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  1. Marc [NL]

    Road to Simulation

    Great update for the Simulation truckers! Thank you! And if it keeps a mess you can set the speedlimit to 90km/h.
  2. What about scale models with TrucksMP Logo?
  3. Merry Christmas! *<l:-{)}}}}

  4. 250,000/250,000 jobs reached for the 3rd time! GG, new cabin decoration!

  5. 247,743 / 250,000 jobs for the 3rd reach!

  6. 248,478 / 250,000 jobs Wot event 

    1. [23]ThunderSky
    2. Marc [NL]

      Marc [NL]

      New cabin decoration received.

  7. ETS have update /!\

  8. 1.33 is AMAZING! new trailers, doubles and extra long doubles (for Finland only). Nice trailer updates and game upgrades.
  9. How to get 385/55 as rear tire?

  10. Do the event works if you downgrade ETS?

    1. galantisCC
    2. novice


      yes, you can do event after downgrading, it works

  11. Maybe in the upcomming game version where we can buy a trailer you drive with an empty trailer to the forest. You load it there with logs and drive it to a factory, unload it there and you can start a new job with the same trailer to bring wood to an other place.
  12. Thank you for leaving MP, road will be a little bit safer from now, who's next?
  13. *** why removed? Let those racing kids move to Need for Speed or something or make the Freeroam server without limiter.
  14. There are in ATS Singleplayer police cars with this skin, its a typical American skin. So yes for ATSMP. For ETSMP i like the current police skin, if you make something new try an european style. If you need some idea's take a look at my collection. https://imgur.com/a/gaJTT
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