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  1. dragonslayingmaster1000

    I cant open the launcher connectiong error

    A much easier way to do that is going to task manager and ending the process. I have had this issue with many games before and that's a very simple fix.
  2. dragonslayingmaster1000

    What do you think will be in the next ETS2 and ATS 1.36 update?

    Since the 2nd phase was in 1.35 I think most likely not but we can expect it at least by 1.37.
  3. There is a similar thread about this on the scs forums and I figured I would spread it here too. For ETS2 I think there's a chance we get the new renault truck, maybe a few more roads added like they did in 1.35, and possibility of the black sea dlc if there is only 1 more update this year because they said it will release this year. For ATS the new truck that is shown partially completed here (https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=178&t=260993) might be released, more roads added, possibly more reworks like they did with tonopah/yuma, and maybe utah dlc if there is only 1 more update this year because they said it will release this year. Give me your thoughts about this and if there is anything else that you think they might add feel free to comment.
  4. dragonslayingmaster1000

    And again admins do whatever they want.

    The thing is intersections like that are stupid and unrealistic so some people don't follow the signs and some people do. I think people should treat that intersection realisticly and ignore the yield signs. People already on the road should not have to yield, just like in real life.
  5. dragonslayingmaster1000

    I cant open the launcher connectiong error

    Go to the programdata folder by going to the search and typing %programdata%, then click on truckersmp and delete the core_ets2mp.dll file. The launcher should start after that.
  6. dragonslayingmaster1000

    First Mission Problem

    You should use a high money profile in multiplayer so you can get your own truck and also the money helps against trolls. Once you do that you can sleep or teleport to garage/service and that will sync the economy and fix the problem with jobs being late if you log off during a job and continue it later and fixes the problems with there being no jobs. You have to do this every time you get on multiplayer.
  7. dragonslayingmaster1000


    It only happens if you're doing an external contract job and that's intentional design by scs.
  8. dragonslayingmaster1000

    problem with MP chat

    Try reinstalling TMP. You can find out how to do that in the knowledge base: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/147
  9. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Bright Headlights

    They shouldn't blind you in game so there's no problem with them but obviously they blind you in real life and it's required to turn them off when approching oncoming traffic.
  10. dragonslayingmaster1000

    ATS/ETS both crashing

    Try removing any plugins you have and also try reinstalling the whole game.
  11. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Problems entering Arcade1 or 2 server

    I had this problem too and realized it's a problem with the logit client for vtlog. They fixed it in a recent update so just download the new version which is 3.21. You can download the latest version easily by using the logit installer, you don't even have to redownload it just find the installer file in your downloads. Not sure if you have to uninstall the old version first though which is what I did. If you need to uninstall I went into file explorer on the "this pc" section and searched logit.dll and deleted that file.
  12. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Issue with CB Radio

    Make sure the voice volume is turned on in the tab menu. Just press tab and right click to get mouse cursor and click on the cog and you should find it in there.
  13. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Unsupported game is relentless!

    That's only if steam didn't automatically update.
  14. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Issue with CB Radio

    It's a bit confusing what you're saying but your mic isn't working? If so, you should change the title to something like that to make it less confusing and people can help you better.
  15. dragonslayingmaster1000

    Real Operations - 28 July 2019

    Looks great hopefully I can make it. Also there's going to be another event for ETS2 according to the event calendar. http://prntscr.com/ofhbfp