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  1. A clean rigid truck is my favorite combo! Really relaxing while driving, and a bit of challenge while parking
  2. That's what I call a "a good update", nice job!
  3. Wow, good job! I'm gonna check this out as soon as possibile. Thank you for letting me know There is only one more thing to do: a VTC World Server on TMP, so we know we play with players who prefer simulation rather than derby demolitions
  4. Hello! This is a nice project! I've got 2 questions: Will VTC.World ever work with trucksbook? Will TruckersMP add a private server for only VTC.World drivers?
  5. Nice xmas trailer TruckersMP ^^

    1. MadDogDamjano


      Looks very nice do you know where I can get that trailer ?

    2. [MCG] Masunio

      [MCG] Masunio

      Which gift will you give me in that trailer? :D😂

  6. And let the moans begin for the version 1.39
  7. Yes, it did, you can close the topic! Thank you for the support! Have a good day!
  8. Hi! I was asking if "I'm allowed to resize(?)", not "how to resize" . @General18
  9. Can I resize evenly the TruckersMP logo (with GIMP or Imgur.com) to fit it better? Or, does exist a link with an automatic resize, links that ends with "?w=112&h=112" for example?
  10. Add a loading bar and everyone will stop asking
  11. And here I say.. just drive a truck, get the trailer attached and go drive while respecting rules.. Instead of trolling people with the car
  12. @sgpch1983For the Big Sur, TMP did changed a little bit the map, so the road was a little bit less congested with traffic.
  13. Just asking, are you waiting for SCS to release the Genoa Bridge event?
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