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  1. @Steve_PriceTriple trailers are not fully supported by TMP but they can be created and used in the online multiplayer. They are allowed because they meet the acceptable rules which is 3 trailers max and use default trailer and parts ingame, however they can be installed via the workshop or ill use the term " save edit " for this trailer to be made but because its not a normal trailer(default preset) TMP DONT support it meaning they can be used but its down to yourself to control and handle the trailer when driving, such as no blocking or causing any kind of issue toward others, other than that they are safe to use!
  2. Thanks for the follow! I followed back

  3. congrats on the role!

    1. Gummy.


      Thank you!

  4. congrats on the role!

  5. This is the new Duisburg road and this small bridge users seem to hit ( get caught ) on the bridge when they have a lowbed trailer with a Train as cargo? Maybe needs a rework to lift the bridge up a little?
  6. Accident at my drop off point


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      Thankyou! Was perfect with the film crew also.

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      I see you work for the trucking company called SWIFT
      Sure Wish I finished Training ?

    4. [BG] ZENUHOV
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