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  1. I got banned for a stupid reason once, so at the time of this in 2018 the car's brakes were very bad and this guy brakes very hard and there's nothing I could do about it, hell even if I was further back I don't think I could have slowed down from 80 to 40 km/h in a second or less. Somehow I went underneath the truck on his screen only but for me I don't think I even knew what happened. My only driving related ban in my 4 years of playing had to be this, otherwise I would have had a perfect history apart from a few chat offenses and **** like that. Well I got banned another time for a driving offense but I actually appealed that successfully thankfully. Now I don't drive CD road because **** like this happens and you can be banned even if you're a good player. Yep, that's exactly what happened to me, just by 1 day it got reduced...
  2. I did a challenge once where I took the weakest Iveco truck with 310 hp and hauled a 61t train. It really struggled uphill but I can get up to at least 50-60 km/h most of the time which is the actual truck speed limit so technically it's fine. The real challenge with that is dealing with players cutting you off and stuff.
  3. The game is getting much better than it was a few years ago when I started playing in late 2017. Multiplayer has always been pretty dead unfortunately though so I mostly played ETS2 to play multiplayer which I have most of my hours in right now. About 1020 in ETS2 and 540 in ATS. However right now I would consider ATS to be my favorite truck sim. Really hyped for when Texas DLC comes out! It's basically the size of like 2-2.5 states so lots of stuff to explore. All the recent map DLCs have been really good but even without the map DLC, SCS is reworking areas of the base map, notably California, but it will take a long time like the Germany rework in ETS2 did.
  4. Well the thing is with the DLCs you need only 2 DLCs for Canada compared to Promods Europe where you need all of them which right now you need 6 of them (not including Iberia yet) Plus ATS DLCs are quite a bit cheaper too since they're smaller than in ETS2. Even cheaper if you buy the pacific northwest bundle plus you get Idaho. Plus we're around the autumn and winter sales right now. TMP still does events for ATS and lots of people attend those (Real Ops V12 back in September was a great event). So it seems like TMP still cares about ATS for the most part. For now ATSMP and even SCS MP is becoming pretty dead. I do find it odd how there's a higher ratio of people playing ETS2MP compared to ATSMP though. Right now as of this reply according to steamcharts the 24 hour peak for ETS2 is around 37k and 4k on multiplayer so that's around a 1:9 ratio of people playing ETS2MP compared to singleplayer or SCS MP. Since this is a weekday there's less people playing, weekend seems to be about 6k players higher but I'm sure the ratio wouldn't change much from that. ATS on weekdays has a 24 hour peak of around 6.5k and only gets around 125-150 players at most on TMP so that's a ratio of around 1:43 to 1:52. It seems like no one wants to join no matter what because only 125-150 players on that's boring. I wouldn't want to waste my time playing basically singleplayer with no AI traffic. It's gonna be hard for ATS to recover from that. Only if hundreds of players agreed to gather together to populate the server at the same time on a weekend that's the only way I can see it becoming alive again, however that would be very hard to setup. The only time that ever happens now is if a DLC comes out. Colorado DLC had a good influx of players for a few weeks. The initial release of Promods Canada attracted even more players just a month later in December 2020 and stayed at a healthy player count for 2-3 weeks I think.
  5. Damn barely any players though, you would think it would be popular on TMP since it's similar to the Kirkenes quarry road but for ATS. And there's multiple long dirt roads too. Back in June/July 2019 the Bellingham logging road in Washington was relatively popular for at least a month. That was the last time ATSMP ever had a bunch of players in one area and there were big traffic jams. I was hoping ATSMP could finally have a popular road so it would be alive once again but I guess it's gonna stay dead for now.
  6. Bumping this for you so it doesn't get archived, even though the ATS forum is dead anyway idk why they even bother to archive stuff here.
  7. Just released a few days ago and it adds more stuff to the northwest. I noticed ATSMP hasn't gained any players from it unfortunately like the initial promods canada release did which got 1500+ players first few days (unless TMP isn't supporting it yet). Definitely worth playing in singleplayer or SCS MP though. If you play SCS MP make sure you use the steam workshop version of the def file so you have the same one as everyone else. Once TMP supports it, since it has tight dirt roads I can see it being popular in TMP and can maybe bring ATSMP to life, similar to the Washington DLC bellingham logging road back in June/July 2019 which stayed popular for at least a month. The difference is with this new Canada update is there are multiple dirt roads in this update and they're long too so less boredom driving the same road. This could definitely be more fun than the Kirkenes quarry in ETS2. Update: So it turns out TMP has actually been supporting it since at least the 17th (this is from the development announcements thread): For some reason they didn't mention they're supporting it, it was just a hidden update. It was only found out by a few players. I hope this is the only reason that it's not popular yet or maybe a lot of people just don't realize the new promods update is out. More people need to know about it, that's why I made this thread.
  8. It was a great event, it was my first TMP event I attended in a long time (which was probably around a year ago at least if I had to guess). I took a bunch of screenshots and there were some great operations: https://imgur.com/gallery/ohlvsH8 Thanks for hosting it!
  9. Suggestion Name: Remove/disable the simulation 2 server, there isn't enough players for there to be 2 servers Suggestion Description: I noticed today checking the player count there are around 250 players on the sim 1 server and 2550 on the sim 2 server which isn't even close to full, in fact it's only just over halfway to full. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: Before you say this has been suggested before, even if it has been it was probably a long time ago before SCS MP released and TMP lost a good amount of players after SCS MP so I think a suggestion like this being made now is more reasonable than it was before. Right now there's no need to have 2 servers if the simulation 1 server isn't even close to full. The servers don't even get over 3000 players anymore with the SCS MP being out and especially since it has mod support now. Having 1 server will allow people to find others more easily outside of CD road and the playerbase won't be split up as much. The simulation 2 server can just be put offline temporarily and if TMP gets a surge of players it can be enabled if the simulation 1 server gets full again. Also I'm thinking even the US and SGP servers should be removed too it's not even worth having them if there's only around 30 people playing on them. With no AI traffic in TMP yet there's really no point in playing on those servers and spending money to keep them up. You might as well play singleplayer or SCS MP. Whether you want to go with this side suggestion it doesn't matter that much it's not a big deal it's only about 30 players on those 2 servers combined anyway so it doesn't split the players as much as the 2 main simulation servers do. But to me, it just seems pointless to keep them up for only around 30 players at most.
  10. I like the Kenworth W900 because as a low-mid end pc user who wants to get every bit of fps possible, the headlights not dropping my fps by about 3 really helps maintain at least 20 fps most of the time (which may seem bad but for a truck sim game it's alright I'm used to it, pvp games would be a different story). This is the only truck afaik that doesn't lag me with the dashboard lights. And also I can zoom my camera out to see the full left mirror without the dashboard being too far away unlike other trucks which makes it too low quality and I don't like that. This is nice because I don't have trackir or anything like that and I don't like using the f2 mirrors otherwise my interior camera would be more zoomed in. As for right mirror I just hit my keybind for look right.
  11. I'm guessing maybe if you have a double trailer it might be illegal to drive in the country you were driving in so if you f7 it will teleport you to the closest city where double trailers are legal which could be far away. If you didn't have a double trailer maybe you were far away from a city that had a repair station. I don't think every city has a repair station, but if it was actually 800 miles away that's probably unlikely I don't think it's possible for there to be a repair station that far away.
  12. Even though picking a friend's load is a copy from scs convoy, the fact you can create a job to wherever you want is pretty cool.
  13. Definitely the small roads and dirt roads for me. Highways can be boring after awhile. The small roads are more scenic and some are pretty windy and challenging which I like. Dirt roads are fun to drive on as well and you don't get the opportunity to drive on them often so when you're able to they're more fun to drive on since you're not doing it all the time.
  14. I would love to see that! Right now if you play ATSMP on TMP instead of the SCS convoy mode, you can barely find anyone since people are all spread out and there's still no AI traffic in TMP, so given the low player count a popular road would be nice to have. Although it would be hard to organize people to drive on a certain road. In the past that has happened on multiple occasions but only for a short amount of time. Some examples include: From what I heard when ATS first released back in Feb 2016, since ATS only had California and Nevada at the time and had a 1:35 instead of 1:20 scale at first, the map was very compact and players saw each other often even if most people spread out. I wasn't playing truck sims at the time (started late 2017) but from what I saw in videos, I believe that Oxnard was the most popular city and route 1 in california (which is close to Oxnard) was the most popular. But players must have been spread out a decent amount too because as I said the map was small at the time and plenty of people were playing according to player graphs back in 2016 on https://stats.truckersmp.com/ Operation Big Sur WOT Event back in June 2018 June 2019 when Washington DLC was released the logging road east of Bellingham had a good amount of players on it. There was even a secret road there too which was pretty cool. At the time it was very unique to drive on (because this was before the Kirkenes quarry road in Promods which came out a few months later) because on roads like that AI traffic can't drive on there normally so it's chaotic at times to drive there with other people but that made it fun for me because I enjoy a challenge with the wide turns and most people actually behaved well and gave you room if you were coming uphill especially. I had lots of fun on that road for at least a month but then it died off after about a month and a half. December 2020 when Promods Canada released there were lots of players there and although there wasn't a popular road, you could see a good a amount players anywhere you go. Because the map is currently small and probably 80-90% of players on the server was in Canada it's possible for players for spread out more instead of having to make a popular road to see each other often. IIRC it peaked at around 1500 which unfortunately was the player cap for first day or two at least till it got increased so there could have been more. Unfortunately it only stayed popular for about 1-2 weeks though because the map is pretty small. The fact that people only need Oregon and Washington DLC to use Promods Canada definitely helped the player count. You can get those 2 DLC pretty cheap on sales because they're older DLCs and also get the Pacific Northwest bundle to get those DLC even cheaper plus Idaho and Forest Machinery DLC. And of course always when a new DLC comes out that will always be popular for at least a month in multiplayer. People mostly spread out so they can explore the map but Washington DLC is a small exception, although you could still find a decent amount of people outside of the logging road because of good player counts which I believe were over 1000. You can probably see videos of most of these if you're curious how it was back when they were popular. There's probably more videos on when ATS was first released and Operation Big Sur event in multiplayer, for the others you may have to do some looking for awhile. Let me know if I missed anything.
  15. Well the AI traffic in convoy REALLY helps and is a big reason I and probably many others play it. When mod support is added that will attract a ton of players as well. For me the best thing is I can play ATSMP without the roads being completely dead. Although the events that TMP hosts are very popular and I like attending them sometimes, I just attended the Real Ops V12 event the other day and that was the first TMP event I played in about a year I think and the server peaked at over 1k players so people definitely enjoy coming for the events. Maybe hosting a ton of events is what TMP is going to be great for in the future. Of course lots of people like driving with tons of players too but right now with the low player counts you can only find lots of players on CD road. People going back to school and working has an effect too, I've noticed that on other games such as Minecraft. However this doesn't seem to happen with every game for some reason, take CSGO for example, they actually gained a good amount of players from August to September. Also another thought I have, maybe the 2 truck sim games could potentially gain a larger following if popular youtubers start doing videos on it. SCS could start sponsoring people who play simulation games. I don't think I've seen any million sub youtubers (or at least the ones that get lots of views at the same time) do videos on ETS2 and ATS. If that happened both TMP and the SCS convoy mode could gain a large amount of players and it's a win for both multiplayers. If TMP comes out with something unique from the SCS multiplayer that could bring it back up there too. As I said, the events are one good thing they have, they do attract a good amount of players so they have that going for them still.
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