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  1. In Europe(except Britain island due to traffic flow side difference); all drivers have to stick to lane 1(if we count from right). If you want to overtake someone, who is driving in 1st lane, you can merge to 2nd lane. Another situation, if highway exit is from 1st lane then you can merge to 2nd lane as well. If someone goes in 2nd lane, then overtaking must be from 3rd lane, if 3rd lane exists. If 3rd lane does not exist then you have to wait the front of vehicle' merging back to 1st lane. Overtaking cannot be done from right side in Europe. In Britain island, counting is from left, all other things are similar. All drivers have to stick to 1st lane(counting starts from left side). Overtakings are from 2nd or 3rd lane. Noone can overtake from left side.
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