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  1. PLEASE!! 
    For the love of god bring back the old Scania Engine Sounds!

    These new ones in 1.37 sound absolutely rubbish 😕

  2. @Sabbi [GER] Yes sir, the answer is there indeed. Did a bit of in-game trying myself and spoke to a few mates. We couldn't find anyway to swap or change it so. But it could be a good thing to propose or recommend to the community... just saying All the best mate thank you!
  3. Hello all, Just a quick topic that im after a solution for..... Im curious to know if you can change the default talk in game (CB) button from X to something of your own liking. Why im asking this? Im looking to either build or buy a button box to improve sim gameplay and im tossing with the idea of adding my own real life CB to the side of the box....now if i couldnt map that CB to be used in game then would it likely be a waste of money Thank you greatly for any assistance or further information relating to this topic [This is a custom box designed by EvolPCGaming ~ This is the type of box im looking to build and mount a CB to the side]
  4. Good day mate As small as the screen is i feel the main feature which would be amazing to be added would be how far until the next turn and what type of turn it is so you have more time to prepare. The additional features would be more for like aesthetic and realistic things and like you say street names would be rather hard - and to debunk that even just city or the nearest city name would be pretty cool. The F3 is like alright but its just really annoying how its fixed to the right (or left) of your screen if i could move it so i could put it where id like i wouldnt mind so much but i mainly use the in-cab GPS, hence why all my GPS ideas are more like realistic based. As much as the in-cab monitor is rather small it is still readable perhaps just due to my monitor size but i suppose for smaller monitors people may not even bother with the in-cab gps The picture was simply an example on some things which would be cool or even that sort of set-up wouldnt expect it to be implemented quite like that haha
  5. Hello all hope you are all well, Just a small discussion on some possible improvements or things which I wanna get some additional thoughts / feedback on We all know the in-cab GPS and its latest addition (voice nav) now whilst these features are absolute luxuries could we extend such luxuries even further?? Real life GPS's include real time traffic which constantly updates whilst you are driving. Whilst driving your route could alter, time could fluctuate up or down and the strength of traffic is shown in different colours [Blue - Moving traffic | Orange - Slowing down or building traffic | Red - Stationary, slow rolling, heavy traffic] These features would be really cool in a game where you single handily rely on your GPS to navigate around the map. Further improvements could include features such as how far away your next junction is and which lanes to be in prior to the junction ~ I feel this would allow a more realistic sense of being more prepared for upcoming junctions and potentially limit last minute lane changes. Example 1.1 In a little window much more detail can be seen on this GPS. - Speed Limit - Distance before turn or manoeuvre - Street name / Route Number / HWY or MWY number etc - Distance from finish - Time until destination is reached Now whilst we already have a few of those features wouldn't it be a cool project for modders or members of the Add On team to get behind and perhaps mess around with? Let me know your thoughts All the best! Top Bloke
  6. The speed limit is a very hit or miss with some. I didn't agree with it at first myself however over time, and mainly once I joined a VTC, I learnt it was actually probably one of the better things they have included on the Sim servers. By controlling everyone's speed to a set maximum I've personally noticed a massive drop in the amount of crashes or near misses when needing to get over, indicating and proceeding to merge over and then someone storm up the outside going extremely fast and me simply not being able to see them due to the render distance being like 200m or something like that. Whilst I've never had a serious collision or been involved in a serious collision the near misses of people simply thinking they can get past you was simply ridiculous. Thus why I believe keeping everyone to 110km/hr max is a great improvement to professional game-play. We drive trucks not race cars. Trucks are not meant to do 150km/hr +
  7. She do be looking fine 🤩

    Hope everyone had/has a lovely and very cozy day and weekend with their significant others, and if you don't have anyone to share that special day with...Don't worry neither do I xD which brought me back to TMP 🤣


    Be safe and enjoy this love filled weekend !! 


    1. Scania LTD l Elitenoddy

      Scania LTD l Elitenoddy

      aww bless ya tb i was working lol 

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