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  1. Drive For Life 2021 is looking for staff


  2. Yess! Some bangers in there Classic Cause I'm frozen in motion and my head tells me to stop But my heart goes Ba-ba-ba-dum ba-ba-dum ba-ba-dum Ba-ba-ba-dum ba-ba-dum ba-ba-da-dum
  3. Not bad! YES. Rain is a banger! Only just listened to this on spotify, sounds great!
  4. Heya Nathy!

    Just wanted to say a big congratulations on your new role at TMP as trainee!



    1. Nathan7471


      Thanks Arran.

  5. Walking, chatting rubbish on the radio and more importantly consume an unhealthy amount of Netflix/Amazon Prime Video/Youtube
  6. I'm the same, depends how I'm feeling on what my favorite song is haha! I wouldn't be having that @Vexus. Although to be fair it is a good song Shay
  7. All such brilliant suggestions! I've noted them down and added them to my spotify playlist.
  8. So! If you don't know I'm a presenter at TruckersFM. I'm currently looking at buying a few more songs to add to my library. So, this begs the question: What songs do you actually like? If I were to choose at the moment I'd have a song from back from 2017 which radiates the feel good vibes! Banners - Someone To You is my pick.
  9. wait. are you Owen M? Also Edge is based off of Chromium which is open source. See here; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromium_(web_browser)
  10. New Edge is a redesigned Chrome. Not a fan and I don't think I ever will be one.
  11. Flying solo on TruckersFM this afternoon!

    You can find me from 12PM BST with Saturday Afternoons.


    Click here!



  12. I enjoy driving on the Calais to Duisburg road. Also, drives with the community manager Matt are really fun! I also enjoy streaming too! You can find my channel at twitch.tv/arranonradio
  13. Been busy today.




  14. Attended Athena's 1 year streamversary yesterday!



    1. TFM_Flaming


      Nice photo :)

    2. Vexus.


      Great photo, Arran! ❤️ 

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