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  1. I'm kind of suprised to hear that. I never participated in the facebook group for just that reason. I would have thought that peoples real names and faces would have calmed thing down but, apparently not. Shame but its the right choice!
  2. I haven't played this game for like 2 years. Every time I come on here, I have about 50 notifications someones linked to my status update post 😂

  3. Anyone remember Unite 2017? I'm trying to find some clips I made for it.

  4. Wow, looking back on a year or two ago, just thinking how much this place meant to me back then. Been so busy the past year trying to get my dream job (nearly there)

    1. SuperHoops


      Hopefully all your hard work pays off! :) Wish you all the best getting your dream job, good luck! 

  5. Well, it's been a while since I've been here... :lol:

  6. I'm making some stuff. Come and keep me company! http://twitch.tv/trademarkgamer1 

  7. I'm probably late to the party but, dark mode is back

    1. sshadmin


      Just a tad late ;) 

  8. Is there any plan to reintoduce dark mode and is there a expected date? Been using dark mode since I joined due to the fact the light one hurts my eyes and makes it harder to read
  9. Looks like the forums have become more mobile friendly. Nice

  10. Preferably, you should keep the evidence up forever. That way people can't complain that there's no evidence of their ban after it's been lifted In that case they can feedback and ask for it to be removed. permanent bans are never lifted, so you would need to keep it up forever. Not that TMP will take action against you if you don't
  11. Um.... No. A number and a link are two different things. If you're looking at a number just striaght up, there's no way to know who it is without a bit off effort. Here, it's a link. Some one can accidentally click and.... I've already explained this cba to write it out
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