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  1. moi et mon amis on joue en multi  avec rbook je voudrait faire  en clip sur contracr externe mais comment on fait pour avoir la mene misson ou trajet pour aller a la meme endroit comment faire merci

  2. Happy Birthday JarFull!

    Hope you get the skin you wish for!

  3. Learn to be non corrupt Mr Harv #Nibba

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    2. JarFull


      You lot might as well have the email binded on your keyboards

    3. Aestrial


      Locked to prevent arguments, stop with these status updates.

    4. AbbieGator


      If anyone wants to start something, please don't. I don't want to issue punishments for something so short sighted.

  4. Good evening my friend, SlavaH!

  5. Kak on tuda idet, nadeyus', chto vy poluchili vashi ogni, truby, dubabrites i vashi Redbulls poppin v techeniye nochi

    1. SlavaH


      Tang On Bang

    2. jacoblovekw


      bang the tang :troll:


    Pozhaluysta, prodvin'te @kieron330 i @JarFull v admin, kak poslednyuyu shutovuyu shutovdu aprelya, i zabud'te udalit' ikh! Oni ochen' khoroshiye adminy

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    2. Ki3ron




    3. [VIVA HH] Kravatie
    4. Miles!


      this convo remind of this spasiba blin ya tebya lyublu  @SlavaH))


  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Sounds like an improved in game experience to me mate xD

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    2. stilldre1976


      Would love to see krav doing a live admin stream lmao :troll:

    3. Alex [ITA]

      Alex [ITA]

      Nah... @Kravaty would ban everyone just like this:

      /ban 1441 just just cuz i can! hahaha!

    4. SlavaH


      just cant take the truth m8

  9. Can a mod please stop that guy from spamming? Not hard.

  10. support for alot of stuff added, nice one!
  11. So sorry to hear about you not being a trail, you can always retry whenever there is a vacancy :)

  12. Hello, Please try to reset your economy Alternatively, If you would like a profile that has some money and XP on so you do not have to keep on doing quick jobs (Be aware quick jobs do not work in MP so you have to do them in SP). Money and XP Profile (ETS2.LT - Euro Truck Simulator) To Install the Profile 1: Navigate to this inside your computer: "Your Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/Profiles" "Your Documents/American Truck Simulator/Profiles" 2: Once there take the massive folder made of numbers and drag and drop it into this folder. 3: Run your game and the profile should be visible, and you're ready to get in game and customize trucks and controls and other things to your liking. Kind Regards, RhysH
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