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  1. What you are doing is just plain wrong, and I would have no issue in putting another ban on your profile because of this. Not only are you just blocking, but you are also impersonating police and both of those would lead to a lengthy ban. I think you get the point as to why we don't want you doing what you have showed us and hope that you won't do it again.
  2. Whilst it would be nice to have something truly Australian in the game, we don't add 3rd party mods. So the chances of the mod getting added are super slim.
  3. Whilst this may seem like a simple thing to add, it would not be effective at all. Hundreds of combinations of words would have to be added to such system because it would be easily bypassed by adding letters or spaces between the letters or words.
  4. Enjoying some peace and tranquillity in single player with the latest DLC by SCS. Go big or go home!!



    1. doorgapmonster


      a little tip fill up with fuel before you leave because you cant fit into the country petrol stations 

    2. DerAmpelmann


      @Linfox Owner doorgap You could drop the trailer and then fuel.


      Looking good ;)

    3. doorgapmonster


      Wont be a good idea for mp

  5. If we had set ban lengths for each rule, it wouldn't work. Reason why is because of 2 things; severity and location. If a user just slightly hits another user, in a non- populated area of the map, the ban duration would be less than if a user rammed into the side of a truck in a very populated area, and several times, the length would be a lot greater. But with the system you are suggesting, both users would get the same time for the offence of intentional ramming. This is why we allow the first 3 bans on a users profile to be at admin discretion, so that the admin can ban for the offence as they see it fit for the different factors that affect a ban length. The system is fine as it is at this current point in time and there is no need to change it.
  6. It was just support for the latest update of ETS2. Nothing on TMP end.
  7. Besides mwl4 and Kat, all the other members you mentioned are below Clark and wouldn't be able to answer as many questions. That been said, Kat would be able to do a similar stream, but it would be his decision and it can't be forced onto him to do one. He does do other streams other than his CCTV streams every now and then, so just keep an eye out on his stream for chances to ask him questions. As for mwl4, well, nobody knows.
  8. Yes. Euro 5 is a Non-Collision server, so you can drive through trucks all over the map.
  9. Just go onto another server. We offer several servers all over the globe so that people can connect to a server regardless of where they are.
  10. You are lucky to only have a 3-month ban, with more than 6 bans currently on your profile, you should be permanently banned. Relating back to your question at hand though, you need to make a ban appeal first, but only relate the ban appeal to the ban in question, not the overall situation. Once the appeal is dealt with, you can send an email to the feedback email regarding the whole situation on your profile, but there may not be much to come from it because we (admins) are not required to add evidence to your ban unless you either A) make a ban appeal in general, or B) request the evidence in the ban appeal. (Do note that we only have to keep evidence that is within a month of the expiry date of the ban, and are not required to keep evidence forever, so the only bans that require evidence are the 2 bans that already do have evidence.) So you can attempt to get them removed, but we cannot guarantee that they will be removed just because there is no evidence attached.
  11. ^^ Incorrect. Players that do not have the DLC will see a normal trailer. The only thing they will see is the truck. They won't see the trailer because it is part of the DLC. Anything that comes with the DLC will not be seen by players that don't have it.
  12. @DesertEagle26 It was only a one time thing.
  13. We are aware of the issue and are working on the update. mwl4 will update the community on when he is finished updating TruckersMP with the latest version of ETS2. Please be patient as this is not a quick process and may take a day to two.
  14. Depends on the depth of coding and how much work needs to be done, all of which we won't know until the actual update and DLC is released. Generally, it takes a few days to a week for a normal update, so expect at least 2 weeks if not more, all depending on free time MWL4 has as well as workload.
  15. There is a Teamspeak dedicated to TruckersMP already. Whilst it isn't an official one, it is used by many TruckersMP Staff and players.