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  1. dragonslayingmaster1000

    ☆ The use of Beacon Lights ☆

    @MrG721 I imagine it's only going to work for those few AI trailers that use their beacons. I wish they could have an option to disable beacons in the multiplayer settings.
  2. dragonslayingmaster1000

    ETS 2 / 1.33 Beta Update

    Looks good so far, I'm mostly hyped for them to finish Germany up and hopefully they release baltic DLC too. I hope they get the ATS 1.33 beta out soon too.
  3. dragonslayingmaster1000

    American truck simulator worth it?

    @NickThe0ne I bet it will improve they have been coming out with pretty good content recently. Oregon is just beautiful, it's nice they finally added a new truck too, and those new roads in the base map they added recently are nice too. They have been showing some love to ATS for the first time in awhile. Can't wait to see what they got next in 1.33.
  4. dragonslayingmaster1000

    [Poll] AI traffic in ATSMP and no speed limiter

    @Irrelevant One Give them more room then, in ETS2MP when someone is overtaking me as high speed I give them as much room as possible so they don't run me off the road.
  5. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Winter Mod

    It's definitely not going to be in November so I don't know why people keep posting about winter mod when it's only November. Probably mid-December I'm guessing?
  6. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Update 1.33 When will it be released?

    Judging by the update history dates here, it will probably be around December or January because they release a major update about every 3-5 months, depending on how big the update is and I have a feeling this will be a big update.
  7. dragonslayingmaster1000

    [Poll] AI traffic in ATSMP and no speed limiter

    @ShadowWolf2k7 That is true but in some other popular areas there are quite a few ST loads and after Germany rework it's not just Duisburg that has players. Take a look at this list of the routes: https://www.reddit.com/r/trucksim/comments/7jkwfu/list_of_special_transport_routes/ As you can see, these routes include Brussel, Amsterdam, Berlin, Dortmund, Hannover, and other places where there will be over 20-25 players.
  8. dragonslayingmaster1000

    American truck simulator worth it?

    ATSMP no because it's mostly dead on the roads (unless they do an official ATS convoy) but singleplayer ATS with mods is fun. There certainly isn't as many quality mods as ETS2 does but I find viva mexico map to be the best map mod for ATS because it has the best scenery and there are other good mods too such as trucks, graphics, etc. I would recommend getting it during black friday sale along with oregon dlc if you can because that DLC is beautiful. ATS is 75% off during the sale and oregon would probably be only 10-20% off because it's still new. Volvo VNL really didn't attract a huge amount of players the servers only got back up to about 600-700 players which still isn't that great. Oregon brought it up to over 1100 on the first few days of release and then it died down out of nowhere.
  9. dragonslayingmaster1000

    [Poll] AI traffic in ATSMP and no speed limiter

    @Trucking Gekco Yes that is true about the difficulty of syncing the AI traffic, they can't even sync rain or random events yet. Also maybe they could add special transport too because unlike ETS2 it won't cause many problems with the lower player count. Could you imagine special transport in ETS2MP with the AI escorts on CD road?
  10. dragonslayingmaster1000

    How many hours do you play at ETS2 MP per day?

    Only about 1 hour because it's frustrating after awhile and I have other good games I can play.
  11. The ATS servers are mostly dead outside of the cities even with roughly 600-700 players on. With that many players you will probably find a player about every 2-4 minutes outside of cities. I think they should add AI traffic only outside of cities and remove the speed limiter outside of cities while keeping it 55 mph inside cities because there are a decent amount of people inside cities. This would be a good thing to get people to play ATSMP more because it will make it more lively outside of cities and allow people to travel fast if they want to when there are barely any players around. Make sure to vote on the poll and if you don't agree with these suggestions tell me why.
  12. dragonslayingmaster1000

    ☆ The use of Beacon Lights ☆

    I only use it when I'm carrying heavy cargo and I accelerate slowly. I hate people who use them for no reason and I really wish there was an option to turn them off.
  13. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Experimental Beta 1.33

    Pretty hyped about the truck and rain physics but hopefully they will have Germany finished and the new DLC in the final product. I hope it's well optimized too because my computer is not the best.
  14. dragonslayingmaster1000

    [GIVEAWAY] 10x 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' DLC Giveaway

    Steam URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/dragonslayingmaster1000 How did you find out about TruckersMP?: When I first got ETS2 I liked it already and I wanted to play with other people so I searched for a multiplayer mod to see if there was one and here I am. What is your favourite aspect of TruckersMP?: Decent community and there are a good amount of players. What features would you love to see implemented in the future?: An option to disable beacons would be nice to increase FPS. TruckersMP should edit the map in some ways on Calais-Duisburg road to improve the traffic flow because they did it in ATS during big sur event and it definitely helped there. In-game reports need to be responded to faster because every single time I report it gets timed out. No speed limiter on EU4 server to allow for racing. More mods in multiplayer, such as spring mod, autumn mod, graphics mods, and any other mods that don't affect other players. Better ghost mode because people take a long time to load into the game in congested areas and when they spawn their ghost mode is gone and they cause crashes. Ghost mode should start only when the game is loaded and that would fix that issue. Also a visual timer to other players of when ghost mode ends would be helpful. Also just a suggestion for this giveaway, instead of randomly picking I think it should be based on the effort people put into the questions. Hope I win!
  15. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Do I need a racing wheel to play on truckersmp?

    I think mouse is enough but it takes a few days to get completely used to so it's good to practice in singleplayer first and find the right sensitivity and controls. I have used mouse for months now because I can't get a wheel. It's definitely better than keyboard though.