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  1. I'm not sure if this is possible, but it is something I will look into for sure. This will come in very handy.
  2. Yet another picture, this time it's from Tango's convoy of tonight!


  3. Hello there, Please edit your post to include our suggestion format. Without this format, your suggestion will likely be declined without us reviewing it properly. Make sure to edit the suggestion within 3 days, or your suggestion will be trashed.
  4. Nice group picture of the RLC convoy earlier this month, forgot to post it :P



  5. This feature will be added in the future. Accepted.
  6. We like to keep our partners unique. For that reason, we won't be partnering up with, nor adding, other map related mods that aren't created by the TruckersMP Team. Rejected.
  7. This feature will be implemented soon. Accepted.
  8. We don't really see the need of adding this, as well as the fact we don't even know if this is possible to do in the current structure of our mod. If this would have been a highly requested mod, like the wintermod was, we would have looked for a way to implement this. However, the more mods we add, the more chance of our servers crashing whenever a mod changes, and thus will become incompatible with the version of our own mod. The part you quoted from the Frequently Suggested Things topic still stands, regardless of the above being a sound mod or not. Mods are mods, and we currently can't support many more mods than we already do. Rejected.
  9. We do not feel this is necessary, or would benefit anyone. Please also refer to the comment above. Rejected.
  10. Pillow

    New F11 mode

    If people get reported without their username and/or ID visible, there is no way for us to guarantee that the reported player was actually the one to break rules. As for the other reasons you added, we are not convinced in what way this could benefit us in anything. If streamers would like their screen to be clear of names, they can use the F11 button. No extra server with different configurations is needed for any of that. Rejected.
  11. This would be more of use for a dedicated roleplay server, one we may introduce in the future. For now, this suggestion will have no use for our current servers, as this is not something we will be introducing to our Arcade/Simulation servers. Rejected.
  12. Had a nice drive on Friday with @Jagman ❤️



    1. Jagman


      Was a great drive! Thanks!


  13. Dit forum* Maar ook ik ben er nog, wist alleen niet hier vanaf
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