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  2. Gainer

    Crash if I try to change player tag colour

    Hello, Please follow this steps: Press the Windows Key+R (Win+R) on your keyboard Enter "%programdata%" and press Enter (without the quotes) Find the folder "TruckersMP" and delete that folder. Navigate to C:\Program Files\ and delete the folder named "TruckersMP Launcher" Go to our website and re-download and install the Launcher with admin privileges https://truckersmp.com/download/ Open The Launcher with admin privileges and click "Install Available Updates" Step 2: In order to verify your game cache, go to your 'Library' and find 'Euro Truck Simulator 2'. Once you find it, 'Right Click' and go to the 'Properties ' tab. This will open up the properties tab. Go to the third sub-tab that says 'Local Files' where you will be presented with the following options. Click on the last option to begin the validation process. This might take a few minutes. Once all the files are validated, if any corrupt instances are found, then Steam will redownload those particular files for you. If not you will be greeted with a box that says no errors. You have verified your game cache successfully. Also maybe you can browse this topics: With all respect, Gainer
  3. Gainer

    Speed limiter turn on itself

    Hello there, Please follow this steps: Disable the speed limiter in the TruckersMP tab menu Also any speed on External Contracts can not go more than 90 km/h. Step 2: Just open C:\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\ and navigate into the folder of your current profile. Open 'config.cfg' with a Text Editor, search for the line "uset g_use_speed_limiter" and make sure to put a "0" next to it. Then save and close the config-file and check if your speed limiter keeps disabled now. With all respect, Gainer
  4. Gainer

    raising sensitivity

    Hello, You can not exceed the maximum steering sensitivity. But you can increase the sensitivity by changing mouse dpi settings: On your computer, open Control Panel, and select View by Small icons or View by Large icons. Click Mouse to open Mouse Properties. Select the Pointer Options tab. In the Motion section, drag the slide to select a pointer speed for your mouse. Uncheck the box next to Enhance pointer precision. This is optional. Pointer precision causes the mouse pointer to move different lengths depending on how fast you move your mouse, which is negative for gamers. So we recommend to disable it. After selecting a properly pointer speed, click Apply and OK to save the settings. With all respect, Gainer
  5. Gainer

    Setup error 0x80070002

    Hello Make sure you choose the correct path when installing the multiplayer mod. When it asks you for your game directory: Go to steam and right click on "Euro Truck Simulator 2" on the list to the left on your game library. Choose "Properties". Choose "Local Files", and click on "Browse Local Files". Copy the path on the top, inside the text box. (For example, mine is "D:\Programfiler\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2"). Paste the path into where the installation asked you for it. With all respect, Gainer
  6. Gainer

    Oyuna Girmeme Sorunu

    Merhaba, bu çözüm yolu işinize yarayabilir: Windows+R yaparak Çalıştır'ı açın Açılan pencereye "%programdata%" yazın Pencerede çıkan TruckerMP klasörünü silin Başlatıcıyı yeniden kurun ve yönetici olarak çalıştırın. Son olarak Windows Güvenlik Duvarı'nın bağlantıyı engellemediğinden emin olun. Windows Güvenlik Duvarı ve Geri Yükleme varsayılanlarını açarak başlayın. Saygılarımla, Gainer
  7. Gainer

    mod ETS 2 MP

    Hello, Please look at this article: I hope its helper to u With all respect, Gainer
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  9. Gainer

    ets 2 mp crash.log hatası yardım

    Merhaba, Bu konu sana yardımcı olucaktır: Saygılarımla, Gainer
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  11. Gainer

    Launcher Issue

    Hello, Try this solutions: If you are using Win 7 make sure you have Service Pack installed. Try to run the TruckersMP as administrator. If you are using any mods turn them off Make sure you put correct path when you install the TruckersMP - default path is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2\ Turn off antivirus/firewall In additon this video will be useful Browse this topic With all respect, Gainer
  12. Gainer

    I can´t log in

    Hello, Try this solutions: Change your e-mail address. There is a known issue that some of the e-mail addresses do not work when logging into the MP client. Change your e-mail address of the account to one that will work with the MP client. An example would be Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail account. In order to change your e-mail address, you need to contact Support team and have them change your e-mail address. Simply create a new ticket and ask them to change your e-mail address for your account. Make sure that @ symbol is working when you're logging into MP. Sometimes it's easy to miss that you have not entered the @ symbol for your e-mail address when logging in. If that's the case, you need to either hold down ALT and type 64 (using numpad) to create the @ symbol, or copy and paste one into the login screen. Make sure you're logging in with the correct Steam account (the one that is linked with your ETS2MP profile). You need at least 2 hours of single player play. (I suggest 4 hours of single player) With all respect, Gainer
  13. Gainer

    Game freeze

    Hello, Try this solutions: Start TruckersMP as admin Try to reinstall the MP completely Make sure your graphic driver is up to date Browse this topic With all respect, Gainer
  14. Gainer

    Unsuported game version

    Hello there, Please browse this topic: With all respect, Gainer
  15. Gainer

    Im having problem with downgrade

    Hello, On Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2 there is a folder called profiles. Back go to this folder and copy the game.sii that is in the latest auto save folder, then replace it with the game.sii that it is in Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles/auto save folder (backup that game.sii before replacing it) now open the game and load the latest auto save. Hope it helps! With all respect, Gainer