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  1. [DRAFT] Introducing the TruckersMP Team

    Hello, my name is Trucking Australia. I am 19 years old and living in South Australia in, well, Australia. I joined the team around early-2016 as a Forum Moderator. As a basic role, it allowed me to get a real insight into the team and how everything worked. After I got settled into the team, a few months later I got promoted to Administrator (or now known as Game Moderator). Around mid-2017 and with the introduction of Game Moderator Team Leaders, I had the privilege of becoming one of the very first ones. Unfortunately, I was not in the role very long though, as most of our team is EU based, the time difference meant I was unable to help out as much as some of the others. So during August 2017, I was promoted to Community Manager. Once again though, more development was taking place inside the ranks, and after only a few months of Community Manager, the role of Game Manager was born. Alongside myself, was ChrisPatrol and we took on the newly developed role in November 2018. Unfortunately, real life got in the way of both myself and Chris, so both of us had to step down in 2018 and made way for 3 new Game Managers to take our place. Currently, I am residing in the role of Community Manager and look forward to developing and growing TruckersMP into the future.
  2. Hello Trucking Australia :)

  3. Remove 150kph limiter from non limited servers.

    Hi there, As has been mentioned by Scarface in the post below, the drop from unlimited to 150km/h is an attempt to reduce traffic accidents and instances of reckless driving mostly resulting in dangerous situations. A drop from approximately 180km/h (in a truck) to 150km/h is not a lot when you look at the size of the truck and the fact a truck should never be doing those sorts of speeds in the first place. Whilst you could go a lot faster in a car (approx. 250km/h) that sort of speed you would never be able to maintain along any stretch of road or you would be guaranteed to flip or crash as no vehicle in that game was ever designed to handle. Whilst there has been a lot of outcry by a lot of members over this, we currently will hold firm on this decision and review its progress into the community and its adverse effects in the near future. The forum post: //Rejected
  4. Ban Appeal Accepted but still shows on my profile.

    Hi there, An accepted appeal does not mean it will get removed from your history. All it means is that the ban has gone from been active to non-active so you can play again. Depending on the situation, sometimes appeals are accepted but the ban is still correct so it does not get removed. An example of this is a ban for inappropriate tags or names. The other option is the appeal will get accepted and the Game Moderator will mark the ban (change the reason) to @BANBYMISTAKE. This means the Game Mod made a mistake in the ban and is wishing for it to be removed, which it will be removed at a later date.
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    [SUPPORT] @[F-T M] FreZyFaiL Transfers to Trial Game Moderator
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    [GAME MOD] @Mirko9 leaves the team due to lack of time
  7. Temporary rules (valid during an event or a convoy)

    Pushed update to the topic + separated Event server requests from this topic. For all event server requests, please refer to this topic:
  8. Community Events - Info

    Sparking out of a suggestion from the community, we have decided to create a Community Events section so that users can promote their own events properly and have successful outcomes with it without filling other discussion sections across the forums. In order to get your community event hitting the roads, make sure you pay extra attention to the following rules and guidelines. Event topic approval Promoting your event, that is the main reason why you will be posting here. We encourage everyone to create awesome events to connect our community with each other. To guarantee a minimum level of quality, we require your topic to meet the following rules. Any topic not meeting these requirements will not be approved. Topic created minimum 14 days in advance; In case of charity event: endorsement of a non-profit organization or official donation link for the event by a non-profit organization; Have a professional looking post with a banner and decent formatting. Event server In certain situations, a planned event can be held on a dedicated server. This server will be set up according to your needs for the duration of your event to guarantee a better experience for all our players. While we do encourage creativity from our community, we will, unfortunately, be very selective in the granting-process for approving event server requests for your event. Every request for a dedicated server will be reviewed on a case by case basis. The following criteria will be considered when reviewing your request: The Event has proven to be meritorious due to previous editions; Officially supported by TruckersMP; Necessity due to the type or size of your event; Needed to ensure non-attendees will not suffer from the event. We fully understand you want a dedicated server for your event but TruckersMP reserves the right to accept or decline your request for whatever reason we deem appropriate. You can use the following settings to customize the dedicated server for your event: Setting Value Information Server Name Example: My Event Name The name of the server in the menu. Game <ATS> or <ETS2> The game your event will take place on. Max Players Example: 250 The amount of players that will be able to connect simultaneously. AFK Kick <YES> or <NO> Should players be kicked for being idle (AFK) too long? Speed Limiter <YES> or <NO> Should speed be limited? Yes = 90km/h and no = 150km/h. Collisions <YES> or <NO> Will players be able to drive through each other without getting damaged? Cars for players? <YES> or <NO> Will players be able to drive with a car? This includes your event staff. Note that we don't allow police cars being used by the public. Event rules You can request special rules for your event. The rules you want to apply during your event will be reviewed and granted on a case by case basis depending on the needs of your event. Our global TruckersMP rules apply by default unless a rule you requested overrules this. In case no rules are requested, our TruckersMP rules still apply. Event assistance Whether you are planning your first event or your 10th event, we can understand this is a lot of paperwork. To help you get it all sorted, you can get in touch with our own Event Manager, @Digital, for assistance. Contact this person through our forums or Discord for any assistance you may require during the planning phase of your event. An example of assistance you may request is helping out with event rules or choosing the best settings for a potential dedicated server for your event. While our Event Manager will be at your disposal, make sure you put in sufficient effort yourself. Note that this person is not going to plan and arrange the event for you by himself but assistance will be provided where possible if you need this so you get the best of your event. Game Moderators on your event We often get requests for providing Game Moderator coverage on events. We do not manage this ourselves. If you wish to have a Game Moderator attending your event to enforce rules, you will have to contact one yourself. Submit your request If you want to request an event server and/or if you need special rules, you can make your request through our feedback system with the "Event server/Temp rules request" category selected. To ensure we can start reviewing your request in time, we strongly recommend you to submit your request at least 14 days before the start of your event. Any request made after this period risks being reviewed too late and can affect your event. We wish you the best of luck with your event! Thank you. TruckersMP Management
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  11. Appeal a ban

    Hi there @RPS1987, It appears you were logged into a different profile at the time. Please note that having 2 profiles and playing on one whilst the other one is illegal and you can be banned off of all profiles for doing so. The account you were banned on has been sent to you in a private message. No further comment required. //Locked.
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