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  1. Well, it's been a while since I've been here... :lol:

  2. I'm making some stuff. Come and keep me company! http://twitch.tv/trademarkgamer1 

  3. I'm probably late to the party but, dark mode is back

    1. sshadmin


      Just a tad late ;) 

  4. TrademarkGamer

    Forum Authentication Update

    Cheers. Appriciate it!
  5. TrademarkGamer

    Forum Authentication Update

    Is there any plan to reintoduce dark mode and is there a expected date? Been using dark mode since I joined due to the fact the light one hurts my eyes and makes it harder to read
  6. Looks like the forums have become more mobile friendly. Nice

  7. TrademarkGamer

    What if ban is... permanent?

    Preferably, you should keep the evidence up forever. That way people can't complain that there's no evidence of their ban after it's been lifted In that case they can feedback and ask for it to be removed. permanent bans are never lifted, so you would need to keep it up forever. Not that TMP will take action against you if you don't
  8. TrademarkGamer

    Satisfaction survey

    Um.... No. A number and a link are two different things. If you're looking at a number just striaght up, there's no way to know who it is without a bit off effort. Here, it's a link. Some one can accidentally click and.... I've already explained this cba to write it out
  9. TrademarkGamer

    Satisfaction survey

    Address and postcode doesn't identify you personally. I'm assuming your college ID is a number, which is not a direct identification to you. It would take steps to identify you from that. A link can be clicked - even if accidental - boom! you now know who that is and your own bias, even if you don't realise, is put on that feedback. Note on the whole college ID - We use names; not numbers so, no
  10. TrademarkGamer

    Satisfaction survey

    They're genuine concerns. Whether it was intentional or not, allowing someone to be identified by a survey instantly makes it biased no matter how hard the person tries to be neutral. When you know who has answered, your own preconceptions are then applied to that survey.
  11. Cheers, I'll just clear my diary then! - ""Your estimated delivery time will be between 08:00 and 17:00"

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    2. TrademarkGamer
    3. TrademarkGamer
    4. Encrypted_


      they always do that, once they pack the van the system then gives you a better time slot :wesmart:

  12. Yo, we playing pubg. Come join the stream and the game


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    2. TrademarkGamer


      God sake pillow. You've changed with that role :troll: 

    3. Pillow


      In a good way though. ;)

    4. stilldre1976


      get some chicken dinners bra :P

  13. So... I just ordered a Pixel 2 XL. Can't wait!

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    2. Small  Nan

      Small Nan

      You like huawei. That's great

    3. Frosty.


      I have never had Huawei, it will be my first :P

    4. Small  Nan

      Small Nan

      Huawei P20 just came out,I think huawei is goodMy elder sisterHuawei in use

  14. I made a funny tweet. You lot might appricate it as well so :P [Tweet embed... obvs]



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    2. Pillow


      I'll sort with him.

    3. Positivetrucking168


      No problem, we can delete his reply jks


      Anyways, passports can be a real pain to renew, so many chores related to the application. 


    4. TrademarkGamer


      If you think they're a pain to renew. Try getting a first time passport in a different country. Have to prove your right to citzenship and get my mums birth cirtificate on top of proof of identity and address

  15. TrademarkGamer


    You'd have to use default paint in order to have your VTC's painjob in game. As for the trailers, you'll have to save edit or use an approved mod if you want to use a specfic trailer as your VTC's trailer. There is no added content in MP, however. It must all be part of the base game.