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  1. Scar's post in Form Update status post was marked as the answer   
    This should be fixed now, could you test this for me?
  2. Scar's post in Talking to head management was marked as the answer   
    It's been said already, but you can reach out to us through feedback. We are more than happy to have a chat with you.
  3. Scar's post in How can I join the developer team? was marked as the answer   
    Get in touch with us through feedback, include some of your work and show us your skills and experience so a developer can get back to you if deemed qualified.
    Keep in mind that your history will affect your chances, even if your skills are outstanding.
  4. Scar's post in A question about Ban Evading was marked as the answer   
    This is a difficult  matter.
    The user ban evading knows very well that he is evading, however, will pretend it's not. Unfortunately, we can not share critical evidence as that will show the methods we use to detect evading.
    Please note that all ban evading bans are verified and check by a manager, so all these bans are actually valid.
  5. Scar's post in Can the Game Moderator ban without evidence? was marked as the answer   
    Going to chase that down for you @Vinnyy as this should not be the case.
    In regards to the original question, all bans need to have evidence.
    Note that the evidence doesn't has to be publicly listed on your ban, it could be linked in your appeal as well.
    Since this is more a question, I'll move this to solved as this reply should answer your question.
  6. Scar's post in Can i do a fast reconnect when i go afk? was marked as the answer   
    It's not possible to reconnect without restarting the game at this moment due to how authorization works.
    Going to move this to help and solved since it's a question.
  7. Scar's post in Double trailer outside of Scandinavia was marked as the answer   
    SCS, the creator of the game, only intended to use this within the Scandinavian area of the map. Note that the other parts of the map are not adjusted for this, so getting your double trailer in a service station can cause some annoying sitations. It's possible we will allow them outside that specific area, but that's not going to happen unless SCS makes other changes to the map to allow this trailer combination being used properly.
  8. Scar's post in Just a quick question was marked as the answer   
    We have our ways to detect evading, but we're not going to share how that works for obvious reasons. Playing with family or relatives can indeed lead to (false positive) ban evading, but don't be afraid of that. Just play by the rules and you're fine .
  9. Scar's post in Police car was marked as the answer   
    In general, the police car is only reserved for in-game administrators or higher ranked staff members. 
    When the event server gets enabled, the organizator of the event can request a given configuration. If that configuration includes police cars for everyone, then you can drive with it.
    I do want to point out that the event server is intended for the event itself that takes place on it. Please do not use that server as an alternative for #EU1 or #EU2. So basically only join that server if you are actually participating in the event. The organizator of the event often requests specific rules for their event, and they mostly include that non-event staff can not drive the police car. An in-game administrator has the right to kick you from the server if you decide to do so.
    Additionally, I want to make clear that the same TruckersMP rules apply on the event server, unless temporary rules override them.
  10. Scar's post in reportar a un admin was marked as the answer   
    You can report an admin to us through the feedback option. I can see you already did that, so I'll close this support topic and get back to you through the feedback.
  11. Scar's post in Why they become special server? was marked as the answer   
    People can request it if needed. It can be given if everything is fine and schedule allows this.
    Please notice that the event server is intended for big events that involve more then 100 players. It happens people with a lower attendance can get it as well.
  12. Scar's post in Report Claimed but nor declined nor accepted was marked as the answer   
    Just have patience, it can happen the admin needs to review other cases linked to the same user causing the final verdict to delay.
    Messaging the admin isn't needed as he will be reminded automatically that he has a report pending.
  13. Scar's post in ban alpha was marked as the answer   
    All bans will remain when this happens.
  14. Scar's post in Companies was marked as the answer   
    These rules are for their own section. Some language sections have a company subsection, these rules don't apply on those companies.
  15. Scar's post in When do i get an answer to my question? was marked as the answer   
    As soon as possible, we are getting alot of emails and it takes time to get through them all.
  16. Scar's post in How long does it usually take? was marked as the answer   
    It is hard to give you a very accurate duration. It depends on the amount of reports waiting in the queue, the availability of admins at a given moment, the complexity of reports and related reports.
    It can take a day, but it could also take 2 weeks. There are too many variables that influence the duration of processing a report.
  17. Scar's post in ¿Why the admins and the modders yet dont answer my reports? was marked as the answer   
    Our admins try to deal with your reports as soon as possible. They are put in queue that handles a FIFO (First in first out) based system. The queue is big at this moment so it can take up to a week or 14 days for admin to deal with it. As long as you provided sufficient evidence and the right TruckersMP ID, your report will be dealt with accordingly. It just takes a bit more time then usual.
  18. Scar's post in Looking from help from the staff was marked as the answer   
    Resend the email and I will deal with it this evening/tomorrow.
  19. Scar's post in How long to perform the checking and link the game and enter online? was marked as the answer   
    You need at least 2 hours of gameplay before it gets approved.
  20. Scar's post in Michelin pack problem was marked as the answer   
    It is not supported yet, so you can not use the paintjobs.
  21. Scar's post in Millions euro after relax was marked as the answer   
    You probably have some hired drivers. Resting makes time go fast forward, meaning your drivers will work at the same speed causing you to recieve much money.
    To avoid this, I recommend using a seperate driverprofile for multiplayer with no drivers.
  22. Scar's post in The Skin police is authorized ? was marked as the answer   
    Police skin and lights are only for in-game admins. Non-admin players will be kicked when using it.
  23. Scar's post in About the report system was marked as the answer   
    There is nothing special going on, just a huge queue of reports. We try to get them processed as soon as we can, but we are no supermachines. 
  24. Scar's post in Schwarzmüller trailer was marked as the answer   
    When it is technically supported. There is no "when" known at the moment and there is no "if" known so far. Devs are doing their best to offer this DLC inside the MP.
  25. Scar's post in How does banning work??? (pls answer) was marked as the answer   
    You still broke the rules. Accepting the appeal means you get another chance without being actively punished for the offense. So the ban still gets counted for ban extending.
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