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  1. It's against the rules to do that so I wouldn't risk it.
  2. I made this thread awhile back and it includes 3 new potential routes that could be congested instead of CD road which includes frankfurt on route #3. Unfortunately it didn't blow up enough to have success in getting people off CD road.
  3. First of all I'm not using the suggestions section if it takes 3+ months for them to be replied to and the event ends 2 days from now. Right now there's barely any players on the no road rules server which doesn't make for a true experience with lots of players like last year. People don't want to downgrade their game and there's like 2-3x less players than there should be on that server and the update is taking so long to release and the no road rules server is supposed to end this friday. It's certainly not people losing interest because every server has died down since the new update came out. 1.37 came out on May 5 and no road rules server came out just a day before that so we only got 1 single day to play with a good amount of players before the game updated and that's why I think there should be an additional week starting as soon as 1.37 is supported. Edit: So it's about to be 2 weeks without the update being supported and the no road rules server has ended. It's not very fun to play with only 150-200 players at most and unfortunately this has been the max player count for the majority of the event.
  4. Depends on your timezone. As you can see by the reply above it gets most busy 4-9 pm UK time. For me since I live in the US I need to get on early afternoon to be with a good amount of players since I'm 5 hours behind UK. You can convert your timezone to uk and see what time would be best for you to get on with lots of players.
  5. It's not the stricter speed limit setting like on the simulation servers but there's still a speed limit. This can't be intended right? Obviously if there's no road rules there should be no limit at all. http://prntscr.com/sbb6pd
  6. Anyone else getting disconnected from event server? I've been disconnected like 50+ times and can never stay in more than 10 seconds.

    1. Tobias0097 [GER]

      Tobias0097 [GER]

      I also permanently lose the connection

  7. So if it says you're in a city but the speed limit is 90 that means you can go 90 instead of being forced to 60? If so that's a great and easy way to fix that issue. It was a big problem in balkan dlc around istanbul and other big cities.
  8. Less content in ATS right now and more people live in Europe that play TMP. If ATS gets more free content then maybe it will be more popular in multiplayer but that usually only happens temporarily.
  9. I prefer singleplayer for mods and not to be with stupid drivers, even though the ai sucks sometimes too they don't drive crazy. Multiplayer is definitely nice for a change sometimes though.
  10. I think that this is going to be an amazing map mod that has very good quality, even better than the viva mexico map because promods make good quality stuff in ets2. There will be a good Canada map for ats now. Canadream is a thing but that's very low quality. Since it's in Canada scs isn't going to go into that area but will just go in the united states which means promods will have faster development if they don't have to merge parts of the map with scs dlcs which they currently have to do with ets2 like in the baltic and black sea dlc. I hope it gets released soon.
  11. It's very likely that lag causes that or cruise control slows you down with retarder on downhills but your friend doesn't have it on so they roll down the hill faster than you.
  12. I get your frustration over people doing this but it's a bad idea to add this for a few reasons: Yellow lights are way too short in ETS2 and if you're already committed to going into the intersection and have no time to brake but the light turns red right before going into it that's a stupid way to get kicked. It can be dangerous to brake like that in real life if a light turns yellow and you're already really close to the intersection and you can risk getting rear ended. Since the lights are too short it's better to run the light than slam the brakes if you're already too close to the intersection. Lag can make the light turn red instantly without warning in congested areas. In non congested areas it sucks to have to wait at a light when there's less than 10 people in the city and no one's around there's no point in waiting at it I run them all the time. Also when there's those 4 way intersections where 2 ways are blocked off there's no point in waiting either even if there are players around your paths aren't going to cross anywhere. As people have said above people can ram other players into the intersection and get them kicked.
  13. There was a couple times that I remember and that's the big sur event back in 2018, it was an scs event (https://blog.scssoft.com/2018/06/operation-big-sur-starting.html). There were hundreds of players on that road at all times on both sides of the landslide. It was so bad that truckersmp had to edit the map to make the road connection between the 2 sides of the landslide wider, fitting 2 people in the original scs road was very hard. The next one was when Washington DLC came out mid 2019 there's a dirt road near Bellingham and there was 40-50 players on it at peak times. It stayed alive for maybe 1-2 months and it slowly died down to just 15-20 players max. There's usually not a permanent CD road in ATS and typically only happens if scs does an event in a certain area of the map or if any dlcs come out.
  14. The new repair station entrance is good but it only works if people make room for 2 people to fit. The fuel station is good but I think it was more needed on the 2 fuel stations on the CD road. The traffic lights help at that busy intersection.
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