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  1. I have save edited the paint job of the skoda to a truck paintjob and it looks super nice. The rules at §3.3 say that i am allowed to edit the paintjob. But when i do, i get kicked from the server. I only changed the paint job. Why does it do this?
  2. Quinten462

    New Game Mode

    If this is a private server they should add mod support
  3. Well, you can use this site: http://www.ets2sync.com/en/ Remember that after a while you need to do this again to sync it with your friends jobs.
  4. Quinten462

    Winter mod

    Hello I wonder that if it's possible to get wintermod working all though it's not officially available right now? Since winter mod is still in the 'mods' menu in the MP settings. I guess that i have to download a .mp file to put into the C:\Program Files\TruckersMP\data\ets2\mods folder. If so, where can i download the winter mod? Thanks in advance
  5. Probably trucks. But i like them both. I use trucks to deliver goods and when i want to discover the map i use the car just for fast driving ;p
  6. I like the police pictures the most
  7. Back from vacation

    1. Stuart  (GB)

      Stuart (GB)

      Did you go anywhere nice ?

    2. Quinten462
  8. Quinten462

    Promods server

    Maybe in the future, but i don't think so
  9. Leave something nice down here and tomorrow i look at the comments
  10. It sounds weird but sometimes i like to play with a keyboard, sometimes i like to play with a xBox 360 controller and sometimes i like to play with a steering wheel. :P

    1. scs software

      scs software

      XD that just like me :P i know how you feel 

    2. SlavaH


      makes it more intresting in game tbh, driving with keyboard is fun sometimes

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