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  1. The wheels on the truck go round and round.

  2. Scar

    TruckersMP Team

    [VICE PROJECT MANAGER] @konfig0 steps down from his current position and continues as a Community Manager due to limited amount of available time. I'd like to thank Konfig for being of great value to the project management.
  3. Scar

    Racing Circuit

    "Racing" can be done on our freeroam server (#EU4) or on the racetrack on any ATS server. We currently don't have plans to add an alternative to this.
  4. Niet te veel natuurlijk, anders gaat het wat salty worden..
  5. Scar

    TruckersMP Team

    After evaluating the launch and first weeks of Human Resources, we'll be doing a few internal adjustments to improve performance and efficiency. One of those changes is the introduction of "Senior Human Resources", a person who will give direction to HR and ensure operational efficiency. [Human Resources] @KIKI_ promoted to Senior Human Resources
  6. Found a lost note from Santa, turned out to be a weather report of a snowstorm just south of the North Pole addressed to Pepper Minstix. Hopefully this doesn't affect Santa's job of delivering gifts to everyone :unsure:

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    2. [ATL] VLAD (UA)

      [ATL] VLAD (UA)

      Well...something cooking, what do you think dear truckers?)

    3. Fedora12


      It's coming...

  7. While it would be an awesome idea to get a server this big, there are various reasons as of why this will not be possible at this moment. It would be a hardware and financial nightmare to get this up and running.
  8. Scar

    patch vinden

    Open Steam, open de eigenschappen van Euro Truck Simulator 2 en ga naar het tabje "lokale bestanden" of "local files" en klik op de eerste knop om het te openen in verkenner. Kopieer dat pad en gebruik dat tijdens de installatie.
  9. Scar

    TruckersMP Team

    [SUPPORT] @Forz0214 has been kicked from the team due to conflict of interests.
  10. Scar

    TruckersMP Team

    [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @[LKW Tr.] Kap promoted to Community Manager.
  11. Scar

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MANAGER] @Smoky_TMP promoted to Vice Project Manager [GAME MODERATOR TEAM LEADER] @Aestrial promoted to Game Manager
  12. Scar

    TruckersMP Team

    [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @bluesbass transfered to support.
  13. No, as this will lead to many different servers over time when similar DLC types are being released. We rather look at a suitable solution for everyone, but it's taking much more time then expected.
  14. Scar

    TruckersMP Team

    [GAME MODERATOR TEAM LEADER] @KhaosHammer promoted to Community Moderation Manager
  15. This suggestion has been opened for Discussion
  16. This should be fixed now, could you test this for me?
  17. Already over a thousand entries, thank you so much everyone for taking your time for giving some feedback to us. Keep those entries coming in! We can't wait to get started on the feedback and find out how we can improve to give you a better experience! Thank you so much guys.
  18. Scar

    PINFO command

    This suggestion has been opened for discussion
  19. Scar

    TruckersMP Team

    [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Anriandor transfers to Game Manager. [GAME MODERATOR] @Pillow_ promoted to Community Manager.
  20. It's been said already, but you can reach out to us through feedback. We are more than happy to have a chat with you.
  21. Feedback tickets komen net als reports in een wachtrij, afhankelijk van waarover je feedback gaat kan dit rap verwerkt worden of juist niet. Omdat je aangegeven hebt andere feedback te willen indienen heb ik de juiste staff aangesproken om je ticket zo rap mogelijk te laten verwerken. Een tijdsindicatie kan ik niet geven, dit hangt af van meerdere factoren. Hopelijk kan je snel een nieuw feedback ticket indienen.
  22. TruckersMP is intended to be a close online community where all people with the same passion for virtual truckers can enjoy a great time together. Rules are put in place to ensure that everyone can enjoy driving on our virtual roads. With the recent events, our game management has reviewed a ban which involved a glitch and decided to remove this ban based on various facts. However, with the decision made a rule was not enforced and this should not have happened. Our management team has made a mistake here and we openly admit that this mistake has taken place. After a second review,
  23. Scar

    TruckersMP Team

    Due to a small change of direction in the upper staff, the following changes are being made. Everyone involved has been doing a great job as a community manager, in no way should this be seen as a demotion but rather as a change to ensure the best experience can be given to all our players. [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @ChrisPatrol leaves CM and remains Community Moderator Manager [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Nataliia leaves CM and remains Community Moderator Manager [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Digital leaves CM and remains Event Manager [COMMUNITY MANAGER] @Sgt_Tailor leaves CM and re
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