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  1. I totally agree, i've been friends with him for a while now, he certainly is a fantastic asset to the team
  2. @MrSirViking Staff who vote for themselves have their entire submission voided.
  3. Hang on, I didn't approve this....... oh wait, I did! Good luck to everyone listed, cant wait to see the results.
  4. We have over 1000 submissions to the survey so far! I've taken a quick glance at some of the results already and well, its close for some categories.
  5. @kralik @MattTM Trucksbook and other events have not been added because they were not submitted to us via the nomination form that was on this post for over a month. I'm sorry if this is disappointing to you both, but maybe next year we can make a bigger deal of the nominations form.
  6. @TurklerRS and @Zysto I think you are both missing the point. Although you both have a valid point about donating directly to the charity by choice, these sound like the words of those who haven't experienced the atmosphere of one of our fantastic charity events. Not saying you haven't attended any, just that you may have missed out on the atmospherics. Raising money together while doing something we all enjoy is something our planners put a lot of hard work into, many of the charity events are planned for months and then run over an extended period of time, usually a minimum of 24 hours; during which I have seen lifelong friendships, and even real life relationships form out of some of our events, you can't argue that's not something special. This said, I do think there needs to be some changed to the charity events sector of TMP, but i'll address Digital directly rather than post them here.
  7. With the birth of Haulage 64 nearly 4 and a half years ago back in 2015, my aim was to bring the community together and encourage others to produce fantastic events with the goal being to help other people, children, animals etc. through selfless donations and raising awareness of various causes. I'd say the community has done pretty well. Since August 2015, together we have raised £11,704.63 and the years isn't over yet! with CiN2018 from WTL just round the corner, I expect us to finish the year on at least £12,500. As far as the requirements go, I also had some input into this earlier this year, I think there does need to be some requirements and regulation into how we raise money as it reflects on the community as a whole when you look at the bigger picture. However, I think there becomes a point where regulations and requirement becomes excessive. When it comes to fundraising though, i agree that the method needs to be foolproof, and all donations go direct to the charity intended. Organising these types of event has become easier over the years, the first step is always the hardest and that's exactly what i took in 2015, but since then I have watched the community grow from 3 Charity events a year in 2015 to 10 in 2018. That's more than I expected. My experiences vary from event to event, I have helped plan and run a number of charity events and each one is different, I have had the pleasure of working with some great people (and some not so great) all with the same goal, and I think its great to see. I do think that the growth of charity events has also sparked and caused growth in community engagement, and personally, we don't do it for fame, but I don't think we are recognised enough. If you are interested in where I am getting my statistics from, I have kept track of it all: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DGmcIQIkbkEUd4P-WtcqInStHMtT41i2s8XcXWK02Bo/edit?usp=sharing
  8. @jonathanrabbitt this one was in Mannheim, I think it's actually the most enclosed and therefore the hardest one to do I terms of the space you have roadside
  9. TruckersMP Annual Community Awards 2018 The Results This year has seen our highest participation yet, we received 1123 responses, completing an average of 74.6% of the questions and on average it took you 5 Minutes 9 Seconds to complete. 1123 Responses breaks down as the following: 838 Completed 100% of the Questions 285 Completed Part of the Questions So, lets get to the bit you've been waiting for, the results. This year has been very close in a number of categories. We have laid out the results in the following format. Category Name Number of Total Votes 1st Place (#Votes) 2nd Place (#Votes) 3rd Place (#Votes) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Developer of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 706 1st: MWL4 (221 votes) 2nd: KAT_PW (171 votes) 3rd: HUMANEWOLF (92 votes) Project Manager of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 663 1st: SCAR (314 votes) 2nd: SMOKY_TMP (233 votes) 3rd: KONFIG0 (116 votes) Human Resources of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 634 1st: NATHAN (265 votes) 2nd: KEEZOME (190 votes) 3rd: ARMONK (179 votes) Community Manager of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 664 1st: KAP (200 votes) 2nd: PILLOW (182 votes) 3rd: PRIME (172 votes) Game Manager of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 647 1st: ANRIANDOR (290 votes) 2nd: LIGHTOFGOD (223 votes) 3rd: MARCO6158 (134 votes) Game Moderator Leader of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 720 1st: -VOYVODA- (187 votes) 2nd: KREWLEX (133 votes) 3rd: ARAGON (105 votes) Game Moderator of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 816 1st: REQUIEB (108 votes) 2nd: SGT SALT (104 votes) 3rd: LADYANDROMEDA (57 votes) Community Moderator Manager of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 654 1st: WEEZY (424 votes) 2nd: KHAOSHAMMER (230 votes) Community Moderator of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 644 1st: FROSTY (147 votes) 2nd: MARIIO (90 votes) 3rd: MOH_ (89 votes) Support Manager of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 668 1st: LORENA (423 votes) 2nd: MHT_ (245 votes) Support of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 735 1st: ADABEY (175 votes) 2nd: WHITETIGER_TMP (88 votes) 3rd: BLUESBASS (44 votes) Media Team Member of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 615 1st: BURAKAKSAKAL (230 votes) 2nd: LAXZ (190 votes) 3rd: ZELCRUM (86 votes) Event Team Member of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 629 1st: SENKA (103 votes) 2nd: DJ CCOWIE (98 votes) 3rd: M.J. (85 votes) Add-On Team Member of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 645 1st: BLACKEAGLETMP (368 votes) 2nd: LSPD PARROT (277 votes) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VTC of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 746 1st: SATT (151 votes) 2nd: ROMANIAELIT (99 votes) 3rd: ATLAS LOGISTICS (70 votes) Event of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 679 1st: CHILDREN IN NEED (193 votes) 2nd: DRIVE4LIFE (171 votes) 3rd: HAULAGE 64 (121 votes) Community Radio Station of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 728 1st: TRUCKERS.FM (579 votes) 2nd: EUROTRUCKRADIO (85 votes) 3rd: SIMULATOR1 (64 votes) VTC Related Project of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 632 1st: TRUCKNET (255 votes) 2nd: VTLOG (175 votes) 3rd: VIRTUAL TRUCKING ASSOCIATION (155 votes) Non-VTC Related Project of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 716 1st: TRUCKERSMP TRAFFIC (327 votes) 2nd: TRUCKY (227 votes) 3rd: INTERNATIONAL TRUCKERS NETWORK (57 votes) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Youtuber of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 327 1st: MR.BANDIT (64 votes) 2nd: DARWEN (56 votes) 3rd: NAM-I-PARS (50 votes) Twitcher of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 225 1st: EMREEMIR (29 votes) 2nd: KREWLEX (28 votes) 3rd: SQUIRREL (16 votes) Mod Maker of The Year 2018 Total Votes: 157 1st: NAM-I PARS (32 votes) 2nd: FORERUNNER (17 votes) 3rd: PROMODS (6 votes) Forum Contributor of 2018 Total Votes: 189 1st: BLACKSKILL (49 votes) 2nd: DARWEN (37 votes) 3rd: KILLUA // IRELAND (13 votes) Community Clown of 2018 Total Votes: 145 1st: KACAKTV (28 votes) 2nd: KRAVATIE (13 votes) 3rd: GAMER5 (7 votes) Biggest Troll of 2018 Total Votes: 156 1st: KRAVATIE (28 votes) 2nd: M4GENTA (22 votes) 3rd: KACAKTV (10 votes) Best Driver of 2018 Total Votes: 204 1st: NAM-I PARS (36 votes) 2nd: KACAKTV (22 votes) 3rd: JOHN MARSTON (6 votes) Worst Driver of 2018 Total Votes: 172 1st: KACAKTV (26 votes) 2nd: KRAVATIE (18 votes) 3rd: NAM-I PARS (5 votes) Spam God of 2018 Total Votes: 122 1st: KACAKTV (26 votes) 2nd: KRAVATIE (18 votes) 3rd: BLACKSKILL (5 votes) Overtaking Master of 2018 Total Votes: 160 1st: EMREEMIR (25 votes) 2nd: NAM-I PARS (17 votes) 3rd: KACAKTV (7 votes) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are making some of the results publicly available this year too! Check out THIS LINK to see some of the voting results The TruckersMP Annual Community Awards are bought to you by the International Truckers Network and are not in any way officially associated with TruckersMP. The TruckersMP Annual Community Awards banner/logo has been approved by TMP Project Management, it may not be used for any other purpose. ITN Staff will confirm that all results are legitimate, unbiased and un-tampered. TruckersMP Community Staff will confirm the legitimacy.
  10. Prove it I can't wait to see your video @-OZ4N-
  11. Oooohhhh Cheetah has a new name? :thisisfine:

    1. EchoSpot


      I do? Wait..... I do!! :P 

  12. Most people wont remember that back in January 2016, there was a challenge offered to the community. The Trameri Challenge. In short the challenge to test the skills of the driver while reversing a trailer through the Trameri Archway. Now I challenge you all to a 2018 edition of the task, reversing either a Double or B-Double through the very same gates. I'll kick it off to prove it can be done. Good Luck to anyone who dares take on the challenge (it's not as easy as it seems)
  13. @DJ Jefferz I'm not backseat moderating at all, i just think its a bit stupid that you're trying to argue your points....... there's a feedback system for a reason I'll say again though, I never read that the survey was, nor was intended to be anonymous
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