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  1. [23]ThunderSky

    Snow Question

    Is the winter mod your (TMP) or from a modder?
  2. :lol: Seriusly, what's the point of in-duty admins if they doesn't watch reports? Seems like "Oh watch i'm an admin" ahaha.

    At least exit from duty no? .. 

  3. [23]ThunderSky

    Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    Just to be sure, the topic was created much time ago. Ty is it permanent untill it remove the lights?
  4. [23]ThunderSky

    Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    @Dziada Can this player be banned?
  5. [23]ThunderSky

    Hot topic #9: TruckersMP continuous improvement

    ^ the point is that 89% of reports come from C-D, so other reports from DLC for example, are just Timed Out, ignored.. By mistake is for example a low damage got at the junction, maybe we pass together but together we brake too.
  6. [23]ThunderSky

    Hot topic #9: TruckersMP continuous improvement

    The #1 problem is in-Game reports, so many times "Your report has timed out" and seriusly, who really want to drive just for reporting players? I drive and if someone crash into me by a mistake, ok, no problem, can happen in real life too. But if someone crash into me at 200km/h intentionaly on the wrong way, man.. come on.. And, seriusly, why the * are peoples reporting on C-D? You know what that road is, you know what is going to happen to you so, just don't report, AVOID! This is what you should do for me: Make that C-D road reports are ignored In-Game but can still be reported on site. All twitch streams I saw, all video proofs I saw, all on C-D roads for mostly 99% of the time. Ignore C-D reports please.... PLEASE...
  7. I discovered this road just because I like to drive on secondary roads but, after 3 times, I discovered what this road was.. yeah.. Europort #2, the revenge.. A reaaaally BIG mistake ahha
  8. Will the winter mod be released before the Christmas Convoy?

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    2. [ NOG ] Baldemar95

      [ NOG ] Baldemar95

      :ph34r: winter is coming 

    3. _Pingu_


      what is going on with winter mod, everyone knows its a little late why don't the High ups say anything, keeping us in the dark here 

    4. [23]ThunderSky


      I think no winter mod has been released with Baltics DLC too. If they use the same, there will be winter everywere but not inside baltics DLC.

  9. [23]ThunderSky

    Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    Hi, I would like to ask you why is allowed. Rules says that only default combinations are allowed..
  10. [23]ThunderSky

    Reversing with double-trailers. (Training/Guide)

    Hi, am I skilled? This is from when doubles were released (5 minutes parking inside Small Norrfood) ) Only from inside view
  11. [23]ThunderSky Released

    Never untill SCS will not stop supporting ets2 or untill SCS and TruckersMP become a united team.
  12. [23]ThunderSky

    Changes to the recruitment system

    How much an admin must stay on duty In-Game?