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    Canada, Toronto / Germany, Munich
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    Going through Wikipedia, Staring at a PC monitor, I really love my bed, occasionally playing on TruckersMP.
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    California: Redding
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  1. Hey there! I really love playing ETS2! If I'm not in a mood to play ETS2, I'll go with Farming Simulator 19 or Minecraft. Cheers.
  2. Hey there! My biggest pet peeve? People who break the rules - intentionally! @SilentFire3968, may I ask what your biggest pet peeve is?
  3. Hello there, I was driving on the highway with 80KPH and cc, tickled my brake a bit and got send flying by just turning a bit to the left. It basically started spinning and catapulted me in the air. Uh ye.
  4. Still had this one Screenshot from a while ago, with @SMURFY. on it. I'm in the background, I don't know why. 


    https://imgur.com/a/Nt3ewRP for High Resolution. 

  5. Hey @MaxiZockt13, please follow the rules of this game and keep on counting Earn 23
  6. Hello @_HidEx! Welcome to the forum! Have you tried validating the files or to download them again? Have you downloaded the base of the Winter Mod? https://truckersmp.com/kb/84 Kind regards, Kodi
  7. Banned @Hurricane. for saying "Why" in binary.
  8. Banned @[VLC Transport]Sbinotto07 because they use the second picture of Mattia Binotto in Google Image Search. lol https://imgur.com/a/cgiQ5nE
  9. Banned @Granite because your name is a form of rock.
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