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  1. Official Discord Guild and Discord Raffle!(ended)

    @Jhoni30 [BR] there are channels for no push to talk for when you are driving.
  2. Question about some rules

    So that rule is a bottom tier rule that is there in cases where any of these country laws contribute to an incident. Speeding and running red lights is legal when it is not reckless and is safe to do so. Only when your speed causes an incident or you running a red light causes an incident can this rule then come into play.



    1. Trucking Australia

      Trucking Australia

      Wow, that's a pretty old photo. Would have to be at least 2 months ago :D 

    2. Nizam Logistics FairyTale
  4. Convoy Control is also a rank or team member?

    A stated above, the rank of Convoy Control does not make you apart of the TruckersMP team but allows you to take part with the convoy control of official TruckersMP convoy that are run by our media team.
  5. How to properly create a report and give valid evidence

    Moved to archive as a new guide has been made and can be found here: //Locked & Archived
  6. Released

    @HG_Horny we do not support the VR version of ETS2. We only support the official released version of ETS2 and ATS.
  7. Italia DLC Giveaway

    @ledgeri [HUN], it is over 24 hours, not just a certain period of time. I presume this will be ongoing until the DLC is released too, so it's not just for one day.
  8. Problem Screen Shots

    Hello @rusteeblade, Please try this in SinglePlayer first before making a bug report on the forums as if it is an SCS issue, you need to post it on their forums, not ours.
  9. Ai drivers

    Hello @Fancy_gamer, Please refer to these suggestions below as this has already been suggested before and declined: //Rejected
  10. Truck shops for ETS2 & ATS

    @Mirko9 I FME That guide is in the Archives and doesn't include ATS, so this guide is better suited
  11. Hello @B1GTRAIN, We do have a server that is completely non-collision, but due to low patronage, the server was shut off. If you are having issues with trolls and rammers, we suggest either heading to EU3 or EU1 and drive away from populated areas. //Rejected
  12. player reports

    Highly doubtful this will be implemented as this would require a lot of backend work and we don't want to single out players at all as all it will do is encourage more users to spam us with useless reports just to get the colour. //Moved to discussion to find public views
  13. Truck shops for ETS2 & ATS

    //Moved to Guides
  14. What is your way of dealing with Trollers or Rammers?

    You have to be careful. If you attempt to provoke or take "action" against the trolls, you can end up banned yourself for either ramming, blocking or trolling yourself. Best option is to report then in-game and record them for reporting later on our site if no action is taken in-game.
  15. .::Motion Media - Media Professionals::.

    //Moved to Media Section