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  1. Duisburg artificial left turn lane

    If people respected the yield signs then we wouldn't have major traffic jams.
  2. @cFerguson It's a program that runs on your computer and then posts to the website after the job is complete. The tool is also responsible for running our live map. It also works and shows full truck status in Discord.
  3. Save Editing. A 50 State Legal Combo

    This is neat and I have seen this before on the road. @rain22 You may want to put this here so it could be considered.
  4. Thanks for the fun drive last night + @MattTM

    1. MattTM


      It was fun! Thanks for tagging along deer :D

    2. K0rnholio


      No problem it was fun. Your welcome to tag along anytime. :wub:

  5. Krone Trailer Save Edit

    I wonder if the Krone trailers will be their own DLC or if this is just a taste of them.
  6. About kicks and teleport to service

    I imagine the teleport is to get you out of the road and the kick is because you were breaking the rules (blocking). It doesn't really matter whether it was from another player or not.
  7. What should SCS do next?

    Well in addition to doing more DLC, they should also add some sort of buying your own trailer and doing different loads.
  8. Your First and or Second Truck?

    First truck is definitely the Mercedes New Actros. The second truck of mine was the Mercedes Old School Actros.
  9. The truck limit on C-D road is 60 km/h as far as slow speed there is no minimum speed rule. However, going too slow could result in issues since it causes problems for others.
  10. Together we drive!

    That's good news! It makes it easier for event organizes to plan something and get it out.
  11. American or European style? (Trucks)

    I love the cab over European trucks much better. The visibility is much better and the turning radius is smaller. They also are very stylish. US trucks are really large are cumbersome.
  12. what do you guys/girls hate about trolls

    Have to be honest here, I don't really care for trolls because they just don't get to me. I just drive and let other people drive how they want to around me. I also don't engage with liars or the sort. I'm not going to let someone ruin my day or driving time. If you can do that then they stop being troll.
  13. Which steering wheel do you use?

    I use the Logitech for G920 with shifter and pedals and I just love it. Much better than the Horri racing wheel I had before. Nice build quality to it as well.
  14. Disrespecting the Queue

    Just want to start off that there are many other roads other than CD road that are fun to travel down. That been said, I get close to the user in front of me so no one can cut in. As far as people on the shoulder, I may pull a little to the right to keep them from passing but that is about it - I ain't gonna ram them off the road nor grossly leave my lane. If traffic is moving I usually will let them in as long as it was a mistake. (like they couldn't stop in time) How I drive in game is the same way I drive in real life.
  15. Whats your income factor set to

    I never thought about the whole income factor thing. I usually leave mine at the normal value. For MP the income is pretty irrelevant. Now in SP with all my mods and stuff and play with realistic economy and I play for real.