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  1. Yes, I enjoyed it very much, chatting with friends and enjoying the scenery along the road together.
  2. Hello, player Game moderators are the same as all players, I don't think it's an honor to be a game moderator, in my opinion, it is not only about taking responsibility for maintaining the game environment, but also having a helping spirit to help players in need. As long as you become a game moderator, take this job well.
  3. Hello, player When driving, I think it is essential to use turn signals when we encounter intersections, roundabouts, and other needs to use turn signals. The use of turn signals is a friendlier form, which can alert the rear vehicle so that the rear vehicle has a good preparation.
  4. This is a video taken on the way, so please enjoy it
  5. Located at the end of the tunnel next to the E6 standard in Norway
  6. Was this an Easter egg found on the way from Vyusk to Moscheen, for TMP's ninth birthday?
  7. Driving at night is easy to find the road in multiple corners, so I like to drive during the day
  8. Do you know or what do you think is the hottest Euro Truck Simulator 2 club? Please give examples.
  9. I think so. There's nothing I can do to help, but I'm looking forward to the bus having a great interior
  10. You must know a new bus, do you know his real face? Outside, everything's fine, but inside, it's Iveco's cab
  11. I'm ranked as a rookie, but I think the higher the ranking, the better
  12. Chinese game moderators are now less and less, because some people in the language is inappropriate, there may be some Chinese game moderators such as shielding behavior, so as I just said. Because they spread it abroad, but no one who wants to be a serious game moderator would do anything stupid. Just the other day, I applied for support, and I hope it goes through because I have plenty of time. But the chances of it passing are pretty low.
  13. hello player. The new C-D route may have some bugs that need to be refined and modified by our development team. Maybe the old C-D route will stay.
  14. I joined Euro Truck Simulation 2 from 2019, and I had an exit on the way, but thankfully I'm back.
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