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  1. With the super low speeds there aren't as many reckless drivers, but I think some idiots still tried to overtake in a traffic jam like some people do on CD road. There was that similar event in ETS2 a couple years ago or something, was it pretty similar to big sur? I know there had to be much more players of course because it's ETS2. I took a break from playing ETS2 at the time so I'm not sure.
  2. That's why I love the new SCS convoy mode, been playing ATS a ton since then. Plus I like casual driving rather than playing need for speed on TMP with tons of reckless players which on the private servers the host can choose to kick/ban people that are speeding unlike on TMP.
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1426325022 It was more interesting before TMP widened that road because it was a very small dirt road on the SCS version of it. That was the first time TMP ever edited the map.
  4. Hard to say since crazy crashes happen very often but whenever a hacker comes through a bunch of people in a traffic jam and makes them go flying probably situations like that can make a really crazy scene.
  5. I understand many European players aren't really into the American trucks and there are more people in Europe than North America but that's not a reason to not give it a try. I'm from the US and played plenty of ETS2 and even have more hours in it than ATS, about 1020 to 475 (although I have racked up quite a lot of ATS hours recently than ETS2, mostly played that more before because of popular multiplayer unlike ATS). Of course the common thing people complain about is that ATS doesn't have as much content but now in 2021 there's a rework of the base map they're working on, notably California right now (and they have been adding new roads and reworking some cities occasionally over the years), a good amount of truck brands, nice trailers, and better quality base map since the game is newer. Sure it's a big disadvantage that ETS2 came out earlier and has had time to develop more but ATS is catching up for the most part. There are some cons like a small base map (although a lot of the base map is better quality than ETS2), there's still less truck brands and choices, and way less DLCs if you don't include map dlcs which are starting to become more even now. The only unique DLC ATS has afaik is steering creations pack.
  6. Well at this point the CD road is the only place you can drive that isn't completely dead because of the new scs multiplayer more people are playing that now. Server only gets a bit over 1000 players now. The city of Calais is pretty good lots of room unlike Duisburg.
  7. Around end of 2017 for me and started multiplayer right away. I barely play multiplayer anymore though but I racked up a ton of hours in multiplayer before.
  8. Once mods come out for scs multiplayer, I will definitely prefer playing that.
  9. Going by scenery because I mostly play singleplayer I would say the UK in ETS2 it's very outdated, doesn't look good, road design is horrible such as the exits for that don't go into a new lane so if you're in the left lane you're forced to exit. Germany used to have that but I'm glad they fixed that at least on at least 99% of exits. ATS I would say most parts of California and Nevada, although they are reworking California it will take even longer than Germany rework in ETS2 did because it's such a big state. They're only doing around northern CA right now. Although I do use the Sierra Nevada mod by reforma which does a very good job on eastern CA and western NV so it makes it so I want to drive in those states.
  10. Mine is around 1/5 or 1/4 just so it's realistic, trucks can't normally stop on a dime. Although if I drive on CD road which I very rarely do I'll turn it up to max probably just because of the nature of that road.
  11. 12 speed because it's realistic unlike the 6 speed. And automatic because pretty much every truck I drive is meant to be automatic transmission so using manual wouldn't make sense.
  12. You can use an infinite money profile which is especially helpful in multiplayer for that reason. Also you can use /fix to repair your truck, it has a 10 minute cooldown though and only works if you have a trailer.
  13. It seems to be just like private servers you can make with a small amount of people, although the AI traffic seems awesome to have playing with real people at the same time. I remember TMP announced that a long time ago but we never got any real updates about that it seems like they aren't doing it. Also you can take the same job as friends easily without mods which is sick. So TMP is still good if you want to play with thousands of players at a time but the scs version seems to just be good for playing with a few friends.
  14. SCS released a new blog post showing off more of it, updated the post with that.
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