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  1. Anyone know someone who could save edit a front wheel on a tag axle, to make it a proper tag axle look....instead of the double wheels on the scs tag axle, thanks!

    1. JarFull


      No good for tipper work anyway big boy

  2. New name idea: ScaniaV8Freak ;)

    1. VolvoFHFreak


      Stop giving me ban evading names!!:P:D

  3. yeah forgot about fixing trailers aswell @KL-Serge
  4. Think you were reading the wrong facebook group??? The majority of people in the facebook group wanted no cooldown on the command
  5. Would all of this even of happened if they didn't remove the no damage mod in the first place? -_- 

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    2. VolvoFHFreak


      not our problem they didnt vote is it xD

    3. konfig0


      Not yours no, but it is ours.

    4. VolvoFHFreak


      not really your problem either really, they cant complain if they didnt participate in the vote


  6. Good job mate, seen you on all day yesterday when I was on and pretty much all last week, probably the most active admin I have seen on the game for a long time! :)

    1. PursuitGamer6


      Just because he just got admin... lmao

  7. So EU#2 server is full..so what does that mean?....yes people spawning everywhere in the road -_-

  8. search for Logitech Game Profiler and download a old version from chip or so not from the original side.


    1. Lowpixel
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    2. // Lowpixel[Ger]

      // Lowpixel[Ger]

      ask me for the stepps i hate it I was member for 2years and active at least 2 hours a day and had only 5 bans now i got a 12hour ban for saying idiot to a guy driving on the wrong side and now i have a 3Months Ban for History! And the 4 other I can tell why i got them..... 

    3. // Lowpixel[Ger]

      // Lowpixel[Ger]

      The other bans were like only 1 hour or so too...

    4. // Lowpixel[Ger]
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