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  1. Suggestion Name: IP ban for banned players Suggestion Description: Many players get ban every day. They make a new account and buy the game again. Then they start trolling other players again. If they got IP ban also, they cannot connect to the server with an other account because their IP has banned. I know some players has variable IP, but it's still a bigger protection from trolls. Any example images: None Why should it be added?: Many players got banned but they make a new account and buy the game again. Then they start trolling the people again.
  2. I believe this topic will help for you!
  3. Yes of course. But recently I started watching/listening Twitch chatting streams because it's more interesting than just music.
  4. Currently I using a Google Pixel "Very Silver" 128GB. I don't know what phone I will buy yet. I think it will be a Pixel or OnePlus again. (My last phone was an OnePlus One)
  5. I using Android since 2011. I used an iphone 7 plus for 3-4 months, but I hated.
  6. I have every DLC except paint jobs, but I will buy them.
  7. Try to reinstall TruckersMP.
  8. Üdv minden kedves fórumozónak! Egy elképesztő hírrel számolhatunk be, ugyanis elindult Magyarország első szimulátor rádiója! Amit kínálunk, az 0-24 zeneszolgáltatás, esti mixek, délutáni kívánságműsorok, óránkénti közlekedési információk a TruckersMP világából és még több! Ha te is szeretnél minket hallgatni, weboldalunkon, játékban és Discord csoportunkban is megteheted! Minden további információ weboldalunkon! http://truckinradio.ml Javaslatokat szívesen fogadunk a rádió továbbfejlődése érdekében itt, privátban és Discord-unkban is!
  9. It's interesting, but Hungarian language is not available!
  10. Thanks. My profile is public, but the Game details on Only Friends. I change it to Public and working. When I activated, ETS2 was not called TruckersMP yet, and don't have Game Details option on Steam. Thank you very much Guys!
  11. Hi! I try connect my ATS with TruckersMP, but I can't. I clicked "Check games" and I wait few minutes, but when I try sign in ATS the TruckersMP writes that it is not registered.
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