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  1. Hey Mert, Thanks for your question. Around 12 months ago, we added a "no collision zone" (NCZ) to the city of Duisburg. This was decided after several attempts, such as smaller map edits, to limit the chaos inside the city (eg. the moved service station, bigger fuel station, traffic lights) . I am aware that many see this chaos as a part of the TruckersMP experience and were not happy about the change. However, it massively reduced the workload of our Game Moderation team. In the weeks prior to the change, we had dozens of instances where people would block the two exists of the city and we would need to step in and remove the person. As our Game Moderation Team consists out of volunteers, we can not guarantee 24/7 live moderation of Duisburg. Following the feedback we received, I created a hot topic to hear your opinion and ideas: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/102021-hot-topic-34-duisburg-no-collision-zone/ As my last comment concludes, we will remove the NCZ once we have rebuild the city to handle 150+ player traffic. Our plan was to work on the edits in summer 2021 and release them at latest by October 2021. However, due to changes in management and availability, we had to delay this and give priority to other Add-On projects. I am happy to confirm that we have already agreed on a layout of the city and the editing process has started as a medium priority task. We have a big event coming up in the next 1-2 months which requires input from our Add-On team so we won't be able to work much on this during this time. For me personally, this is a priority; you can be assured that we will do something about Duisburg this year and hopefully even release the edit before summer. I hope this answers your question. If you have any questions or would like me to clarify something, just send me a forum DM. Have a nice week! Luna TruckersMP Project Coordinator
  2. Hello Idn, Thank you for your question. I am not able to give you the full legal talk, but here is how we currently deal with game logs and ban evaders: As explained in your quote from our Privacy Policy, we gather (technical) data from each player connecting to our game servers. By registering and agreeing to our privacy policy and rules, you gave your permission to let us collect this data. However, due to European privacy laws (GDPR), we are not allowed to store the data longer than necessary, and we have determined 3 months as necessary time. Currently, we do not have an automatic system to check if a new user is evading a ban of another account. It is totally fine to have multiple accounts or have your sibling play on your computer. If we suspect a user to be ban evading, we can compare this data to data from other accounts and see if there are any matches around the time of the ban. Only a few people like our Game Moderation Managers can perform these checks to keep your data safe. After three months, we delete this data automatically - that's correct. Assuming that a player gets permanently banned, waits 3 months, and then creates a new Steam and TruckersMP, we indeed can no longer connect both accounts using our tools. However, we can find ban evaders using other ways not connected to game logs. It does not happen often, but an example would be if a Twitch streamer gets banned and streams TruckersMP the next day. Ban evading bans may not always be based on results from our tools but can also be based on simple research. Unfortunately, this process takes a lot of time, and we spent too much time spotting hackers who have 30+ accounts and just trying to ruin everybody's day. We are looking into ways how we can automate parts of our ban evading lookup process. However, there are plenty of variables we need to consider when reviewing game logs, and therefore, this will stay a task for humans for the sake of only banning people when we are absolutely sure. I hope this answers your question. If you have more questions regarding this or would like to get more information about something I said, please DM me, and I will edit my reply if needed. Have a nice day! Luna TruckersMP Project Coordinator
  3. Luna

    TruckersMP Team

    [EVENT MANAGER] @Matt #CarLadMatt has been demoted to Game Moderation Trainee due to internal reasons. We thank him for his contributions to the project in the last 2.5 years as Event Manager!
  4. Luna

    New Merch!

    Hey Truckers! We are super excited to introduce you to our new merch shop! Not only have we added many unique products featuring our brand-new mascot Haulie but we have also added known products from our old shop. You can find our shop here: https://truckersmp.sellfy.store/ Unlike before, we will keep adding new products to our store to reflect the current season as well as TruckersMP events. These seasonal products are only available for a few months before they get replaced with new ones. Our standard products, however, are available throughout the entire year. Initially, all our Master Trucker Patrons get a 10% discount. We will also release some exclusive products for our Patrons soon. Follow our social media channels so you don’t miss anything! We have listed more information regarding any kind of questions you may have here: https://truckersmp.com/kb/1439 If you have any questions which aren’t answered on the knowledge base, or you have some feedback, please contact Community Management here. Enjoy our winter collection! TruckersMP Team --> View post on homepage
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