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  1. Slated for a fix for scout car version 140.
  2. As of testing on 1/14/21 it appears to be working.
  3. Item has been fixed for both games and will be pushed in the next scout car update.
  4. Fixed with Scout updated for version 139 ( Jan 2021 )
  5. Fixed with Scout updated for version 139 ( Jan 2021 )
  6. Fixed with Scout updated for version 139 ( Jan 2021 )
  7. Fixed with Scout update for version 139 ( Jan 2021 )
  8. This is fixed with Scout car update for 139 ( Jan 2021 )
  9. This was fixed some time ago when the caravan cargo was removed from the Freight Market.
  10. [ADD-ON TEAM] @b738pilot left the team due to personal reasons.
  11. [ Support + Translation ] @Krisi1051 has left the translation team, and has joined the addon team. He will maintain his role as Support, also!
  12. [Player]@b738pilot has joined the Add-On team.
  13. [Player] @GetForkStabbed has joined the Add On team.
  14. [Player] @•Nika• joined the team as an Addon Team member.
  15. Hello @Ainu and thank you for your question, For a long time we were against adding new vehicles since we felt that this game was a truck driving simulation at its core and that's how it should remain. Over time, we have realized that playing on TruckerMP should be a unique experience and that deviating from the core values of ETS2/ATS is a good thing. Internally, we have come up with some plans to allow certain vehicles to be used on regular servers - not only just for staff but for players as well. Currently, we are making something that would enable the deployment of drivable AI
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