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  1. There should have been a collision-free zone inside the cities, and it is still a question mark as to why this was not the case Practically, the presence of 300 people in a small city like Lyon was not possible
  2. Despite the great efforts of the game directors, the early problems of the caravan had almost drained everyone's energy. These convoys were very useful for the American game and made the American server a little crowded. Unfortunately, the high volume of players in Eurotrack did not allow loading in the city of Lyon. The lag and frame drops were very annoying and even getting out of the caravan parking lot was very difficult and the trucks were thrown into the sky. It was expected that the city of origin and the destination of the region would not collide The players who saw this situation went to Genoa City, but there was disharmony and many were kicked from the server. However, I would like to express my special thanks to the team of managers who guided the caravan route with their efforts
  3. It seems that the details should be brought up a bit for the game The offer to create a car wash is a great offer You must allow for the gradual dirtiness of the trailer on the roads and the clouding of the windows and the need for washing and washing. My second suggestion is that the trailers are damaged in appearance during the accident and the appearance and shape of the trailer is changed after the accident. My third suggestion is the possibility of snowfall in addition to rain, and try to better display spring, summer, autumn, and winter in all 4 seasons and have separate seasons.
  4. I was playing pro mods for about 20 days I can login to the server, but the online connection does not connect to the city Is this because of the internet speed?
  5. I'm having a problem with the server not being able to connect error while there is no problem with other servers
  6. To avoid traffic in certain cities and scattering of players, specify the specified capacity input page for all cities In this way, after entering the user account, we enter the cities entry page For example, the login page of Calais has a capacity of 40 players and cannot accommodate more than that number of players
  7. New users are more likely to be banned from the server due to inexperience People who do not have enough experience in online games and are really looking for a legal and safe game may make more mistakes than other experienced users. They are also easily punished with the first mistake, which is very hard and long I also faced this severe and sad deprivation So my suggestion is that these users play on a separate server for up to 2 months (without deprivation and just a hint) and go to the public server after gaining a good experience.
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