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  1. It's not a nice feeling having a drastic rule change like this reduce my fleet of vehicles from 50, all the way down to 2. My cherished Scania, which I've had since I first started playing TMP and has well over 100,000km on the clock is now completely unusable cause I did a Dutch style Light system on the bottom grille. My pride and joy, absolutely destroyed. Thanks TMP! Looks like I'm strictly sticking to SP from now on
  2. After eciving a second monitor, I've started using Dual Monitor setups for a lot of my Simulators. ETS2 was the one I was looking forward to the most. I was delighted with the result. It works near flawlessly! This was however until I tried TMP. I'm using AMD EyeFinity with a resolution of 3840x1080 to incorporate both displays as a singluar screen, which works great in SP, but in TMP it seems to squash the entirety of the two screens onto my left (non-main) monitor, monitor 1. Monitor 0 is left blank with nothing on it. Does TMP support Dual Monitors, or is it only single and triples? EDIT: I've now gotten both monitors to show ETS2, but it looks like this when its running in the Dual monitor setting (3840x1080)
  3. Just bought a new PC. TruckersMP should just run like a breeze now :P

    1. Supreme_TMP


      congrats on your new PC! 🤠

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Congrats enjoy the new PC :D

  4. Been working away at making a proper YouTube channel, basing it off tech and stuff! There will also be tons of ETS2MP videos too!

  5. I hope that everyone is having a great evening! Time for me to start the night shift! :D

  6. It's that time of year again! My favorite time of year :D



    1. Fezz98


      You have a little while longer to wait :P


  7. If you're talking about adding DLC from a different store, it all depends how you got the files. If you used steam codes that you bought from a different store, once verified, they should appear in your steam library. Go to ETS2 and right click "Properties", then go to the DLC tab, it should look something like this: This will show you all the DLC that you currently own, the items with a tick on them show you which ones have been installed and are currently running in your game. Hope this helps you out!
  8. In Ireland, where I live, the only kind of truck that you would see in residential areas, such as housing estates and such, would be BDF's. I've never personally seen a truck-trailer combo inside an estate or high residential area here, but that's not to say that that doesn't happen in other countries Also, what I meant by a delivery sim was something along the likes of Vans and stuff, UPS/DPD etc, I'm aware they have trucks too, but they have more of a van presence
  9. That'd be up to something for either the Promods team or SCS to add, not TruckersMP. That being said however, I think that it'd at a great dynamic to the game, but, then you gotta ask yourself, why would a truck be going down a narrow, residential area in the fist place, it's a Truck Simulator, not a Delivery Simulator
  10. Hey there, it's me again. This time I've got a bit of an update on the TruckFest I brought up here a few weeks ago. I wanna start off by first saying thanks for the feedback you gave me in the original post. There was clearly some great support for the idea. So now I've decided to make this post, telling you that "TruckFest 2019" will be occuring hopefully sometime towards the end of this month, start of December. The location is still being investigated, but most likely, it will be occuring at the Scania Test Track in Södertälje on ProMods. I couldn't find a big enough area in the basegame map that we could hold an event like this, hence why I rolled over to ProMods, however, this does not mean there never will be one on the base map. It just means were still looking, it's just Södertälje seems like the most appropriate at this current time. Below I've attached some samples of what the actual parking areas in the Scania Test Track actually look like. These three spaces will be organised into different parking categories. Speaking of Parking Categories, there will be two main parking types. Truck Parking, and Truck and Trailer Parking. Anyone can come along and park in the truck parking. There will be a lot of organised parking that will be made available for anyone who turns up. The Truck and Trailer Parking, however, will need to be booked. There will be a form available in the official event post, allowing individuals to book these spaces. This should help keep control and give the event a better chance of not falling to bits! There will be prizes available too! There's going to be two categories, "Best Truck" and "Best Truck and Trailer". The actual prize is yet to be decided, but most likely it will be a Steam Voucher of some sort. We will also have a media team at the event, taking photos of each truck that turns up, these will all be available at the end of the event for people to download! There will also be a feature post, featuring the winners of the competitions, as well as runners up! For now, that's all I have to say about this. My next post relating to this will most likely be the actual event announcement post, so stay tuned! We have some great things planned! [PARKING EXAMPLES BELOW]
  11. Make sure that you are not running any betas for ETS2/ATS, this can be checked by doing the following: Right Click on the game in the library and click on "properties" Click on the "Betas" tab In the selection box, make sure that "Opt out of Betas" is selected, as shown below. This should help fix the issue you are having! Hope this helps!
  12. Try using the file checker that is available for the free downloads, to make sure that the files are working correctly. Also make sure that no betas are selected for the game, the fact that they are showing up as incompatible and you're on 1.35, may mean you're on version 1.35.x, which may not work. Hope this helps!
  13. In order to refresh jobs, try sleeping. This should work, if not, start the profile in Singlpe Player, then try sleeping and that should work! Hope this helps!
  14. ZakYeen

    Truck Shows

    I've had a thought there recently. Now that Promods has been released, we've gained access to a lot more "open spaces" on the map than what was in the base map. I'm thinking of at some point holding an event, similar to the Truckstar Festival, that happens in the Netherlands, but I need so suggestions of some nice open spaces to hold such an event in. I know there's a few by the springs in Iceland, but I'm aiming to have it it mainland Europe as much as possible. I'll be making an official post in the next few days about it. There will be some nice prizes up for grabs!
  15. I just sent you a post card from Svalbard! What do you think? :D


  16. Lag in this sense really depends on where you are driving. I'd suggest turning down your graphics fully and seeing what the frame rates are like then. In very populated areas, such as Calais, Duisburg or especially Reyðarfjörður in Iceland, you'll get a lot of lag as these are extremely populated areas with lots of players. ProMods also requires quite a lot of rendering power to render all the details included in the map. Hope this helps you out!
  17. Should I make a video explaining basic road rules? Would people be intrested in something like that? :D

    1. A Simple Cheeseburger

      A Simple Cheeseburger

      I think the kind of people who need it, wouldn't be the same people who would want it lol.

  18. I don't think WinterMod is accepted as a mod by the servers yet, hence why it may not be working yet. You'll have to wait until the mod is enabled on the actual servers before it will work. This is the same with ProMods 2.42. Hope this answeres your question! -ZakYeen
  19. How is everyone's evening going? I hope you are all having a great day trucking! :)

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Was good :) hope you had a good evening too :)

  20. For SP, yes, as 2.42 doesn't change anything, for MP, no, as ProMods is only being supported by TruckersMP
  21. TruckersMP will work with DX11. You can change a line in the config files to force it to run in DX11, and it works perfectly!
  22. https://blog.promods.net/2019/10/promods-goes-multiplayer/ Promods 2.42 has finally released. TMP has not implemented a server for it yet, but it is now available to download. An update is expected in the next few months to further tweak the MP experience, as well as to accommodate the upcoming 1.36 update. The ball is now in TMPs court as to when a server is released. Hopefully this'll all be worth the wait!
  23. Good morning everyone! Hope you have a great day! :D

  24. What does Train Sim or TSW do? They're simulators, they try to simulate what it would be like to work in these areas. ETS2 does the same. It tries its best to simulate what it would be like to be an international truck driver in Europe. Also, I'm well aware that it's not just truck fans that play the game. I myself am a huge AvGeek, I love planes and I play a lot of XPlane here and there, but why should that make a difference? It's in the server for a reason. They want to keep some realism in the MP experience, whilst keeping the threat to carnage down low. In MP platforms like VATSim, if you break the speed limits in Ascent/Descent zones (eg: the general speed for under 5,000ft is an IAS of 200kts), you can be kicked and banned. It's to keep the realism of what pilots would have to do. This is similar to what TruckersMP are trying to do. Keep the realism, but also keep the fun.
  25. To keep this short an simple, ETS2 is based in Europe, mainly, EU countries. Under EU regulations, all new trucks, above 1995 (possibly lower) are required to be fitted with a speed limiter that limits the trucks speed to a maximum engine speed of 90km/h. TMP is generous with allowing you travel 20km/h faster than this, which, in real life, would be highly illegal. This game is a simulator, not an arcade racer, as some people choose to treat it that way. The limiter is there to make the experience realistic. That's my tow cents on the topic
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