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  1. Trucking Australia

    [REJECTED] Driving Signals

    Hi there, The guides section is for English posts only. Please feel free to post this in the correct language section, and repost this guide as an English only version for reassessment. //Rejected
  2. Trucking Australia

    [REJECTED] How to publicly ban your profile and API

    Hi there, This guide requires some more detail and description, similar to already approved guides. We do not believe the guide is sufficient to be approved this time around. //Rejected
  3. Trucking Australia

    [REJECTED] Enable Public your Punishment History

    Hi there, This guide is only an image. We would prefer a worded guide and with more detail. For this reason, the post will be archived. //Rejected
  4. Trucking Australia

    Stucked in nothing

    Hi there, Based off of the fact that the truck in front of you passed straight through, I would have to say that you came across a random road event. These can spawn in any location, however generally cannot be seen by users on TruckersMP as AI is turned off. To avoid such things from happening again, please turn Road events off in your gameplay settings. //Not a bug
  5. Trucking Australia

    Feedback bug

    Hi there, I can confirm that with the last release of the website, this bug has become apparent. The developers are now aware and should have it fixed soon. Thank you for the bug report.
  6. Trucking Australia

    Invisible obstacle

    Hi there, This is not a bug at all. You have Special Events on in your game, but since AI is turned off, you cannot see the objects. We suggest you turn the special events off in your game settings until it is supported by TMP. //Moved to Won't Fix.
  7. Trucking Australia


    Hi there, This is not a TruckersMP bug. Please head to SCS’s forum to report these types of bugs there. //Moved to Won't Fix.
  8. Trucking Australia

    TruckersMP Name just changed randomly

    Hi there, This would not be a bug. Your name contained the word “Security” which is not permitted as per our rules. Your name was then changed by a staff member due to this. Not a bug. Move to not fix.
  9. Trucking Australia

    Bug or naughty behaviour?

    Hi there, This could be a bug, however appears to be some form of collision issue. Since this appears to be a once off event and we cannot pinpoint the issue, there is not much our developers can do here. //Moved to Won't Fix.
  10. Trucking Australia

    america truck companies

    Hi there! This would be more of an SCS suggestion if you want it permanently implemented into the game. Currently, there are mods out there that do this to an extent, but we don't have anything on the table at the moment to implement this into TruckersMP specifically.
  11. Trucking Australia Released

    Hi @Regex, We do apologise for the delay in getting these skins into TruckersMP. We do assure you that our developers are aware of the issue and will hopefully resolve it as soon as possible.
  12. Hello Trucking Australia :)

  13. Trucking Australia

    Remove 150kph limiter from non limited servers.

    Hi there, As has been mentioned by Scarface in the post below, the drop from unlimited to 150km/h is an attempt to reduce traffic accidents and instances of reckless driving mostly resulting in dangerous situations. A drop from approximately 180km/h (in a truck) to 150km/h is not a lot when you look at the size of the truck and the fact a truck should never be doing those sorts of speeds in the first place. Whilst you could go a lot faster in a car (approx. 250km/h) that sort of speed you would never be able to maintain along any stretch of road or you would be guaranteed to flip or crash as no vehicle in that game was ever designed to handle. Whilst there has been a lot of outcry by a lot of members over this, we currently will hold firm on this decision and review its progress into the community and its adverse effects in the near future. The forum post: //Rejected
  14. Trucking Australia

    Ban Appeal Accepted but still shows on my profile.

    Hi there, An accepted appeal does not mean it will get removed from your history. All it means is that the ban has gone from been active to non-active so you can play again. Depending on the situation, sometimes appeals are accepted but the ban is still correct so it does not get removed. An example of this is a ban for inappropriate tags or names. The other option is the appeal will get accepted and the Game Moderator will mark the ban (change the reason) to @BANBYMISTAKE. This means the Game Mod made a mistake in the ban and is wishing for it to be removed, which it will be removed at a later date.
  15. Trucking Australia

    TruckersMP Team

    [SUPPORT] @[F-T M] FreZyFaiL Transfers to Trial Game Moderator