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  1. We are aware of some glitches by the way...
  2. [Game Moderation Trainee] @LetiFreshi wurde zum Report Moderator befördert. [Report Moderator] @WhiteTiger_TMP wurde zum Game Moderator befördert. [Spieler*in] @Der Joey tritt dem Game Moderation Team als Trainee bei.
  3. The forum software was updated earlier today and this "old" rank system was replaced with an entirely new one. We need to discuss how we want to use it and make sure everything is working before we release it. Thanks for your patience!
  4. Hubs.

    So excited good luck!

  5. Good Luck Luna ❤️

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  7. [Game Moderator + Media Team] @sanamaria verlässt das Media Team, bleibt aber im Game Moderation Team. [Support] @maksch tritt dem Community Moderation Team als Stream Moderator bei, bleibt aber im Support Team. [Game Moderation Trainee] @Vlotex wurde zum Report Moderator befördert. [Game Moderation Trainee] @SpoonyUK wurde zum Report Moderator befördert.
  8. Hello, Thanks for your suggestion. We will not implement a server for banned players or similar. However, we are currently considering how players banned for specific reasons could still be able to play without affecting other players. For example, players who got banned for insulting others could be chat- & CB-banned for a specific time. Regarding your suggestion, we could review the possibility to give players banned for road-rules-related reasons access to the Arcade server. This way, their driving does not affect anyone and they could still play with their (not banned) friends. This would require us to have an automated system differentiating between a Reckless Driving ban and a Hacking/Ban Evading ban which we don't have at the moment. TL;DR: Maybe in the future but it's too difficult for us to implement with the current system. Have an awesome week! Luna //Rejected
  9. Hello, Thanks for your suggestion. However, we will not try to hinder users from disconnecting. It would be difficult to implement and maintain. Furthermore, in most cases you can clip the incident and find the player by name on our website. You can also use the "History" tab in the TAB window to access information (such as the TMP ID) from disconnected players. This is way safer. Regards, Luna //Rejected
  10. Hello, When the port was updated and attracted so many people for the first time, we considered making it a No Collision Zone. However, it is not possible with our current No Collision Zone system. Luckily, the traffic has decreased and accessing the ferry is easily possible most of the time. So, we do not see it necessary to make the port a No Collision Zone at the moment. Thanks for your suggestion //Rejected
  11. Hello, We do not plan to implement this modification or add our own version of it. This is a suggestion for SCS to work on and hopefully implement in the future. Thanks for your understanding, Luna //Rejected
  12. Hey, Thanks for your suggestion! We actually have something similar planned already which will most likely arrive within the next few months. I will accept this suggestion as it will be part of this update. //Accepted
  13. Hey, Thanks for your suggestion. We discussed this internally a lot and there are positive and negative aspects of this feature. On the one hand, it would indeed be a step towards a more simulation-like experience. Some players might pay more attention to the road rather than just checking the GPS before running a red light. On the other hand, however, it is very risky. Sometimes players do not render in time wherein real life the vehicle would have been visible for a long time. Players have the option to reduce the render distance which is useful for low-end devices. Imagine playing with a low render distance and trying to exit the service station in Calais or cross a busy intersection. While we would love to implement this, we can not do it at the moment. The option to disable player dots is there for all players in the TAB settings, you are more than welcome to use it if you're confident enough. Thanks for your understanding. //Rejected
  14. Hey, Thanks for your suggestion. As mentioned in my comment on this suggestion, the No Collision Zone in Duisburg is not supposed to stay. We would rather update the entire city than adding signs warning users. In case the map edit for Duisburg will take longer, we might reconsider this suggestion. //Rejected
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