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  1. Tip, after somone was ramming you

    I think sometimes its better to just let things go. Remember we are here to drive not get upset about someone trolling. Never let anyone else ruin your gaming experience.
  2. Which route would you like to be most congested?

    There is a lot of neat routes in Switzerland that I wish more people drove. Also the route between Bergen and Oslo is pretty good too, those mountains!
  3. When are you going to start streaming again, we miss you!

  4. Samsung vs Iphone

    I just switched from a iPhone 5c and I like the Samsung s8 better. The amount of customization is far superior. Also, I don't like how Apple was ripping people off with slower and slower updates. I will say that Google and LG also make some good phone too!
  5. GPS Sharing

    This is neat but I still think the best way to take a pic and upload to an image website.
  6. Lessons on backing in ETS2

    Thanks for this! Almost all of the base game parking is really easy. When you get to Italy and France there can be some tight spots. Even some in Scandinavia - Norr Food I'm looking at you.
  7. What wheels do you use on your truck?

    I really enjoy the wheel tuning pack and then having my wheels colored lime green. Really, lime green or bust!
  8. I am currently using a g920 + shifter and pedals its tons of fun. Before I got these I used mouse steering and it was pretty good.
  9. [Coming Soon] TruckFest 2018

    This will be tons of fun. Viva Trucking and its partners will be there.
  10. Discord or TS

    Welcome, hope to see you over at the TMP discord!
  11. Game Moderator Public Recruitment

    Good love TMP staff - always quality above quantity. Such a great team! +1
  12. What do you usually do in the multiplayer?

    I just usually make deliveries, but while doing this I explore new roads and see new places and of course meet new people.
  13. What is your favourite game?

    I definitely like ETS2 way better. The roads are more interesting and the scenery is way better. Also, since I'm an American than I can enjoy something I might never see. In ATS, American trucks are cool but the roads just go forever in one direction and the scenery is the same...just desert.
  14. F7 fuel pls help

    If you have no jobs you can try resetting your game economy to see if any appear.
  15. Creating one company profile for all VTC drivers?

    This is also useful for trading custom paint jobs to each other; the color hex codes are important for just the right look.