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  1. Hopefully they do host official convoys there but at least corsica will be well populated in the normal servers for a few weeks at least as it is for every new map area.
  2. It only happens if you're accelerating so don't accelerate while on train tracks. I don't know if the bug will ever be fixed but for now just be careful.
  3. I think it should be removed only on ATS because of the low player count there's no harm in letting people go fast. Other than that I don't mind it because that's about how fast I drive anyway on CD road.
  4. Since AI traffic will probably not be ready as soon as it's released the traffic will be too spread out between the northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast parts of the map. I think we need a popular road or two so we can find people. Give your ideas on what roads should be popular!
  5. I notice many people are giving people with the yield sign right of way even though they aren't supposed to stop for them. This causes lots of confusion and accidents. I decided to make this small guide to inform people who gets right of way at every single intersection on CD road. Read the notes at the bottom of each screenshot for more information. Green is first, yellow is second, and red is last. https://imgur.com/a/dBi65p1
  6. I like both games but ETS2 is better because it has more mods and is more developed than ATS right now.
  7. Wouldn't be popular enough since most people in ETS2 are european. That server only had 100 players peak iirc. You just have to get used to the high ping. I'm on the east coast of the US and I get about 140-150 ping and in a game like ets2 it's not so bad to have higher ping but fps games for example it's different.
  8. I like to follow the rules, after all this game is not a racing game and it should be treated as a simulation where you drive safely and have a good time. Unfortunately it seems that most people don't do that.
  9. The promods server is most likely going to have lots of players and filling up but I don't think the normal servers will be dead because most people don't own all dlcs so that's the only server they would be able to play on.
  10. I always look both ways multiple times before pulling out of anywhere. Only time I wouldn't be able to see someone coming is if they take a long time to appear on my screen. I also look in my mirrors every 5-10 seconds while driving.
  11. It will definitely make me come back to truckersmp again! It's been very highly requested to have promods on mp and I can't believe they're actually doing it now.
  12. As someone who mostly plays singleplayer with mods and is not concerned about multiplayer player counts, I like both games equally. It seems like scs is starting to put new content into ats now and not just ets2 which makes both games good. Both games have good mods too. For example, viva mexico in ats is equivalent in quality to promods and promods is even making a canada map for ats now.
  13. I think they should bring this back. Many people loved the 5 year anniversary no road rules server with police cars and maybe it should be brought back again. Permanently would be ideal but I would be happy if it was brought back at least temporarily every 2-3 months for a week.
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