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  1. The best truck for a veteran driver?

    For High speed and corners you can play F1 2017 racing, here it is a truck simulator. So you should start with DAF 105 310-Engine
  2. New Police design (American)

    There are in ATS Singleplayer police cars with this skin, its a typical American skin. So yes for ATSMP. For ETSMP i like the current police skin, if you make something new try an european style. If you need some idea's take a look at my collection.
  3. Why do you go to Duisburg-Calais?

    I go there to spot stupid people and to drive 90km/h so other people have to overtake me and keep crashing in there own citizens, like [TR] crash [TR].
  4. Cast your vote for the /fix command

    I dont care what it should fix and where but we have to restrict the abuse of it, thats the important thing. For now i see No limit and No cooldown winning, the bad people of the server are winning here... /BAN more !!!
  5. [VOTE] Do you think /fix command is useful ?

    /Fix is not usefull, /Ban is more usefull.
  6. Choose truck configuration and heavyweight cargo

    I did 1 heavy cargo with my DAF 105 360HP engine. It works fine you only have to pass 3 cities on the highway to reach 90kp/h and no uphill
  7. Other Truck Accessories Not Loading

    I have the same since last update, maybe its done to reduce lagg?
  8. I was driving.... check

    I dont think its a hack, it think he is desynced from the server. This player dont see other people on the road and he dont get damage or crashing, I have seen it on the C-D traffic jam multiple times, a trucker was driving through the whole lane of trucks waiting in the jam. People fly away and he was still driving normally through us and drove away to continue his job.
  9. Trucks swap mod

    @ _p51dmustang_ You can place the mighty griffin rear bumpers only on DAF 105 (old DAF) because SCS did something with the DAF rearbumper now it is a sepperate part of the truck but normally you cant change it in the shop only by save editing. The same for the exhaust pipes, SCS made a spot behind the scania cab where you can place these exhaust pipes. Other trucks dont have this spot.
  10. Fastest Truck?

    You dont need a fast truck because its trucking not racing. You can better buy F1 2016 for fast vehicles.
  11. raising awareness for high beams

    The kids here are afraid in the darkness so they put their truck full of lights and drive the whole night with high beams...
  12. Max amount of beacons

    Hello, Suggestion Name: Max amount of beacons auto-kick Suggestion Description: My suggestion is to add a script that will kick you if you have more than 2 beacons on your truck. Any example images: Why should it be added?: I report ingame alot of people who have trucks full with beacons everywhere and no admin take action about it. 2 beacons and the bigger orange lightbar should be allowed. As long as nothings will change about it the lagg and chaos will remain at garages and high frequent roads. Yesterday admins were screaming they kick people who use beacons on Calais-Duisburg road but no 1 got kicked...
  13. EU#2 ''Überlastung oder Serverarbeiten''

    SCS is starting an event with World of Trucks so they have to get things ready. WOT servers will be up as soon as possible.
  14. Why you are speed limited in EU#2

    No speedlimit doesnt mean that you must go faster than 90km/h all the time. I like trucking so i drive 90km/h, EU1 is almost empty so i play in EU2. If i want to drive faster than 90km/h i go play F1 racing. If there are no nice jobs in the normal market i take one from WOT contracts so i have alot more destinations and freight options to choose from. Please slow down to get safe roads!