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  1. TMP Staff In-Game Tag

    Accepted, will be done in the future.
  2. Reg: Accidents

    This will cause to much confusion and likely lead to even more dangerous situations. The best way to handle accidents would be clearing the road as quick as possible, then deciding for yourself if you are able to proceed your journey with the damage or to teleport to a nearby service station.
  3. PINFO command

    This suggestion has been opened for discussion
  4. Truck Pilot Painting

    No plans to add a pilot skin for trucks. The Scout car is a better solution.
  5. terms to use

    It's a bit of a strange suggestion. The Scout can be driven be everyone if they wish to do so. The car has not the best physics, but we are working on that.
  6. Police cars giving speeding tickets

    It's a fun roleplaying concept, but not something we will do as it's not within the duties of a Game Moderator.
  7. EU4 Toggle Collisions Command

    EU4 is our freeroam server and will have NCZ enabled. We will not make this toggable, NCZ will be enforced on everyone.
  8. [Web] Remove Translator from Recruitment Page

    As of yesterday, this is done.
  9. [Web] Remove Translator from Recruitment Page

    When the recruitment system was built, it wasn't taken into account to delete teams afterwards. So while we don't have this team anymore, we have no ability to remove this from the system. It's being worked on, so I'll move it to accepted. When it will happen? Unknown at this moment.
  10. TruckersMP Team

    [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Anriandor transfers to Game Manager. [GAME MODERATOR] @Pillow_ promoted to Community Manager.
  11. Talking to head management

    It's been said already, but you can reach out to us through feedback. We are more than happy to have a chat with you.
  12. Reports. IN-Game/Report System

    It's on our todo list.
  13. Een bericht voor Scar.

    Feedback tickets komen net als reports in een wachtrij, afhankelijk van waarover je feedback gaat kan dit rap verwerkt worden of juist niet. Omdat je aangegeven hebt andere feedback te willen indienen heb ik de juiste staff aangesproken om je ticket zo rap mogelijk te laten verwerken. Een tijdsindicatie kan ik niet geven, dit hangt af van meerdere factoren. Hopelijk kan je snel een nieuw feedback ticket indienen.
  14. Public Statement Regarding Recent Events

    TruckersMP is intended to be a close online community where all people with the same passion for virtual truckers can enjoy a great time together. Rules are put in place to ensure that everyone can enjoy driving on our virtual roads. With the recent events, our game management has reviewed a ban which involved a glitch and decided to remove this ban based on various facts. However, with the decision made a rule was not enforced and this should not have happened. Our management team has made a mistake here and we openly admit that this mistake has taken place. After a second review, with higher management involved, we revert the decision and the user in question is banned for violating rule 2.1 - bug abusing. In no way do we encourage our community to violate rules and to look for loopholes. We care for our community and we always aim for the best experience possible. All of us at the TruckersMP management would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused. For any questions you may have, we invite you to contact us through our feedback service so we are able to give you a personalized reply on your enquiry. Happy trucking.
  15. TruckersMP Team

    Due to a small change of direction in the upper staff, the following changes are being made. Everyone involved has been doing a great job as a community manager, in no way should this be seen as a demotion but rather as a change to ensure the best experience can be given to all our players. [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @ChrisPatrol leaves CM and remains Community Moderator Manager [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Nataliia leaves CM and remains Community Moderator Manager [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Digital leaves CM and remains Event Manager [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Sgt_Tailor leaves CM and remains Media Manager