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  1. The fact we don't support the VR versions of the games is because they're continuously changing and updating, and therefore it's harder to keep up with the updates for our client. It's not impossible as far as I'm informed, however, too much hussle for something that will not be used as much.
  2. We currently have a command set for something like this: "/time". It will require you to put in a little bit more effort to show the time in your video reports, however this is not that big of a deal. This basically is already an existing feature, and next to that, something similar to this has been suggested several times before already. Rejected.
  3. This wouldn't really work as people could use Alt+F4 regardless of this system, which will close the game anyway whenever they're in an unsafe spot. Rejected.
  4. There is more to those permissions than just getting the rank. We have our Game Moderators for a reason, and they are trained to work at Events and stuff like that. Additionally, the reason above would form an issue as well. Rejected.
  5. Pillow

    Ghost mode

    As for the reason above: Rejected.
  6. Your steamID is publically available on the API, therefore it would not make an sense for us to hide it. We have hidden it in the beginning, however, we were so to say 'handicapping' ourselves by doing so. Rejected.
  7. Congratulations Matt ❤️

    1. Μatt


      Thanks so much Pillow ❤️

  8. This is something for SCS Software to look at and implement. https://forum.scssoft.com/viewforum.php?f=5 Rejected.
  9. We're not going to disallow people, who speak a different language than English, from choosing which CB channel they can and can not choose. We have no intention to force people to use another channel, just because others think they may be annoying because they speak another language than you do. The other thing you mentioned is not as much as a priority, and not a huge issue either. Also, please keep a suggestion post to one suggestion per post. Rejected.
  10. The ProMods servers are stable, it's people's internet which is lacking stability. The auto-kick for high ping has been introduced to avoid people having massive lags and causing a lot of crashes for that reason, therefore there would be no reason to remove this, even for the reason you mentioned. Rejected.
  11. We will not remove the speedlimiter on any server. Rejected.
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