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      Major Event requirements update   03/19/18

      In light of the recent changes to the requirements of event rules and servers the requirements for Major Event posts have also been updated.   A summary of the changes:  Added: Minimum 50 participants with proof at moment of creation Added: Topic created minimum 1 month in advance Added: In case of charity event: endorsement of non-profit organization or official donation link for the event by non-profit organization Removed: minimum post count   For the full list of requirements, check out the respective topics for ETS and ATS   Regards   TruckersMP team
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      Issues hizliresim.com   03/20/18

      Since a few days we have noticed that pictures posted on hizliresim.com are not accessible (both on our forum and website). This is an issue not related to our services and out of our hands. Therefore we ask you not to use hizliresim.com to share images and opt for other alternatives such as https://prnt.sc/   We thank you for your understanding.    
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      Easter Egg Hunt 25th March 16:00 UTC   03/23/18

      In case you missed it, you are invited to join us on a huge Easter Egg Hunt this Sunday 25th March 2018 at 16:00 UTC!   Check out the details here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/63166-easter-egg-hunt-25th-march-2018


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  1. Team is starting to grow

  2. Event Team

    Very nice! Well deserved!
  3. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    You really think this is the way to do it, eh? TMP owe you nothing, if you want to start calling the shots, feel free to, just work your way to the top like Konfg and Scarface have
  4. Statement Regarding Recent Developments in the Community

    The logic is this post isn't there. Many communities don't have upper staff members. The feedback system is there to be used, there are still polish speakers on the team, that's one of the reasons they have a translation team. If you went through the protocol everyone else has to follow, something may result from it.
  5. AtlasCGG is Live! Viva Trucking's convoy!


  6. What you radio station is your favorite in ATS or ETS

    One thing I left out of that, one of the main reason I listen to Global stations is because they fund my education so
  7. What are those cars stand for?

    Seeing as they look like they're colliding and only on collision servers, I'd assume they mean non collision servers.
  8. Why is there so much fuss over someone leaving the team? They left, they weren't kicked. Chill people :P  

    1. SimulatorExperiencer


      i don't blame them for leaving :D  its alot of work  etc... 


        i use to be a admin for just cause 2 mp mod  and its something  not fun to deal with.


      but when someone leaves its  ok  to go and  enjoy your life.  life is more important  then  tmp 


      in the end we thank them  for there work  even if you didn't like that person  after all we are all humans  not bots not trolls  we are all gamers  after all

  9. What you radio station is your favorite in ATS or ETS

    I listen to commercial radio, mostly from a company called "Global" (They own Capital, Capital Xtra, Heart, LBC, Radio X, Smooth, Classic, Gold). The presenting quality of online radio isn't up to scratch for me. Shouting down a mic and introducing songs ins't presenting.
  10. Declining suggestions for not following the format seems odd to me. The whole community could want it, but just because they haven't followed the suggestion format, it doesn't even get a chance. That's just my thoughts

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. TrademarkGamer


      I mean, it's quite clear. People are just lazy and don't want to read blocks of text.

    3. Rev.
    4. Harley




      If you think thats unfair then please feel

      free to use the Feedback System for this Reason ;)




      // Locked

  11. StreamFM - A new beginning

    Um, you know that tampering with the licensing documents is Illegal, right? @ArranOnRadio
  12. New uptades

    It depends when the last time you logged in really. A lot has changed since I've been in the community. Have a look at the development forum and take a gander at the change log for each new version https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/12-development-announcements/
  13. Anyone noticed that steam now fades in rather than pops up when someone launches a game?

  14. Got a new episode of The Grand Tour to try and keep me awake and fix my sleeping pattern.

    1. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Grand Tour is just fantastic :D

  15. Which country are u from?

    Country: United Kingdom City: London Nationality: English Picture of your country/city: