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  1. It seems to be just like private servers you can make with a small amount of people, although the AI traffic seems awesome to have playing with real people at the same time. I remember TMP announced that a long time ago but we never got any real updates about that it seems like they aren't doing it. Also you can take the same job as friends easily without mods which is sick. So TMP is still good if you want to play with thousands of players at a time but the scs version seems to just be good for playing with a few friends.
  2. SCS released a new blog post showing off more of it, updated the post with that.
  3. Will definitely revive ATSMP for sure, especially since California is free servers will be even more full than they were for promods when it just came out.
  4. https://blog.scssoft.com/2021/05/california-dreamin.html Finally will be worth it to drive in California again, just like Germany in ETS2. There are some screenshots of some of the stuff you can see but what do you want to see most in this rework? Update: SCS released a new blog post showing off more pictures. It looks beautiful! https://blog.scssoft.com/2021/05/california-dreamin-2-road-network-rework.html Update 2: I was driving through California on the new open beta and it's just northern California that was reworked so far.
  5. It's chaotic even with the NCZ zone because people coming there for the first time in awhile might not know when it ends and they cause pileups. From what I heard SCS changed the areas around Duisburg but not the city itself so there's no reason to revert the repair station.
  6. I like it because the old intersection had the yield signs for the people already on the road and it made no sense, now the people coming from the freeway have to yield.
  7. Alaska would be very fun. I tried a few mods for Alaska but they aren't great so I would love to see SCS's take on it. Combine it with Hawaii too (possibly on a 1:5 scale at least because Hawaii is very small) and that would be a nice DLC.
  8. Hopefully soon, the UK is a piece of **** right now, if you look at the promods version of it, it looks so much better especially London it looks like a proper city and it looks great for a 1:20 scale. I hope SCS can rework it themselves, would be very nice for those who don't have DLC to use promods. They did finish Germany in 1.40 which took almost 3 years for them to do (they started in 1.32) because it's a big country and UK is pretty big too so it could take a long time as well.
  9. I think Texas is going to take a long time but you never know it could be after Wyoming in December 2021 it they've been working on it for awhile.
  10. It potentially could happen again if Europort is reworked like Calais port. Rotterdam is a huge city in real life and I hope SCS can represent that well in game.
  11. I was on the snowy roads in the middle of Iceland and no kidding but there was like 20 trains stuck on the big hill on the east side of it. Kinda nice though because I get to see some traffic.
  12. 2700 peak Friday, will be quite a bit more on the weekend for sure, great time to populate Iceland. Promods will definitely hit 3000 players again around 8 pm UK, 3 pm EST. Do the advertising in the Kirkenes quarry for a bit like I said then go back to Iceland after promoting it a good amount. Idk if there's much of a good result for me doing it but it's like this right now: https://prnt.sc/wjah6x Keep coming to Iceland, we can make Iceland popular again with the higher player counts! The roads in the middle are fun to drive on because similar to the Kirkenes quarry AI traffic can't drive on t
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