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  1. Topic is solved. The best answer is upvoted. Thanks everyone that participated
  2. Hello Truckers, so currently my friend got permanently for using NCZ cheat. It was fully his fault, that is why I am fully okay with it. So currently I have a question, are there any hacks that are allowed on TruckersMP or are all of them restricted. For example Cheat Engine is actually a hack, but is allowed on TruckersMP. Thanks for answers
  3. The problem is solved, the best comment is upvoted.
  4. Hello dear truckers, so currently I am using Logitech G29 and H-Shifter Logitech G. Everything was just perfect until I saw traffic up ahead. I stopped and truck went off. I didn’t understand how to turn the truck back on and the hardest thing was to explain to back trucks that I can’t turn on my engine. The engine just didn’t want to turn back on until I went to Neutral (N) and turned it on. Finally the truck turned on and I continued driving. After that, everytime I stop my truck (or my Scout, doesn’t really matter), it goes off until I turn it back on with Neutral (N) Thanks for answering
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