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  1. please help me

    The jobs don't show up in the freight market in multiplayer. You have 3 options that you can do: -Pick external contract -Drive to each company and look at the jobs -Use a program like ets2sync to alter your save game and add jobs that can be seen in the freight market
  2. 4200 on #EU2 Server

    I like the new numbers anything that allows 500 more people to be on is amazing. I do notice the cities are getting quite busy now, tho.
  3. Which DLC do you recommend?

    I'd say either Scandinavia or Italia are great DLC. Another good one is def cabin accessories and the trailer pack also tuning pack. Gosh they are all good!
  4. TruckersMP & GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

    Something to keep in mind is that even with ban evaders possibly getting around their bans, we will always catch them. Since, more than likely, they will just break the rules again. By having a strong admin team and strong player base to catch rule breakers, we will catch them and just ban them again.
  5. What do you think about caravan

    @GHKTruc You should be able to pick up a caravan no problem. However, you can only use them with the skoda car.
  6. Custom TMP Website Style

    Nice work digital! Looks pretty HAWT
  7. Websites to upload evidence

    Hi, personally I use YouTube and then just must in game audio as its not really needed for a report. Although, some good alternatives are Vimeo and
  8. At Viva we are always searching for drivers. Please feel free to do an app today and it will get taken care of ASAP. Thanks for your interest!
  9. Where would you like the next dlc to go to?

    I'd like to do some driving in Spain however some parts of Russia could be next as well.
  10. @cFerguson It's a program that runs on your computer and then posts to the website after the job is complete. The tool is also responsible for running our live map. It also works and shows full truck status in Discord.
  11. Save Editing. A 50 State Legal Combo

    This is neat and I have seen this before on the road. @rain22 You may want to put this here so it could be considered.
  12. Thanks for the fun drive last night + @MattTM

    1. MattTM


      It was fun! Thanks for tagging along deer :D

    2. K0rnholio


      No problem it was fun. Your welcome to tag along anytime. :wub:

  13. About kicks and teleport to service

    I imagine the teleport is to get you out of the road and the kick is because you were breaking the rules (blocking). It doesn't really matter whether it was from another player or not.
  14. Your First and or Second Truck?

    First truck is definitely the Mercedes New Actros. The second truck of mine was the Mercedes Old School Actros.
  15. Together we drive!

    That's good news! It makes it easier for event organizes to plan something and get it out.