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  1. I'm sorry but all I can see is: - let's please peoples who drive fast - and - divide the already low ammount of peoples into 2 servers, so wherever we drive we won't see a soul - I want to ask you guys, what's the purpose of a - simulation - server on a - Truck Sim game - if not even the speed limit (90km/h) is applied? Don't call - Simulation - a server which isn't.. A 90km/h speed limit with 3000 players on Sim1 could have made some peoples change theyr mind and drive like normal peoples, or they would have left and let the community have a nice drive without worry about people crashing everywhere. I think I see another problem for TMP with "people leaving" which had a huge impact on the things that have been choosed, if you (reader) understand.. With this last "Road to Simulation" type topic, hopes for TMP are gone. Have a good day and see you on SCS Convoys MP
  2. I've been driving since 2015 with over 7000h on TMP, I did left for convoy so I can finally drive without having rammers destroying my truck every second. I filled the survey as I still have some hope for TMP project but, whenever I get back to drive on TMP I remember why I left. As said, there is still hope for TMP but, you must act quickly if you still want this to be a simulation. Many left TMP for convoy (as me) because they couldn't have 1 single cargo delivered without theyr truck being destroyed, that's all. Simulation should be forced and not optional. Have a good day.
  3. I started having this problem and I can't even join the server. I'm perfectly fine with any other multiplayer games but this.
  4. The problem keep occuring. Before the update, I was able to drive with 200 players in tab. Now I can't even get close to bruxelles (around 30 players) i Instant kick.
  5. I'm getting unreliable connection after the last update when driving in populated areas. My connection is fine, already did many testes found on this forum. Anyone have anything else to try? Please don't write the same thing everyone wrote on other topics. If someone found a solution, I would love to hear it. Thanks.
  6. That's what I call a "a good update", nice job!
  7. Wow, good job! I'm gonna check this out as soon as possibile. Thank you for letting me know ? There is only one more thing to do: a VTC World Server on TMP, so we know we play with players who prefer simulation rather than derby demolitions ?
  8. Hello! This is a nice project! I've got 2 questions: Will VTC.World ever work with trucksbook? Will TruckersMP add a private server for only VTC.World drivers?
  9. Nice xmas trailer TruckersMP ^^

    1. MadDogDamjano


      Looks very nice do you know where I can get that trailer ?

    2. [MCG] Masunio

      [MCG] Masunio

      Which gift will you give me in that trailer? :D?

  10. And let the moans begin for the version 1.39 ?
  11. Yes, it did, you can close the topic! Thank you for the support! Have a good day! ?
  12. Hi! I was asking if "I'm allowed to resize(?)", not "how to resize" ?. @General18
  13. Can I resize evenly the TruckersMP logo (with GIMP or Imgur.com) to fit it better? Or, does exist a link with an automatic resize, links that ends with "?w=112&h=112" for example?
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