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  1. Hows everyones nice summers afternoon :D:) 

    1. Anriandor


      Hey ;) It is a rather nice afternoon indeed. Just a bit too hot in my opinion...


      What are you doing, though?

  2.  so in duisburg yesterday and the services was jam packed full of rammers and blockers, this useless admin thought hed sit back and watch it all and just have a general conversation then when i ask him politly to sort the mess out he decides to abuse power like most the staff round here (Dont just lock this or tell me to email feedback im still waiting for my reply 4 months ago) vBLl1nP.jpg?1@Penguin

    1. Penguin


      "penguin your useless" - Sorry but I'm doing my best, with all the reports that there are, and you choose to tell me I'm useless. We're not your personal admins, and we can only take action against things that we SEE, not things that happened in the past.


      Mods, lock please.

    2. Aestrial


      Not the place. Your calling the admin 'useless' is more than worthy of a kick, no disputes about that.


      And yes, I will tell you to email feedback, as using the feedback email is the absolute correct place for this to be dealt with, if you wish to air a complaint.


      And on that note, no need for further comments.

  3. Will be opening a VTC very soon !! Will be looking for members and management please comment or message me and ill get in touch on steam if you want to help be part of this new and upcoming VTC !!!!!!

  4. RIP Nan :(:( 

  5. Going live on twitch now convoying on TruckersMP EU2 come along join me in stream and come for a drive with me :) , Also eventually when my stream becomes bigger ill be recruiting twitch moderators :) -


  6. How is everyone this morning, im going for a drive in 15 mins time at 12:15PM (UK TIMEZONE) meeting in calais hotel ill be streaming over at - :) 


  7. Love that I can now drive with trailer DLC great work TruckersMP !!!!!!

  8. Any admins available someone blocking on brussels junction - EU2 thanks

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    2. Ki3ron


      sam your banned on 2 accounts pal clear off :D and @JarFull get on ts pal ;)


    3. Azyer


      Ima coming

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      an admin could be parked their but is probably dealing with reports in game not afk

  9. Time to hit the roads of MP ;) if you see me gimme a flash - ingame name: SLT | Kieron | CEO

  10. Oh lovely back on the forumns after a lengthy 14 day ban hahah ;)


  11. Hello any admins available for EU3 Mmanheim carpark got a truckfest and full of blocked roadand people blocking in the carpark and not moving appriciate any help thanks

  12. Hello are any TMP admins available to come to my truckfest and convoy this evening at 7PM UK timezone , Got a load of people coming ets2c link here:


    If any admin or admins can make it id be very grateful TMP staff can park with us in SLM&TMP staff slot parking plan is here also :

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    2. Ki3ron


      Not sure the truckfest starts in 2 hours 8 mins time


    3. SubtleGTA [HKG]
    4. Ki3ron


      Thanks subtle


  13. Heya guys all go check out my idiots on the road , All of this was recorded within about 30 mins hahah have fun and enjoy ;) -  Dont forget to give me a little like and subscribe ;) 


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    2. Shovali


      @CroTruck everyone see his videos ! :P  

    3. heyhococo


      There's a difference between in game rules and YouTube videos... For example when using "Idiots on the road" that's just a generic term whereas calling someone an idiot is aimed directly at them- which would be insulting

    4. El1teZombiezHD




      I said anymore issues regarding this status would deem it locked

  14. Streamed a lovely drive down Duisburg road today lets say my load was late after a 30 min traffic jam however at least it had 0% Damage ;)

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    2. KrewlexDesigns


      Yeah its annoying but what can you do , its a part of the charm in MP :D:D

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      ^Yup, MP would be a bit boring if everyone drove perfectly

    4. KrewlexDesigns


      @DavidOC93 | Killua Cant agree more on that . Thats why mostly I play on eu2 , eu1 is a bit boring lol :D

  15. Can i ask how long you take to answer appeals you saw mine 10 hours ago i didnt know if you had forgot about it hope to speak soon thanks

    1. Syntog


      Admins will respond, you just have to be patient. There is no need to bother them more about it.