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  1. It potentially could happen again if Europort is reworked like Calais port. Rotterdam is a huge city in real life and I hope SCS can represent that well in game.
  2. I was on the snowy roads in the middle of Iceland and no kidding but there was like 20 trains stuck on the big hill on the east side of it. Kinda nice though because I get to see some traffic.
  3. 2700 peak Friday, will be quite a bit more on the weekend for sure, great time to populate Iceland. Promods will definitely hit 3000 players again around 8 pm UK, 3 pm EST. Do the advertising in the Kirkenes quarry for a bit like I said then go back to Iceland after promoting it a good amount. Idk if there's much of a good result for me doing it but it's like this right now: https://prnt.sc/wjah6x Keep coming to Iceland, we can make Iceland popular again with the higher player counts! The roads in the middle are fun to drive on because similar to the Kirkenes quarry AI traffic can't drive on t
  4. I've been driving an HCT in the Kirkenes quarry for a long time, since promods MP released and while I'm very skilled at it and never get stuck by myself, other people often mess me up mainly because they don't know where to stop at corners and I'm not able to make the turn or barely can make it. I usually wait if I see they're pulled up too far but if I'm in the middle of the turn already and just realize they pulled up too far I'm screwed. I will be giving some tips on how to drive here and where to stop at all corners/switchbacks. I will be providing some screenshots too to provide some cla
  5. I like putting steering linearity up to about 1/7 because I notice it makes the steering less sensitive at higher speeds but at lower speeds it's more sensitive which is what you want. I put sensitivity up to about the same thing.
  6. Since ATSMP has gotten popular again ever since about November and got even more popularity when Canada came out although that died quick unfortunately because it's a small map. I'm wondering what roads are the most populated now after Canada died. I know Las Vegas and Phoenix are among the most populated cities with at least 20-30 people at once but it's hard to tell which roads are the most popular because the players are so spread apart across the whole map unlike in ETS2MP. Is there no popular road at all in ATS ever since Canada died?
  7. Promods is back from being a dying server and is gaining lots of players. 3000 players today! This is a great time to populate other areas of the map rather than being in Kirkenes all the time. I made a thread about making Iceland popular again hasn't gained much traction yet after a month of making it but with the big player count increase I definitely suggest going to Iceland now. Especially the middle roads because they're challenging like Kirkenes but not quite as chaotic the road is wider in most places than Kirkenes quarry. The middle roads getting popular would be amazing but if we can get all of Iceland to be alive again that would be even better.


  8. I have a new idea to get more players in Iceland and you guys can help with this too. Just advertise in chat while at Kirkenes or at the quarry. You're probably bound to get at least 2 people out of 100 to actually go with it. It's not much but it will add up if you keep doing it. Say something like "EVERYONE SHOULD GO TO ICELAND AND MAKE IT POPULAR AGAIN! DO SOMETHING NEW RATHER THAN BEING HERE ALL THE TIME! ICELAND IS ALREADY DECENTLY WELL POPULATED! PROMODS HAS REACHED VERY HIGH PLAYER COUNTS AND THIS IS A GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE ANOTHER POPULAR AREA!" Might need at least 2 chat messages t
  9. Damn, I think my longest was about 2500 miles (about 4000 km) in ATS, went from northern Washington to southern Mexico (Viva Mexico mod). I did take lots of breaks and didn't complete it in a single day.
  10. 5000 would be nice so there can be more players everywhere not just on CD road but as TMP says it would be hard to add more slots but they said they will add more if they can.
  11. I think with either the 2018 or 2019 winter mod if you have no trailer and you put the retarder on max at over 120 km/h you spin around like crazy like a fidget spinner it's funny.
  12. I think some people get surprised by the sudden slippery physics changes where they can't turn as good at high speed. If I was able to record my gameplay without lag I would forgive someone if they're going the speed limit and they get messed up by the physics and head on into me but if they're driving way too fast for the corner I would report them. It's really not a huge problem or time waster if someone makes a mistake like that because I can just /fix and be on my way. That's just my opinion on it if they make a honest mistake I forgive them for it.
  13. Suggestion Name: Suggestion to limit high ping kicks (600ms ping average) Suggestion Description: I've been getting kicked very often for the past few days because my wifi has been unstable and I often get a ping spike that lasts 2-3 seconds and plus I live in the US and playing on an EU server I have 150 ping average so even just 2-3 seconds of a ping spike can kick me from the server and it's very annoying. I have a suggestions on limiting it such as when players aren't nearby or when driving at a low speed. First off you can't get kicked for ping at all in an arcade server or no
  14. No because the HCT trailers are illegal outside of Finland. You can drive them elsewhere like the Kirkenes quarry which is what I do and you won't get auto kicked but can't deliver anywhere outside of Finland. Also if you try teleporting to service it will only teleport you to a Finland repair station. You need to use autosaves if you get trolled or else it might take awhile to get back to where you were.
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