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  1. I don't see the point you're trying to make. I'm not saying the report system doesn't work, I'm saying this could be a feature implemented to improve it.
  2. Suggestion Name: Add a "Report User" button to TruckersMP profiles Suggestion Description: Add a "Report User" button to TruckersMP profiles Any example images: nope Why should it be added?: Rather than searching in new tabs for the ID of the user, you will only have to use one tab to report people. This will leave a very streamlined and efficient report system.
  3. When you look out the window and see it's getting light outside. I have work at 12pm xD (it's now 4am)

  4. Suggestion Name: Ban the use of cars on the Calais to Duisburg road Suggestion Description: Ban the use of cars on the Calais to Duisburg road Any example images: Nope Why should it be added?: If you scroll through my forum profile, I always tend to side with keeping the cars in the game as it took much time and effort for them to be put in. However, I will be the first one to admit they are absolutely useless and there is no place they are more useless than on the C-D road. They cause immense amounts of trouble and make the traffic jams longer. This is why I suggest that we should ban cars on the C-D road and let them roam free elsewhere on the roads of europe.
  5.  Just bagged spin tires for a fiver. Gotta love the steam sale  

  6. You underestimate the time admins take doing reports. Yes it takes long, however, you have to remember admins are volunteers and in no real life situation would volunteers spend as much time as they do on TMP.
  7. How would you like it if you spent 1 year on something and you were asked to remove it? It's staying. The people who cause trouble will be punished as nessersary. Record and report on the website if you see something. EU 1 is also available
  8. @InvasiveSpark #Wish64 It's only McDonald's
  9. Hopefully I can get time off work. Doubt I will but I can only try
  10. Because some people have money to waste. Finding their accounts is not that easy, admins aren't going to check the IP of every ban and check it. Even then VPS do exist
  11. @user454 Some trolls will spend money on a whole other game and make another TMP account.
  12. People aren't gonna listen to admins if they tell them that a road is one way. Look at what Trolls do normally on the C-D Road -1 from me
  13. Scariest thing I have done is: Very high zip wire Scariest thing I have seen is: Westminster Bridge Terrorist attacks (I was there)
  14. It feels all too often I'm writing stuff like this about the great city I live in. Where would we be without our great emergency services!
  15. Mod Recurrent is open, prepare for the influx of spammers xD 

    1. Texas Transports LLC

      Texas Transports LLC

      I have applied. Now time to sit in my chair and wait to see if my name is one of the lucky ones to be given this title. 

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      I just noticed I spelled recruitment wrong. I can spell, promise xD

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