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  1. всё просто, белый шварц это реф и возит он только замороженную продукцию, а черный шварц возит всё подряд)
  2. Shootout to @El1teZombiezHD (for organizing this event), @Horizon (for staying strong in day1) and all other admins helping with this event, you guys are awesome, was really fun to participate, i hope to see more events like this. GG to all real racers (not speedhackers)
  4. bumping old threads should be bannable
  5. ooooooh, ok i found those times, ty guys
  6. ^ xD thanks man, but where did you find it? all i have is this
  7. i don't see any times in google sheet, am i blind?
  8. msi afterburner включён? если да, то вырубаем его и запускаем лаунчер, вуаля, всё работает)
  9. google drive? lul this is not how it works
  10. dude, really? -1 Do you realize how big must be storage server to keep all video evidences FOREVER? Like hundreds of terabytes even after video compressing, now try to guess how much would it cost to run this server 24/7 with good hosting.. like thousand of dollars monthly, do you still think this is a good idea? We have youtube for videos and imgur for pictures, FOR FREE, you can upload as much as you want and our content will stay there FOREVER! All you have to do is to make an account, that's not hard.
  11. конечно можно, всегда так поступаю с особо отбитыми
  12. confirmed, unplayable atm, in mwl4 we trust
  13. ^ this is not a crashlog please post your logs here