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  1. bluesbass's post in Truckers mp is not a valid win32 apllication was marked as the answer   
    Your OS must be at least 64bit Windows 7 SP1.
  2. bluesbass's post in Spot lights was marked as the answer   
    You can open them from F4 menu. While you are in-game press F4. You can find what you need to change or open.
  3. bluesbass's post in Speed limit with trailer was marked as the answer   
    External Contracts means World of Truck Contracts. Both of them are same thing. If you take External Contract trailer, you will limit on 90 km/h.
  4. bluesbass's post in Can I find a person's "Truckersmp ID" on the forums? was marked as the answer   
    If you select the save log datas from tab screen menu, you can find it from Document->ETS2MP/ATSMP->logs->date_spawning_log  . Open that spawning log with notepad and use CTRL+F and search that player's name or in-game ID. While searching with in-game ID, write like this "(xxxx). 
    For example, if that player's in-game ID is 1254, so write (1254) to the search box. 
    If you close saving the log datas, you should use /pinfo command. If you don't know how is it working, I can explain shortly. While you are in-game, if the player rams/insults/blocks you, you should write "/pinfo xxx" to chat. xxx means that player's in-game ID.
  5. bluesbass's post in halloween was marked as the answer   
    TruckersMP hasn't supported Schwarzmuller DLC yet. SCS added a few things to Halloween DLC and TMP again doesn't support them yet. Asap TMP will support them.
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