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  1. I have been playing Euro Truck Sim 2 since 2014 but since I joined TMP in June 2017 multiplayer has been the majority of what ive played and now since 2014 I have 1,140 hours in the game. Time definitely not wasted.
  2. Can somebody suggest to me a good website to upload screenshots to so I have a link to post them here? Because the one I used doesn't exist anymore and all the other sites I've found don't work,



    1. KneyS
    2. Titanic4


      Don't forget that there's LightShot( https://prnt.sc )

  3. I appreciate all the replies trying to help, however I don't think I have the correct solution yet. I would like to hear any other possible solutions to this problem
  4. Whenever I go to play either American Truck Sim or Euro Truck Sim 2 the game starts but then freezes halfway through showing the SCS logo when you first open the game. However I can still hear the sound of the game music and if I manage to click something with the mouse despite only being able to see the frozen SCS logo. I have tried restarting steam and validating the game files but it does not work.
  5. This one is just spectacular:
  6. Even though I live in the UK I still use Left hand drive in all my trucks, because in most of the game map you drive on the right and I don't tend to drive into the UK much.
  7. Ive made a another cinematic video, this time focusing on the new Renault T Range :)


  8. New Renault T Range, I drove with with friends and took some nice screenshots:




    (My truck is the orange and grey/blue one)

  9. I am a fan of the less customized more stock looking (J-Spec) trucks. So recently ive been driving this white Iveco Hi-Way around, its nice I enjoy it.


  10. Screenshots of trucks from today.


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