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  1. [23]ThunderSky

    Hot topic #11: 2019 predictions

    My predictions: • 99,99% of who say "I want to join TMP" will never be part ; • As always driving at 85km/h max will be the standard form me; • Trying to make the . ҉ Orange Phoenix Group• grow even bigger: ahah
  2. First: Why ETS2map isn't complete after 1 year of italy DLC?
    Second: Does exist something like ets2map but with all DLCs?

  3. [23]ThunderSky

    "Back to top" button

    LoL, ty for teaching me that home does that lol That's a new world xD
  4. [23]ThunderSky

    Word Starting With The Last Letter

  5. Writing as a -never banned player and as an ex staff of some games: In-Game admin mean: once you are an admin, you can't play anymore like a normal player, always thinking "I must be online, helping peoples".. This if you are here to help. If you just want to abuse of your role, that's another thing.. For me, only peoples with 0 bans should be accepted as In-Game admins, OR very low priority ban (max 1). Guys, accepting peoples with 3 bans on theyr account, started 3 days ago, isn't the right way.. And that's why I don't want to apply, or however not now. I enjoy my time playing with friends. Before you apply, you should think: Do I really want to stay at the pc, maybe 2 or more hours per day just banning peoples? If yes, you're welcome!
  6. [23]ThunderSky

    What's your favorite operating system?

    Windows as it's the OS where almost 99% of programs begin..
  7. Does this works inside ETS2MP/mod ?
  8. Does exist a list of all local mods supported in MP?

  9. Does exist a local mod for tires with snow on them?

    1. BlackSkill


      I think no

    2. Sentinel_


      Don't think so.

      Not one that is supported by TMP anyway.

  10. Why so many peoples right now? xD

  11. [23]ThunderSky

    Winter mod is now available!

    The mod and the physics works perfectly. I only use the base + physics. Not heavy winter.
  12. [23]ThunderSky

    Winter mod is now available!

    Good, from now just do like that. Isn't needed to be dowloaded from the launcher. Add it as soon as possible every year by downloading it from the author. Good!
  13. Guys,  I have to admit. I see that admins are working harder than before this last week In-Game and on forum reports. 
    I did reported some players In-Game and they did watched the report, sometimes even banned.

    So.. Nice, you got an improvement. I'm glat to see something is moving into the right direction!

    1. henzsa


      I have to agree, few of my in game report got actually resolved - something that never happened to me before :D ! Good job and Merry Christmas :truestory:

    2. wpx_
    3. Michael Jacks
  14. @ThorvaldgamesNL YT 8gb doesn't mean 60fps on Ultra Settings xD
  15. [23]ThunderSky

    Do people drive sensibly and obey traffic rules on the servers?

    I'm driving on MP since 2015 and.. I did found only 100 (out of maybe.. 10000000) players who were driving like in real life. I'm usualy driving inside a DLC so there is less possibility to be rammed just because "YEAH I LOVE IT". But be aware.. even into DLC there are trolls.. yeah.. And.. I think most of peoples on forum are just lying. On forum: 100000000000 drivers who respect the rules, drive only at 80km/h max, but inside the game: 100000000000 Racers, Racers everywere.. MEH.... Even EU2 with 4200 players is empty.. others are just impossible to find someone..