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  1. Totally not late, but good luck with everything Flaming. Was a pleasure to have worked alongside you. ❤️


    I’ll still bully you on Discord though.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to listen 

    Thank you for your Love and understanding

    you showed to Driver's


    I feel so sad! 

    Never came across you ....

    But liked you from day one...





  3. Thank you for all the hard work on the team so far!

  4. I feel like detours and road events would be okay to add outside of CD. Traffic offenses, fatigue, and rain being synced will lead to a decrease in players as I personally don't like those settings on.
  5. Game Moderators are allowed to do role play, but it is not our focus. We are more focused on enforcing the rules, so it is not that common. As for traffic control, using our GM Panel (teleport, kick, ban) are far more effective in controlling traffic than physically blocking players. It would also lead to confusion and more chaos in general.
  6. This is not entirely true. In your example, a collision would only happen if you were not leaving an appropriate amount of distance to avoid unexpected events. You are clearly aware of the events that happen, when you willfully neglect these bugs and an incident results you can still be held liable. Obviously, every situation is on a case by case basis and lag is taken into account, but players are still expected to be able to leave an appropriate amount of time to react to incidents.
  7. I have no control over when gets implemented, that is just my personal opinion.
  8. A good amount of players use modded profiles, so this wouldn't really affect them. The only people it would affect are the simulation drivers who typically drive safer.
  9. I don't see this getting implemented. There are more important things to be added, and this is a fairly pointless feature to be honest. There isn't much benefit here, you can easily tell if someone is a bad driver or not just by watching them. We seem to be moving away from true simulation, which is what the majority of our player base wants.
  10. This system won't show who is a dangerous driver. If anything, this will punish players who still follow our rules but speed when it is safe and run red lights when no players are around. In all honesty, the majority of our players are not true simulation players so almost everyone will have a "bad" score.
  11. What is the practicality of this? Would it just be for the sake of showing it on their profile?
  12. Hey there, the amount of reports you can submit is based on the quality of your reports. Valid reports submitted outside of heavily populated areas will increase your report limit, with a max limit of 20 reports. Valid reports submitted from heavily populated areas will not affect your report limit, this was done to prevent people from "farming" reports, by only driving on CD for the sake of getting other players banned. Reports that violate rule 1.4 or do not show a valid offense will decrease the maximum number of reports you can submit.
  13. Spamming messages is not allowed already, but banning them entirely in game is not really realistic. In all honesty, we have more important things to worry about than someone posting a harmless message about a VTC.
  14. I'll go on Sim 1 when I feel like moderating, otherwise I'll go on Sim 2 if I just want to drivre
  15. The chatbot is essentially dumber than a human. To my understanding, Snapchat gives the bot access to your location when you ask it a question and your location is required to give an accurate answer. If you ask "can you see my location", the bot can currently not see your location so it replies no. If you then ask what the nearest gas station is, Snapchat will give the bot access to your location. This is defined in the terms of service that everyone agreed to before they can use it. The bot technically did not lie, it's just like being asked "can you see me" when your eyes are closed. At that moment, you could not see the other person. If you open your eyes, you can then see that person. The bot answered the question literally, a better response should be given but I wouldn't fault the AI for that. To my knowledge, the Snapchat AI is just supposed to act like a virtual friend, it is just making conversation. I believe the Snapchat AI only stores the last 8 messages so it can reference it later in the conversation. I haven't fully read the Terms of Service, but how information is stored will be highlighted there.
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