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      Major Event requirements update   03/19/18

      In light of the recent changes to the requirements of event rules and servers the requirements for Major Event posts have also been updated.   A summary of the changes:  Added: Minimum 50 participants with proof at moment of creation Added: Topic created minimum 1 month in advance Added: In case of charity event: endorsement of non-profit organization or official donation link for the event by non-profit organization Removed: minimum post count   For the full list of requirements, check out the respective topics for ETS and ATS   Regards   TruckersMP team

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  3. Temporary rules (valid during an event or a convoy)

    Pushed update to the topic + separated Event server requests from this topic. For all event server requests, please refer to this topic:
  4. Event Server Requests

    Dear Players, From today, we are changing the way we handle event server requests. There are minimum requirements you must meet in order to be able to obtain a server for your event. Requirements: You must have a topic written up for the event found in the Major Events section You must have a Temporary rule set written up and submitted along with your server request. Details about these can be found here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/14237-temporary-rules-valid-during-an-event-or-a-convoy/ Your event must have at least 100 players signed up to join. You must have proof of this. Proof can be a sign-up site like ets2c.com OR a known person or community body. You must complete this form and send it in along with your Temporary ruleset for the event to our feedback service at https://truckersmp.com/feedback Please delete as appropriate, depending on what you need... Please note: We no longer allow requests for Police cars on event servers. You have to contact a Game Moderator and ask him to help you during the event! Thank you. TruckersMP Management
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  7. Appeal a ban

    Hi there @RPS1987, It appears you were logged into a different profile at the time. Please note that having 2 profiles and playing on one whilst the other one is illegal and you can be banned off of all profiles for doing so. The account you were banned on has been sent to you in a private message. No further comment required. //Locked.
  8. Hello. Have a nice weekend and good job :)



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  12. How to become a Game Moderator?

    Updated this topic to reflect the changes from Game Admin to Game Moderator
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  15. Double trailers on ATSMP

    Hi @sanntbsc, No, this is not permitted in TruckersMP as you are not allowed to edit the double or triple trailers. //Locked & Archived