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  1. @scarface0359 @Anriandor Informative thoughts all together. thank you. Interesting point- so even a report is declined, it may not be 'negative report'... how could this be? ahhh why did the team delete 'thumb up'? It was useful to mark the useful comment to quote, separating it/them from the rest when I come here to read/share...share button is good but I can't use it as I translate. Plus taking my fun out :< Anyway, I think it is a good idea since I am totally fed up with players just can't shut their mouth - 'rec''report''against the rule'. Just use common sense and report only the case really matters overall. eg. trolls on convoy. reckless driving. OFC you should report the 'bad drivers' but who makes 50 bad reports anyway? so there
  2. ฅ(^ω^ฅ) ニャ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ᗦ↞◃ ᗦ↞◃<-pressies

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      Thank you :D

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      welcome・*:.。..。.:*゚:*∈(゚◎゚)∋・*:.。..。.:*゚:*enjoy your day

  3. @Bonnm ¬¬ do you even know what this thread was about? 'questionnaire' do not have 'right or wrong' answer. I am afraid this thread is not even a feed-back route though I can see you are trying to protect. You have your admin community to care, and I have my own community with players to care. What I mentioned earlier is 'my own report' to smoothen up the gap between. If you stand in my positon, you should be able to understand what I have done there (though there is Japanese lacking, that's the base of my translation)- I wasn't complaining, its the fact, a mental note. Cheers
  4. Now I see. It was created to help Admins to even out or avoid the job serge during certain hours! I have the answer to take back to my community now as I was told this new system is (2) NOT WORKING (seeing my translation of the post from mwl4)..'its a new system but it doesn't work from the start! How disappointing!'. I was puzzled back then because I don't know how this new system supposed to work then. ??????? This means players STILL need to record their own gameplay footage because:- - the online reports needs to be seen by available online admins on spot (no action is taken) - rollback is 2min - reports timeout after 10min (no action is taken) ....and how do players know if admins are around dealing with their case or not ;p >noting of my note<
  5. oh btw, i have been told i have sent someone a large file, containing my pictures this morning. yeah, don't open it- it looks as if there are naked picture of me but it doesn't ...just a virus.... this is a true story since i opened something last night by mistake.... so yeah, don't open it... and i am so happy to share a potion of my informtion with CIA ...making sure i tell everyone that i am taking the shower right now on my phone as well.
  6. happy birthday :3 happened to be here, so!


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      Thank you! <3

  7. ゚*。.ヾ(ღ◕ܫ◕)ノ⊹⊱HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY⊰⊹ヽ(◕ܫ◕ღ).。*゚

  8. You took over the community leader job from @HumaneWolf in 2016. Original suggestion made to Humanewolf was to have the 'rules' written in Japanese if to implement and apply TMP rules to the community'. You have declined my offer to translate it all as you have Japanese speaking member in hand therefore it is not necessary. This is the reason why I tagged you here @Trucking Australia
  9. meow! returned from my 3 months long wander walk. May I ask how's the Japanese translation /translator you were talking about (any progress)? @Trucking Australia [for rules etc.] /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ✿\ ? ? ?
  10. May not be everyone's taste but you can't deny its not real Shall I suggest 'make-up' pack to SCS? Make-up Pack consists of: Fur (pack of 4 covers really) which comes with special eye-lashes...if not furry truck parts @HumaneWolf
  11. Hello Is it allowed to have fur on the trucks and tructors in mp?
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