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  1. Hey there! 


    How was dinner?


    Kind Regards,


    TruckersMP Game Moderator

  2. Update: Erste Abipruefung geschrieben (Geschichte). Es ging um die Amerikanische Revolution mit Semesteruebergriff zu Erinnerungskultur/Nationsbildung. War fancy.
  3. Ich muss fuer mein Abi lernen -_-
  4. Luna 🤔 Bit sus Lasse 😛 

  5. eine frage falls du sie beantworten willst und liest 😄 bist du trans mtf?

  6. Lasse = Luna ? 🤪

  7. Whoever reads this, you're an awesome human being!
  8. Thanks for your suggestion. We are currently working on such a system and hope to release it very soon. //Accepted
  9. Hey everyone! The new vehicles have been released Thanks to those 2.200 of you, who participated in the vote! If you bought the vehicles last week, they have been automatically replaced with the new ones. See you all at the next vote. For more information, you can now visit our Alternating Vehicles FAQ here: https://truckersmp.com/kb/1251 Enjoy!
  10. We are aware that players get kicked for using the new vehicles. We already identified the issue and it is being fixed now. Thanks for your patience.
  11. Hello everyone, Duisburg has been a no collision road for four weeks now. This topic has 241 replies and more than 10.000 views. Thank you for sharing your opinion. I will lock this topic now. We understand that the current no collision zone is not a solution to the problem. The following two points were raised the most: The start and end of the no collision zone are not clear and a lot of accidents happen due to glitches and impatient users. Adding a no collision zone to an entire city is not really appropriate for a simulation server.
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