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  1. Western Star right now. One of the things I really love about it is the headlights don't drop my fps because I'm on a low end pc and that's a big deal if it drops my fps by even 3-4. Not sure if there's any other trucks like that. It's just a good truck overall though.
  2. You should try to fix the sound issues where all car sounds and truck horns don't work in places with too many players nearby which seems to be as little as 3-4.
  3. I don't see why not, they support the seasonal mods which are only client side mods and don't affect anyone else. They should also support stuff like truck interior and sound mods. I did make this suggestion on it awhile ago and it's accepted and they may look into it eventually.
  4. It's between Montrose and Durango. It's a challenging road that winds around all the time and it's a steep mountain with an elevation of 10k feet, says that on a sign that I saw. Additionally there's a company on that road with a relatively long dirt road to get to it, similar to the Bellingham logging road in Washington DLC. Not quite as long or as challenging but still it's a fun short drive and since there's no AI traffic on it would be fun with more players on it. The Bellingham dirt road was really fun in multiplayer and I think this road would also be fun to drive in multiplayer if there
  5. Pretty small so far but hopefully it's fun to drive. Hopefully it brings some life back to ATSMP too. We know it's pretty close when they show the whole map, hopefully it comes out by the end of the year: https://blog.promods.net/2020/11/british-columbia-interior/
  6. A couple graphics mods you can use are sweetfx and reshade. You put it into the game's files rather than your mods so it works on multiplayer. For actual mods it's just the seasonal mods and promods.
  7. The sound on the car is completely gone is that going to be fixed in the next update when 1.39 support comes out or in a small update if 1.39 takes awhile?
  8. It was explained well by the person above and the problem didn't happen the next time I logged in and I was able to move my truck and I was on for hours with no problems.
  9. But I checked my steam login history and they're all from my location so I wasn't hacked. I was in multiplayer for about 10 minutes before it kicked me. When I was in there I couldn't move my truck or turn my steering wheel. I checked my settings to make sure they didn't change for some reason and they didn't. I checked to make sure my brake wasn't stuck which happens when you press the chat key while holding brake but my engine wasn't revving so that wasn't the case. I tried going between different garages and teleporting to service to no avail. I could only use the indicators, wipers, and pa
  10. Big Sur was my favorite in ATS and One Truck Family was good because it made new roads congested for a bit rather than just CD road. Operation Genoa Bridge I missed but I heard that was really good too.
  11. I used only keyboard when I started playing this game about 3 years ago but I think 2 years ago I switched to mouse + keyboard. I got a good setup on my controls and I'm very used to it. I have much better control with mouse steering. It's not too sensitive and it's not slow either I can turn fast easily if I need to.
  12. It's gonna be way better soon because they're reworking the city in 1.39!
  13. They already reworked the area around Duisburg, part 3 is just going to be finishing up southern Germany as you can see on the map on this blog post https://blog.scssoft.com/2019/04/germany-revisited-2.html
  14. Check it out here there's a bunch of screenshots. https://blog.scssoft.com/2020/09/euro-truck-simulator-2-city-of-calais.html Wondering if they thought of TMP when they decided to do this?
  15. Kirkenes quarry road in promods with HCT trailers is a fun challenge but only do it if you're able to handle it. Also the tight roads in iceland used to be a fun challenge but unfortunately iceland died not long after TMP supported promods.
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