to try these steps in order: Start the game as Administrator! >Make sure your antivirus and firewall is not blocking it. Try disabling your antivirus temporarily to see if the game works. >Restart your router If it's still not working: >Press Windows + R (Win+R) and type in ''%programdata%'' (without the quotes). >Delete the TruckersMP folder. >Uninstall the launcher and then restart your PC >Reinstall the launcher I hope that will solve your problem! If it does, you can up vote this answer. Kind Regards, Chris Kodiak
  3. Happy Birthday 🥳 🎉

    1. BoSsik2


      Thank you very much 😘

  4. Hello @Bang_tidy_dj Welcome to the forum! Take a look at this: If this solved your problem let us know Kind regards, Chris Kodiak
  5. Hey there, I, myself didn't experience this issue yet. You can go here https://truckersmp.com/support to report a bug by creating a ticket. Also you can go to the help section and maybe find a solution there. Kindly, Chris Kodiak
  6. Gebannt, weil du nur ein Blaues Z als Profilbild hast.
  7. Heyo, For the most part I listen to P5 Hits or KodiakFM P5 Hits is a Norwegian radio station that plays music that is trending. KodiakFM is my own not public web radio with the latest pop hits. I tend more to KodiakFM because it's my own music playlist. Heh. Kind regards, Kodi
  8. Hello, I most likely follow the traffic rules and the speed limits that are enforced in the game, but most likely, instead of 90k/ph I will drive 80k/ph on the most roads. I do still stop at traffic lights to keep the fact of the simulation and yield/gonna way if a intersection says so. There are sometimes intersection just in one direction with traffic lights, most likely I will stop there, but sometimes on rare occasions I don't, because some don't make any sense, because there's no traffic flow. Kind regards, Chris Kodiak
  9. Hey there My favorite trailer combination is the double b container carrier, and the normal double, as it is so cute and small. I rarely drive singles, but sometimes HCTs, because both, the doubles and HCT are more challenging sometimes then just the single trailer itself. Kind regards, Chris Kodiak
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