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  1. Funox

    Adding a game.

    Yes, it has, thanks!
  2. Funox

    Adding a game.

    Recently I got American Truck Simulator and wanted to play it in MP. But the problem is, I have only installed ETS2MP on the TruckersMP launcher and I don't know how to add ATS to it. I already checked solved topics and wanted to filter it but I didn't know how to describe this problem.
  3. I really like playing also F1 2019 and Sea of Thieves.
  4. Yes, it’s normal to see such players. Well, I suggest you make another account and get about enough money to pay for repairs but still have money. Because there are always players that like to destroy your truck and destroy the fun of others. I really wanna know why they do it. They should keep in mind, that there are players that actually want to drive normally. It’s just horrible. I suggest you always record videos while driving because you’re never safe from trollers.
  5. I really like the Scania S. It's a powerful truck and I really love the Mighty Griffin DLC! It just brings in so much new customization options and I really like it.
  6. Funox


    Thanks for the help. My question got answeredy
  7. Funox


    How can you get reputation? This may sound stupid, but I really don’t know. I got 1 reputation and I have no idea how I got it.
  8. Funox

    Help me choose

    I personally like the Scania S as it accelerates fast but also has a good power. But I it’s your choice about which truck you wanna drive.
  9. - F1 2019 - Sea of Thieves Adding onto Sea of Thieves. Its a really cool game you should really check it out. Its an Action-Adventure game and basically you’re a sailor and you can search for treasures or fight skeletons. - Sims 4 - Minecraft - Bus Simulator 18 - Infinite Flight (Mobile) - City Skylines - Assassins Creed
  10. I am using GPS Voice Navigation as it is a really cool feature! If you’re not paying attention, the Voice Navigation may be a helpful way to get to your destination. So, yes I am and I recommend using the GPS Voice Navigation.
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