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  1. A better decision would be to make a separate server where you have to pay for access, for example, $6 per month. Patron Master Trucker (or its better equivalent - if they add it) has free access.
  2. I follow the signs for driving directions. If the speed limit is 30-80 km/h, I may no exceed it.
  3. Sam mam tyle pingu majac Internet 1gb/s DL/UP . Taki wysoki ping oznacza, ze serwery muszą być postawione w anglii lub przez duza ilosc graczy jest takowy ping
  4. It seems to me like there are issues with the GPU. Please follow these steps: Verify the game as written by [MCG] RedWolf [CZ] ~. Before performing these activities, attempt to enable the game using OpenGL or DirectX 11. If this solution does not resolve the issue, please consider updating your GPU drivers. If the problem still occurs follow these steps: Download the Furmark* program link: https://geeks3d.com/furmark/downloads/ Run this program and perform a donut test for max 10minutes If there are artifacts [black, purple, RGB squares, distorted textures, BDOS, black screen or the computer shuts down], it indicates a broken GPU * To test your graphics card, use Furmark as a stress test. However, please note that this program puts a heavy load on the GPU, so use it at your own risk. It is important to promptly react to any issues to prevent damage to the graphics card. Alternatively, you can test your graphics card on the Unigine benchmark Heaven by following this link: https://benchmark.unigine.com/heaven. This is a safer option compared to FurMark, especially if you are not an advanced user.
  5. You can find here \steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2 remember do verify to re-download missed files
  6. FR Promods est actuellement hors service en raison d'un manque de mises à jour. Statut des mises à jour de Promods https://promods.net/viewtopic.php?t=45051 Traduit par deepl! EN Promods is currently offline. There are no updates available. Promods update status https://promods.net/viewtopic.php?t=45051
  7. I meant how the same troll will disrupt the game more than 3 times, for example. 10 minutes live breaks rule §2.2 §2.4 and §2.5. 12 minutes live violates §2.3 §2.4 & §2.5 20 minutes live breaks rule §2.2 24 minutes live breaks rule §2.2-§2.5 Here I have to agree. There are two options - You could introduce an alternative nickname for streamers (streamer mode) so that they are not visible on TMP maps. - Add the /hide command to hide on such a map. It would be available to all players. This command would hide players on the website (tmp, trucky, etc.). Or in the TMP options add options. "Want to be invisible on the site. " You can try to change the route. If it stalks on the stream again. This will be enough evidence to take the appropriate steps. if the hide option were hidden it would make it easier to detect stream snipers I didn't think there would be a problem with report spam. Thank you for spotting the weakness of the ideaedit: After 2, if more people report the same person in the game/page it will have a similar effect. Or make that reports are accepted from people who play a minimum of 5 hours on your servers.
  8. Suggestion Name: New Rules - Stream Snipe Suggestion Description: Interfering with a streamer during the game on TruckersMP servers, breaking the rules §2.2-§2.5 (optional §2.6 Interfering with the course of a convoy, if the streamer is in a convoy). Such a player will be punished with 50% additional penalty time, e.g. 1-3 ban is for example 3-12 days. Then such a ban will be 4-18 days 4 ban instead of 30 days, will be 45 days. 5 ban instead of 90 days, will be 135 days! If, someone violates this point of the regulations. One could "turn a blind eye" to §1.4 related to You can not report players with evidence that has not been taken in-game by yourself. Only if the streamer does not know how to report such a person. Any example images: - Why should it be added?: This may reduce the fun of stream snipers when they know there are larger penalties. It may also be good for the streamer's point of view on the service that TruckersMP provides.
  9. I agree with this idea. The lights in the trailer should be more visible. Too many accidents are due to lights not working properly
  10. Happy birthday! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  11. The only mods you can use are local mods. For example, you install Reshade in the bin folder (x64 version of the game), which is located in the game files (eurotrucksimulator.exe to be exact). Mods do not work on TMP (except promods - which are supported).
  12. Try starting the game in Open GL mode, and if the problem persists, follow these steps to return to the previous startup option. 1. Update your computer via windows update. 2. Update your graphics card to new version. 3. Scan with antivirus for viruses (bitdefender, eset or malwarebytes). 4. Using CMD (run as administrator), execute the sfc /scannow command 5. Make the game files as well as the TruckersMP laucher consistent. 6. Check what temperatures your ssd drive is at while running. 7. Check how much disk space you have and clean up the %temp% files. 8. Clean your computer/laptop from dust. I am writing all the options because of the lack of information about the parameters of your computer.
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