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  1. Merry Christmas! *<l:-{)}}}}

  2. 250,000/250,000 jobs reached for the 3rd time! GG, new cabin decoration!

  3. 247,743 / 250,000 jobs for the 3rd reach!

  4. 248,478 / 250,000 jobs Wot event 

    1. [23]ThunderSky
    2. Marc [NL]

      Marc [NL]

      New cabin decoration received.

  5. ETS have update /!\

  6. Marc [NL]

    Hot topic #8: 1.33 beta and release

    1.33 is AMAZING! new trailers, doubles and extra long doubles (for Finland only). Nice trailer updates and game upgrades.
  7. How to get 385/55 as rear tire?

  8. Do the event works if you downgrade ETS?

    1. Hinter
    2. novice


      yes, you can do event after downgrading, it works

  9. Marc [NL]

    New update trailer questions

    Its unlimited for each garage. Doubles can only be parked at Scandinavian garages.
  10. Marc [NL]

    [SCS Blog] Wood production chain

    Maybe in the upcomming game version where we can buy a trailer you drive with an empty trailer to the forest. You load it there with logs and drive it to a factory, unload it there and you can start a new job with the same trailer to bring wood to an other place.
  11. Marc [NL]

    Global speed limiter

    Thank you for leaving MP, road will be a little bit safer from now, who's next?
  12. Marc [NL]

    Global speed limiter

    *** why removed? Let those racing kids move to Need for Speed or something or make the Freeroam server without limiter.
  13. Marc [NL]

    150 Km/h update is good or not?

    Good update! Thank you.
  14. Marc [NL]

    New Police design (American)

    There are in ATS Singleplayer police cars with this skin, its a typical American skin. So yes for ATSMP. For ETSMP i like the current police skin, if you make something new try an european style. If you need some idea's take a look at my collection. https://imgur.com/a/gaJTT