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  1. LordBenji's post in Complete job in singleplayer was marked as the answer   
    Hello @Maix785,
    For the issue with the time, I don't think you can do anything about it, since the time doesn't flow the same way on multiplayer. Unless you want to save edit the time it'll expire...
    But when you get a game change detected, can you provide the game log? Make sure that you don't start the game again after encountering the game change, or else it will be overwritten.

    It might be possible that when you go in single player, that there was caravan cargo in job list that it cannot load. I have put these two files in my mod folder and there is no more problem with Skoda and Caravans. First one has files for the Caravan (and escort van?), and second one has files for the actual Skoda. Asir already explained where to get it, but the "sh" Skoda is in Shared folder instead of ETS2, if you want to grab it too.

  2. LordBenji's post in TMP neige ? was marked as the answer   
    Bon puisque je ne suis pas "Full Support", je ne peux pas déplacer ce topic dans la section Aide.
    Pour régler le problème de neige qui tombe, il faut ouvrir la liste des joueurs (Tab), clic droit (sourie devient jaune), et clique sur l'engrenage en jaune en bas de la liste de joueur. Tu verra une option "Season effects" je pense que ça s'appelle, et tu devra la décocher. Si la neige n'arrête pas de tomber, redémarre le jeu tout simplement.
  3. LordBenji's post in On the update of yesterday was marked as the answer   
    City speed limit on simulation server (Europe #1) is 60 km/h, and on other servers is 80 km/h.
  4. LordBenji's post in ShadowPlay stops working when Alt-Tabbing was marked as the answer   
    After looking at all errors and warnings, I didn't find any traces of ETS 2 and ShadowPlay.
    Then I did one of the things that NVIDIA Customer Support asked me to do, which was to revert back to an older version of my NVIDIA Driver. After going through a lengthy process of uninstalling my display driver in safe mode, then installing the older version that I downloaded from NVIDIA website (388.71 for notebook), that seems to do the trick. Weird thing is I still see the red line for maybe one or two seconds... But I tested manual recording and instant replay, going back and forth a few times.
    Now I hope it stays like that... 
  5. LordBenji's post in Kicked for AFK while in Dealership was marked as the answer   
    Sadly, the AFK timer is set to 10 minutes exactly (yes I tested it). If you're not moving, or typing in the chat/using commands, the timer will run.
    For your profile, try loading a previous save from before you were configuring your new truck. The last auto save might have got corrupted.
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