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  1. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Washington DLC is coming next!

    I think SCS needs to have a rework of the base map like what they're doing with Germany so ATS will be more appealing. The desert terrain in the base map gets boring after awhile and at least if they can have improvements it would be a lot better to drive there, like maybe they can use assets from New Mexico DLC just like they did in ETS2 with Germany. As for the DLCs I heard there might be 2 states this year, probably Texas or Utah after Washington so they are starting to get ATS caught up with ETS2 I guess.
  2. Definitely looks like it! https://blog.scssoft.com/2019/01/ats-teasing.html Also small teaser here: https://www.twitch.tv/scssoftware/clip/YummyFlirtyBadgerPanicVis
  3. dragonslayingmaster1000

    C-D Road Truckstop.

    I also made a suggestion to edit the CD road if you want to check it out: I agree with this because the 2 rest stops are way too tight for how many people can be there at one time but maybe instead of adding a whole new area they might be able to just expand the 2 existing rest stops.
  4. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Say a Word without saying the Wrong Words (Game)

  5. dragonslayingmaster1000

    In-game report or website-report?

    In-game reports are horrible and never work so definitely report on the website. I personally don't report at all though since recording lowers my FPS alot.
  6. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Describing D-C Road With One Word

  7. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Say a Word without saying the Wrong Words (Game)

  8. dragonslayingmaster1000

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

  9. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Drifting car?!

    SCS added these physics changes to make it more like a simulator. I personally love them but if you want to lower the simulation then you can put g_truck_stability, g_suspenser_stiffness, and g_trailer_stability up.
  10. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Can other mods be possibly added to multiplayer other than winter mod?

    @Tomukas37 Pretty sure this has nothing to do with getting any help. I did put it in the wrong place though because it's really a suggestion so you could have moved it there.
  11. What I mean is other mods can be approved just like winter mod and people will be able to download them. There can be a whole forum thread on the list of the approved mods along with links to them. Mods that will not affect other players like graphics mods, truck mods (as long as the engine isn't anything crazy), sound mods, trailer mods, and other mods like that.
  12. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Tregion Map

    @Mirrland Maybe someday they will but it hasn't been announced yet I believe. The UK is a huge country and it will be tough for them to create it with a 1:2 scale. Netherlands and Belgium are pretty small so I could imagine those 2 being done sometime soon.
  13. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Tregion Map

    I heard about this new map from Squirrel and it looks really good and it seems to have lots of potential and could even be a promods competitor and they're also doing it for ATS too but they are starting with ETS2 currently. It's also on 1:2 scale so it will be a huge map since they're doing Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Here's his video if you want to check it out: You can download it from their website here: https://blog.tregion.net/2018/12/24/tregion-0-1-is-released-merchandise-store-opened/ Also their official facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tregionets2
  14. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Favourite Mods for Singleplayer

    Promods is my favorite and I also play with like 20-30 more mods too.
  15. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Winter mod for ATS MP?

    I don't play ATSMP because of the very low player count but I think they should add winter mod to ATS so that way more players will play ATSMP. If they're only going to give it to ETS2 then ATS gets no love at all and that causes less people to play.