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  1. PLEASE get rid of the ability to hide bans 😂 my goodness my life as a VTC Manager having to explain to people how to unhide them so I can make sure they haven't got any bans is genuinly painful at 1am 😴

    1. ZakYeen


      I feel for you man xD Must be horrible xD

    2. Scania LTD l Top Bloke

      Scania LTD l Top Bloke

      it sucks, some people you gotta explain it to like multiple times before they get it, which is alright cause thats what im there for but secretly it was fun before just being able to see what people have been banned for


  2. Bruh massive facts!! That is something to really consider, would you say it would be more of a smaller server type of thing then? Like a server that was like "AI Sim" then have a max pop of like 500 My god imagine CD road with like 200 trucks plus like 1000 AI cars at that train railway xD would be kinda funny lets be real VERY VERY good and valid points said however, well said Thank you for the input :)
  3. Well as dangerous as roll merging is already there is no safer way to enter a high speed road then to get up with speed, drivers in the inside lane should be cautious (specially since you should have your hazards on, then indicate a few seconds before merging in to let drivers aware you are coming back onto the road) but i can see what you mean by a heavy vehicle coming up and honestly the only way to avoid that is for the person merging on to be more aware of their surroundings and plan ahead, how much shoulder they have, how fast before they merge on, find a gap in traffic and take it etc. That is the only viable way i can avoiding that issue
  4. Haha yeh nah bro xD I wish my brain could go that in-depth, but i read through what you wrote and like i agree with all of it how the game will optimise and run with AI along with players will be drastic for everyone depending on the PC they have. I wish i was more of a software like person to actually go in-depth with those sorts of things but its along the right lines like how servers will run. We have a lot of very good, detailed work and opinion on AI in this forum alone like we have physical aspects of AI being added, Feedback on the idea of it and the software side of it so i appreciate the contribution Im not sure if congestion would be a massive factor as we all enjoy a bit of traffic, it keeps us on our toes and alert. When congestion becomes too much is when its combined with pre-existing congestion. So like you said CD road, calais and duisberg for example those areas would need to be completely prone and removed of all AI just to allocate the all ready existing player traffic there. I feel they should add more roads branching off of CD and even incorporate multiple side routes that run parallel or near by just to try and balance traffic, whilst also making major cities much larger (like Paris for example being spread out) but that is another forum xD so i will stick to topic. Game staff would be under a lot more stress when it comes to reports and would need to incorporate AI and if they played a part in the accident which is why i feel No-Clip AI would be good so we could drive right through them if need be. Thank you for your input
  5. Good day guys, So this is a forum which basically outlines my thoughts on the idea of AI traffic being added some pros and cons (in my opinion) - just to help the team with suggestions and give the community some food for thought. So we all enjoy the idea of driving with vehicles around us, we find it boring driving long high ways alone when there are 200 people riding CD Road...Now whilst the idea of AI traffic in MP does seem rather exciting id like to state some cons that need to be considered. ~ Will AI be "No Collision" and be drive through able? ~ Will AI be seen by just the one person or will the same traffic be visible to everyone? ~ Will they stop traffic dead when a truck is trying to merge on (like they do in SP) - this could lead to serious crashes, especially at speed. Some things like that do need to be considered however the pros of AI being added (in my opinion) could include; ~ Active thought having to take place on the road (having to think about junctions ahead) ~ Give a presence or aspect of "realism" when driving ~ Allow for proper traffic techniques such as roll-merging (this is when you get up to speed before merging onto a motorway or fast road, a lot of people don't do this!) In order for AI to be added I feel it is crucial that AI works based on the amount of players around. For example; In Calais - there should be very minimal to NO traffic based on 20-70 players present in the area. In Rome - there should be moderate traffic based around 2-5 players present in the area. High populated areas will need to be prone to AI to minimise the amount that could go wrong, and even if AI are drive through able they become a distraction and something else to look at so they should just be scrapped from High Pop areas. Along with this I do feel they should be Drive through able, as unrealistic as it is if something bad does happen, like you need to desperately get over, then at least it wont have a major impact and cause you to stop. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this forum! I do apologise I do like to make things rather wordy but detail is key. Ill be open to explain further thoughts and accept any thoughts, opinions or feedback regarding the topic Have a good one guys! Top Bloke
  6. Dam i had some amazing help from people about my last topic, i do apologise for not getting back to anyone, due to the update i really didnt pay much attention to TMP or the Forums in general so i apologise for that :blink:


  7. Hi all, its been quite some time since i've been on the TMP Forums I hope to much hasn't changed, Just a quick forum basically stating something which I have noticed since the end of the previous in-game event (the one where you had to deliver all the race cars to different cities, apologises off the top of my head i can't remember what it was called) However since this event i have noticed very big FPS drops from my internal cab view to the external one (1st - 3rd person) at the time I did just think that it was due to the event being on the map (EU2 im mainly referring to) however after the event ended and i still received these FPS drops i suspected it were my graphic settings. I did adjust my settings from ultra to a mix of high and ultra and to be fair there were minor changes however these big drops from about 160 fps out of the cabin to 40-50 in the cabin (driving on a quiet road) was just simply way too noticeable. Even driving in areas such as Berlin, Paris, Lillie my FPS can drop to 12 at the worst of times, this makes driving very unsafe for myself as things don't load as quick and since I drive with keyboard and mouse simply touching A and D (my turn left and right keys) nearly sends me into the next lane. If there are any members of the community who are also experiencing similar issues with FPS drops feel free to let me know - I have no idea if this is just a me issue or a community issue as i've never noticed it before. Regards Top Bloke
  8. Hey so i'm wondering when did TMP become so low they pin it on you for the speed you were going despite the fact it was someone else fault?

    Speed has never been acknowledged in this game otherwise they would stop you from going fast like on EU1

    image.thumb.png.61b4c5ab18778f0f15647e6447308349.pngif you wish to watch the video hers is the link (The video is a guy who hit me twice)

    ~ https://youtu.be/Ylh-OBQqvyM

    Now the first time he hit me I get yeah maybe he was blocked and couldn't overtake. But that's Not my problem, he could've slowed down and formed back with traffic. Also overtaking isn't allowed on CD-Road 

    He never received a ban for the second thing he did so to the admin who did the report (I wont mention his name) Not happy mate :/


    This post is to simply raise awareness for how bs this simply is. I'm sure there's plenty of community members who feel the same


    1. Aestrial


      Hi there,


      Sorry to hear about this. I've reviewed the above and I'm looking into the matter with the relevant people; I'll contact you via direct message on the forums with an update soon. On a matter of principle, when mistakes are made we're always quick to admit and act on them accordingly. 


      Kindest regards,


    2. BL4CK$K1LL


      If you're not happy with the Game Moderator's decision, you can always contact feedback .

    3. -Tomukas-


      Dear Top Bloke (AUS),


      We apologize primarily for the inconvenience given to you. Currently, the TruckersMP family has more than 2.5 million players, and often feedback and other requests take some time, please showing your maturity and respectability against the TruckersMP team in this waiting period. You are prohibited from talking about the specific issues you have created through the Forum, and if you have a complaint, please report it via feedback. 




  9. The Winters Mod is NOT an excuse for getting out of your wrong doing! Please get this through your heads. 

    1. Kráľovná Ciest

      Kráľovná Ciest

      that's true yesterday in Prague it was uncertainB)

  10. Hello all, hope you are well Just a topic questioning if it is possible to personally customise my Trailer Licence plate, similar to my trucks one, as of the release of personalised trailers. Im aware their are descripting and save edit methods however I'm more of a type a combination of letters and numbers then save it through a website type of guy. Similar to how World of Trucks personal customisation works. To my knowledge this isn't a thing on World of Trucks at this time - the ability to customise your trailers licence plate rather than just your trucks one.
  11. This topic right here is something else...its almost as innovational as when man first created the light bulb or something. What an amazing idea, I couldn't support this more!!! Game Developers make this a reality Being a manager in a VTC and moderator on discord servers constantly having to tab out to fix issues or assist others then coming back to my own frustration of having to re-boot the game ohh my goodness you don't understand how big the smile on my face would be to have this a reality I dunno who manages these things to be put into the game, I assume the Add-On Team but mate this is gold! Another future addition to this could be to extend the amount of time you can be AFK for when in areas such Non-Collision or your own garage - this would have to depend on how many people are on the server however. Coding is a fine art but when you get it right there is no better feeling of satisfaction
  12. Hello all! hope you are all doing well, I feel the need to make this forum basically giving my thoughts and opinions on the TMP community currently from what I have observed and recorded whilst also wondering how other members of the community feel and if they experience the same or similar behaviours. I have to begin with the most common thing I have observed and it is how many people within the community refer to the phase "Rec + Report" or something similar. Now with saying that some incidents are genuinely reportable offences like people deliberately ramming, blocking etc... However, accidents and situations that could easily be avoided by simply giving way or being more aware of your surroundings doesn't need the whole "Oh i recorded you, i'm gonna ban you". This would apply big time around CD intersection if people were patient and let people merge in (you know if you need to get over indicate and try and find a gap, as long as your not flying, driving with traffic just trying to get in: even making a request "Hey can i get in please?" people will acknowledge that and *Should* just let you in no dramas. Compared to people who fly all the way past traffic and try and cut in last second or cut across the turning lane in-front of you those are the people that ruin this game and should be the ones you say "Rec + report" to. Another little picky thing which I really hate and feel is not necessary (and yes i'm fully aware I can disable horns, but I play for realism) is constant horn spam in situations such as slow moving traffic, traffic jams or blocks you know people like 5-6-7 trucks back horning thinking what they do is going to have any impact what so ever is just really annoying. I wanna make this very clear You do not need to be in gear nor release the break or parking break until traffic lights are green (or the train line when the lights go from red to white, people seem to think the second the gate opens you can drive you cant there is still a barrier) Its just really annoying like only a select group of people do this but those people are the impatient ones that always ride CD road and cause the issues. I would like to educate people on the difference between a "Deliberate event" and a "Accidental event" if a person says Sorry or something then they feel some level of guilt for causing the problem this does not mean they wanted to cause the problem, yes it probably could have been avoided with precautions such as awareness to speed or other factors however everyone makes mistakes and I feel punishments should not be so heavy in those situations. Someone overtaking on CD road during heavy traffic hours being fully aware that they will gain absolutely nothing from overtaking the truck in-front doing 120km and just causing a collision that is a example of a "Deliberate event" because they knew the risk and they took it. Someone who over shoots the corner, maybe rolling the truck or maybe just hitting you could fall under this as yes that is reckless driving and they should have judged their speed more cautiously however, sometimes people do make these faults and mess the corner up sometimes big, sometimes not. If the person apologises either through chat or /pm I will generally be forgiving, understand, move on and hope others would feel the same if I were to make the same fault, yet I normally slow down so this is a rare fault for me to make but thats not saying it wont happen. Now it should also be known that driving on roads such as CD, you entered that road at "Your Own Discretion" your GPS did not send you that way you chose to meaning you chose to accept your fate and accept any issues that occur on that road so I feel banning on that road is for nothing more then attention and self ego, why else would you bother to make 8x 30 second long clips and upload them to youtube purely showing people that your driving must be perfect if all these people are making all these faults. Now a real big bug for me that really gets on my nerves is people who overtake on "SOLID" White lines and on corners. I slow down before a corner like any Normal human would do that is not an indication for you at any time to go around me just because I slowed down and you don't like that. I don't slow down much generally just release the accelerator and hover over the break however taking corners, specially sharp corners at speed only means you will mess it up, either hitting me or flipping yourself. Hitting me again is a "Deliberate event" that could have been avoided those are the types of events that should be bannable - overtaking in general isn't allowed at certain times on CD but people still chance it, during those times if you overtake then cut in just skimming the truck you were overtaking you are not being considerate about your DSync this can cause multiple problems behind you, you may be fine as your in-front but the person behind you could hit the back of you as your truck has lagged and wa la you have a 6 truck pile up. This leads me onto spacing... a suitable distance between cars when travelling at speed is about 2-3 car lengths (that can vary when driving around 70km or below 1-2 car lengths should be more then enough) but you can imagine the distance in a truck that should be given, I see countless times people riding others tails for what reason I don't know. Just because their is a gap in-front of me does "NOT" mean it is for you, it is so I don't hit the truck in-front people seem to forget that - your driving in game really does reflect your real life habits and technique or style of driving in a way (I.e people who don't understand wtf a indicator is a five year old can figure it out why cant young - middle age adults?) Undertaking is also a big issue for me, people don't understand how dangerous it actually is. In a car your driver side mirror is magnified for the reason of you always having traffic on your drivers side and when you merge into the left hand lane (or right depending where you are from {Brits n Aussies}) it means the car appears closer so you don't hit the front panel of the other car. Wheres your other mirror (The passenger mirror) is "Not" magnified meaning traffic appears as close as it is to you. So when you go to merge back into the inside lane and some muppet is speeding up at 150km up your inside across the "Solid White Line Junction" and you hit him because Trucks don't appear in mirrors until they are roughly 50-80m behind you and you crash, I would blame that all on the person who undertook purely because at those speeds the truck simply wouldn't appear in the mirror until your mid merging. One last thing that is quite frustrating is people that rear end stationary vehicles like I don't know what you see on your screen but if i'm stationary then how stupid must you be to hit me? Like thats what breaks and a "Parking Break" exist for, you should engage either of the two at any set of lights or stationary hult. Simple driving techniques that everyone should know. This is quite a long forum and I will be surprised if most read it all but there is some key and good information to take note of and again this is just a general summary of things I have observed within the community in the year I have been playing, I must say people have become a lot more toxic on the roads and simply rely on "Rec + Report" to scare to deter other drivers I personally hate it when it is used under silly circumstances its ridiculous your not gonna make 50 videos a night of people indicating for 50m up the road giving people that drive fast plenty of notice that they need to get over as the road in-front of them ends (cough cough half the intersections on the motorways in Europe). Anyway I'd love to here some things you guys rant about, things you agree and disagree with and what you observe when driving on Europes roads. Cheers for taking the time to read this Hope you have a great day Happy Trucking
  13. Who's idea was it to make Player Punishments Public or Private? Its such a useless feature I used to enjoy seeing what people have done in the past -_- should be visible to everyone dunno why that should be any other way

    1. Linehauler


      Imo it was done because one of their game admins has a permanent ban for ban evading and was called out on it..So they decided to hide all bans which is just silly. 

    2. Scania LTD l Top Bloke

      Scania LTD l Top Bloke

      lmao, do i dare ask which admin :troll:probs shouldn't. Imagine enforcing and making the rules then breaking them:mlg_doge:

  14. Many thanks to all, i have tried a few suggestions you guys have given, at the moment i feel the verification and disable of all mods from 1.31 has worked, cause ya know i forget mods are turned on xD. Anyway as far as i know the issue has been resolved as i played about 2 hours last night with no problems so that is a good sign to me. @OBrasileirofeel free to close this whenever you are ready Cheers for all the assistance guys much appreciated
  15. Thanks @Soul Knight Ill give the verify ago and see if that changes anything. Also @DJ Jefferz, true my apologies
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